ISSB Test Schedule 2020 Dates for Army Navy PAF Recruitment

The Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) is a committee for the selection of commissioned officers in the armed forces of Pakistan, Army, Navy and Air Force. Selection is made on the basis of five days of psychological screening to test the ability, aptitude and personality of a candidate. The tests are held in any one of the four centers, namely Kohat, Gujranwala, Quetta and Malir.

ISSB Test Schedule 2019 Dates for Army Navy PAF Recruitment

Candidates who pass the selection procedure qualify, provided that they pass a medical test, to undergo officer training at military academies, primarily the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul, the Pakistan Naval Academy in Manora and the Pakistan Air Force Academy in Risalpur. Coaching for the tests is not officially allowed, but nevertheless many academies do exist for this purpose, often run by retired army and ISSB officers.

There are many institutes in Pakistan which offers admission for the preparation for ISSB test for all those candidates who are going to join Pak Army, Air Force and Navy. We are providing online the ISSB Schedule and Test Dates for the Military Joining Opportunities so you must visiting for the latest updates about the ISSB Intelligence Test.  Below this page the ISSB test schedule 2020 is given which is mandatory for you to follow so that you can appear timely for your test.

ISSB Test Schedule 2020 Dates for Army Navy PAF Recruitment

JAN – JUN 2020

Course Duration
Army 143 PMA L/C 10 JAN – 16 APR 2020
LCC-15 / VMS-2 16 APR – 30 APR 2020
DSSC – 2020-A 16 APR – 30 APR 2020
Navy SSC (PN)2020-A 02 MAY – 10 MAY 2020
PN Cadet Term-2020-A 12 MAY – 26 MAY 2020
Air Force
PAF COURSE – 2020-A 22 MAY – 23 JUN 2020

First Day (Afternoon only)-Preliminaries

  • Reception
  • Roll call and allotment of Chest Numbers
  • Photo
  • President’s Opening Address
  • Filling up of the Board’s Questionnaire and other forms if any
  • Aptitude Test (at A.F. Selection Board if applicable)

Second Day-Psychologist’s Tasks

  • Intelligence Tests (Verbal) : Number of Questions: 80 , Time allowed: 35 minutes
  • Intelligence tests (matrices) : Number of Questions: 60 , Time allowed: 25 minutes
  • Word Association Tests : 50 words , Time allowed: 15 seconds to see and write a sentence on each words
  • Thematic Apperception Tests : 12 Pictures , Time allowed: 1/2 minute to see and 3 minutes to write, for each picture
  • Psychological Situational Test (Story of THEO or Mr. ‘X’): Number of Questions: 50 , Time allowed: 25 minutes
  • Self description and self appraisal : Time allowed: 10 minutes

Third Day – G.T.O. Tasks and Interview

  • Group Discussion Two topics : Time allowed: 10 minutes for each topic
  • Group Planning Exercise One problem: Time allowed: 10 minutes for individual written solution and thereafter another 10 minutes for discussing and finalizing the Group Plan.
  • Progress Group Tasks Four obstacles: Time allowed: 40 minutes
  • Group Obstacle Race (Snake Race) 50 bstacles: Time allowed: No time limit

Fourth Day — G.T.O. Tasks and Interviews


The candidate will be interviewed individually on the third, fourth, fifth day. There is no fixed time limit for the interview and in a way it depends on the performance of the individual during the interview.

  • Half Group Tasks One obstacle: Time allowed: 5 minutes for each Half Group
  • Individual Obstacle 10 obstacle: Time allowed: 3 minutes for each candidate as Commander
  • Command Task One obstacle: Time allowed: 5 minutes for each candidates as Commander
  • Speech Test One subject to be chosen out of three given to the individual: Time allowed: 3 minutes to prepare and 3 minutes to talk

Fifth Day (Forenoon Only) — G.T.O. Tasks and Interviews

  • Final Group Task: Same as progressive group task
  • G.T.O’s Informal Talk to the candidates
  • Conference and announcement of results

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