Sehat Insaf Card Program Online Registration Eligibility Criteria

Sehat Sahulat program is a big step towards social welfare reforms. This platform ensures access to entitled medical healthcare for Pakistan’s underprivileged citizens; the process aims to run in a swift and dignified manner, without worrying about any financial obligations. All beneficiaries will be entitled to free-of-cost hospitalization, emergency services, in-patient services (all medical and surgical cases), injuries, referral transportation, maternity services and free follow-ups and consultancy.

In addition to the secondary care services, eight major diseases will be also covered under priority cover package, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, burns and road traffic accidents, last-stage renal diseases and dialysis’, chronic diseases (TB, Hep A/B/C, HIV, chronic liver disease), organ failure, oncology, and neurosurgical services.

Sehat Insaf Card Program Online Registration Eligibility Criteria

Sehat Insaf Card Program Online Registration Eligibility Criteria


The cardholder may get treatment worth up to Rs. 720,000 annually. That Rs. 720,000 can be further topped up if needed. If a cardholder or his family member gets any major disease which is expensive then the treatment won’t be stopped due to exhaustion of insurance amount but the government can provide a further Rs. 360,000 per family per annum and get the treatment completed.

How to get the Sehat Insaf Card:

Here is an easy guide to how you can get and use SehatInsaf Card to avail medical facilities:


  • Check your Eligibility
  • SMS your National Identity Card number to 8500, to check your eligibility in the program.


  • Get your SehatInsaf cardIn case you have been declared eligible, you can receive your SehatInsaf card from the card distribution center developed in your district.


  • Gather Information and Documents required
  • Determine the empaneled hospitals for SehatSahulat Program.
  • Take the following documents when you visit the empanelled Government/ Private hospital.
  • SehatInsaf card
  • Original CNIC
  • B-Form (In case of child treatment)


  • How to apply sehat insaf card health card
  • Use your SehatInsaf card to get treatment
  • After reaching the empaneled hospital you may approach the dedicated SSP representative counter for further assistance. The SSP staff shall verify your SehatInsaf card, and will guide you to the relevant hospital department for the treatment.


  • Get the treatment free of cost
  • The cost of treatment after the patient has been admitted in the hospital shall be charged from the SehatInsaf card.
  • NOTE: This facility is only available in case of patient needs admission in the hospital


  • Provide Feedback
  • Call at: 0800-09009, for your feedback. You will also receive a call from the SSP staff to take your feedback for the experience and treatment received.
  • You can also send us your feedback/complaints through our website feedback form.

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