PMDC NEB Exams Schedule 2021 Syllabus

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Admission Board has announced one single date  25 this month 2021, for the holding of the MDCAT entry test across Pakistan for admission to all medical and dental colleges. the MDCAT entry test will take place the same date across Pakistan, including provinces and the federal capital.

The admitting universities have been directed by the Admissions Board to prepare for the test on the notified date. Students appearing for the MDCAT entry test held by any of the Admitting Universities would be able to rely on the result for admission nationally in any private or public medical and dental colleges pursuant to the merit policy as determined by the Admission Board of the PM&DC.

PMDC NEB Exams Schedule 2021 Syllabus

PMDC NEB Exams Schedule 2019 Syllabus

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This examination is conducted every year and the result always is an increase in the number of doctors in Pakistan. PMDC exam schedule 2021 is just announced and all the details are available here for all those foreign candidates that are willing to serve and practice in Pakistan. If you are a doctor studied form foreign and want to practice in Pakistan then you have to pass NEB exam test.

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