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Computer General

1. The primary difference between the Model tab and the Layout tab(s) is ____?

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2. Which one of the following AutoCAD objects can NOT have a 3D (Z) thickness property applied to it?

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3. What is the volume of a cone with a 12′ radius and a 12′ height?

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4. You apply a property called Thickness to a standard AutoCAD CIRCLE. What type of AutoCAD object do you now have officially?

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5. To determine if two parts (3D Solids) will fit together without any interference, what 3D AutoCAD command would you use?

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6. You have just issued the HIDE command on a new 3D House Plan to see how the design looks, but find that all of the interior room labels are showing through your opaque walls, ruining the 3D effect. What can you do with the TEXT objects to fix this?

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7. Which of these objects will only draw flat on the current XY working plane and not allow 3D coordinate input (e.g. Z input)?

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8. Which AutoCAD command will determine precisely the volume of a complex (or simple) 3D Solid part?

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9. The purpose of the UCSICON command is to?

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10. In AutoCAD®, all objects are drawn on the?

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11. The axis used to show depth in AutoCAD® is the______?

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12. Which of the following is NOT a property of an object?

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13. What you cannot create from the command Offset?

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14. By what symbol shows the snap point to the closest point?

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15. To print the entire project, you will choose to regulate what to plot?

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16. You have just created an interesting new round object by using REVSURF to revolve a complex curve around an axis. However you find there are only 6 faces around the perimeter leaving it very rough looking. What variable do you change to correct this?

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17. What is the usefulness of viewports?

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18. The primary purpose of the UCS (User Coordinate System) is?

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19. All of the axes in the 3D coordinate system meet at?

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20. You want to draw an octagon shape window on a vertical wall face in your 3D House Plan. Which UCS command option is best suited to place your User Coordinate System on this front wall face to ensure the window is placed flat on this wall?

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21. When to fix a block attribute?

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22. When drawing in 2D, what axis do you NOT work with?

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23. Which command convert discrete objects in polyline?

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24. The right-hand rule is used to determine the direction of the ______?

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25. What is the difference between the Scale command from the command Zoom?

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