How To Prepare PPSC Written Test Complete Guideline

Are you having trouble preparing for the PPSC exam, and you have only a month to study for it? You’re in the right spot. How To Prepare PPSC Written Test in Pakistan. Today, I’m going to provide you with a few suggestions How to Pass or Prepare PPSC Lecturer Test 2024 Complete Process to aid you in preparing for the PPSC exam in just one month. The primary goal in this post is to assist you in being as prepared for the test as you can. How To Prepare PPSC Written Test. Let’s start with a basic question, which is “What is the PPSC Exam?”. If you know the basics of the PPSC exam, then that’s great. However, if you do not have any idea about it, then I’ll provide a brief explanation. How To Prepare PPSC Written Test in Pakistan.

It is the PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) test is a written test that is conducted to fill the vacant positions for the civil service and management service in Punjab Province. A lot of people dream of getting these jobs in the government; however, only a handful are able to make it to the top, but there is do not worry about it because I’m here to assist you in solving this issue.

PPSC Test Preparation Books

When you adhere to these guidelines and follow these steps, you will not only be successful in passing the PPSC test, but you’ll also score high scores across all subjects. Looking for a job that is reputable and establishing a successful career nowadays is the main issue for our young. Since jobs are distributed to those that have references or are able to repay as compensation The only choice for qualified and worthy candidates is to attempt their luck through the Punjab Public Service Commissions PPSC and other places where a higher quality of transparency and fairness is assured. There are a lot of jobs advertised by Federal as well as Provincial Public Service Commissions. The test is a written 100 points General Knowledge-based paper of questions. The 100 marks are typically divided into

  • General Knowledge
  • Current Affairs
  • Islamic Studies
  • Pakistan Studies
  • General Science / Every Day Science
  • Basic Arithmetic
  • English

Which Book is best for PPSC Exam Preparation

When taking the tests run by PPSC in addition to these, there’s often a part of Urdu as well. It is now a matter of how to start preparing for these exams. Based on my own experiences of passing many PPSC and PPSC exams and having studied the strategies of my others who have been successful, I’ve found that in order to do a successful practice for the 100 Marks GK tests that are based on the GK Nowadays, studying the most recent past tests given through Public Service Commissions is becoming a solution.

Understand PPSC Test Syllabus

For testing for PPSC tests, Imtiaz shahid’s book of solutions to PPSC tests as well as for PPSC tests and is a must. Subhan’s collection of PPSC test papers have been deemed mandatory reading. First of all, many questions are repeated during these tests, and you will find yourself in a very comfortable position on the paper when you come across the repeated questions.

PPSC Preparation Mcqs

Second, remember that general knowledge is a huge topic, and it is impossible to be prepared for it the entire. In this situation, the previous papers will give you an idea of what changes were happening during these Public service Commission tests and consider the trends in which areas are required to be refocused and prepared in order of the top priority. Finally, I want to illustrate the idea with an instance of my personal experience.

For example, in one test, the question was which place King Akbar was the burial place of King Akbar.

The first thing to note is that this question may be repeated, and it has been repeated a large number of times.

PPSC Past Paper

Additionally, it provides an impression that they could ask questions about a different Mughal or Muslim King’s birthplace or burial during the test. One can locate information from books or look on the internet for the places where the famous Mughal King and Slateen the Great Delhi was born and burial sites. I tried the same, and the following test I found included three questions on Mughal Emperors.

PPSC Helping Books

This is only a single illustration to show the concept. Here is another example. In one test, they were asked who was the instructor of Plato. First of all, it is possible that this question is possible to repeat in any upcoming tests. In the following examinations, the examiner may pose a different question.

How To Prepare PPSC Written Test Jobs Exams

How To Prepare PPSC Written Test Jobs Exams

PPSC Test Preparation for Educators

This is why I created the sequence of events starting from Aristotle to downwards. In one of the subsequent tests, I was asked a question taught by Alexander the Great. That’s How to Prepare for PPSC Exam in 2024 why papers from the past can be an excellent help for proper preparation. This way, reviewing past papers increases the chances of finding questions being repeated in the essay and, more importantly, one anticipates the anticipated questions and the trends that are being followed.

Another significant aspect of Imtiaz’s book of old examinations is that it includes an entire section containing the most crucial questions about Urdu, which aren’t available in other books on the market, such as Ahmad Najeeb’s books that are included in PPSC Exams.

After gaining an idea from the past documents that something needs to be prepared, one looks for a book in which all the information can be created. In this respect, this Caravan Publishers’ book by Ahmad Najeeb proves highly instrumental in making preparation powerful enough to be more effective. There are several reasons behind these convictions.

For one, it covers almost all of the subjects from where questions can be asked during these tests. Furthermore, although there are other excellent books of GK MCQs available on the market that contain the same content and format, but, they are filled with mistakes and errors. This book, because it has a lower number of mistakes and errors, differentiates it from the other titles available.

Prepare PPSC Written Test

But, one is situated to gain more from the work of Ahmad Najeeb after one has read the collection of papers from the past that I mentioned earlier. Because only then can one be informed of which parts are made available on a priority basis and what areas can be left out. The third source comprised of essential information about the test’s preparation is Ilmi’s GK Capsules. However, the leading and most significant sources are the two books I’ve mentioned.

In my opinion, one can increase the chances of being well in these tests. It’s not just talking points. I have used this method and was able to pass numerous tests, including the tests for assistant director IB through PPSC Assistant Director anti-corruption and assistant director Civil Defense through PPSC, where the score was at 90 points.

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