Al-Biruni College of Nursing Admission NTS Result 2024 Online

Al-Biruni College of Nursing is an acclaimed nursing institution that is that is renowned for its top-quality training. Every year, thousands eager students are admitted to this prestigious college by taking the National Testing Service’s (NTS) entrance exam which results play an important role in determining applicants’ admission into Al-Biruni. This article provides 16th December NTS result for Al-Biruni for admissions to 2024.

Al-Biruni College of Nursing is an eminent educational institution dedicated to providing high-quality nursing education. It offers a variety of programs including Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and diploma programs as well as diploma courses. Al-Biruni provides state-of-the-art facilities along with experienced faculty members and a nurturing learning environment that helps students grow and development.

NTS Results to Al-Biruni College of Nursing Admission

NTS results play an important aspect for applicants who are hoping to get into Al-Biruni College of Nursing, providing a reference to judge the performance of applicants in entrance exams and determine their admissibility based on merit. Now NTS Exam Structure and Evaluation National Testing Services exam for Al-Biruni College of Nursing admission is structured to ensure that candidates are evaluated accurately. The exam comprises multiple-choice tests (MCQs) that cover subjects such as English, Mathematics, Biology and General Knowledge – typically lasting between two and three hours total.

The NTS exam’s evaluation procedure is transparent and fair; every question has its own weightage. The scores received by candidates determine their standing in the list of merits. NTS results are according to each candidate’s total performance on the exam.

How do I access Al-Biruni College of Nursing NTS Results 2024

When an NTS exam to be used for Al-Biruni College of Nursing admission was conducted, the results are usually accessible within a few weeks on the official website. Candidates are able to examine them on a accessible website that is dedicated to accessing and downloading NTS scores.

To see their score Candidates must enter their roll number as well as other relevant information in the relevant fields. Once they have submitted their information, their results will be displayed on the screen. to avoid any issues, it is recommended for applicants to keep all necessary documents at hand.

what is the NTS Results Scorecard

The National Testing Service (NTS) result scorecard provides comprehensive information regarding the candidate’s entrance exam performance. It lists the name of the candidate, their roll number, the marks they scored in each section as in addition to an aggregate score. In addition, this document will indicate the degree to which they are eligible for admission to their preferred institution.

Al-Biruni College of Nursing Admission NTS Result 2024 Online

Al-Biruni College of Nursing Admission NTS Result 2024 Online

Candidates must carefully go through their scorecards to ensure the accuracy of the information they provided If any issues are discovered, they should inform the appropriate authorities so that they can correct their scores in the correct manner. Check Al Biruni College Admission Result Online


The Al-Biruni College of Nursing Admission NTS 2024 results play a crucial factor to determine the outcome of those who are seeking admission. It acts as an entry point into this renowned nursing school Therefore, applicants must keep up-to-date with announcements from the official website and frequently visit the NTS website to view its results announcements. If they are diligent in their the preparation process and passing the NTS exam, applicants are more likely to be accepted to Al-Biruni College of Nursing – the beginning of a rewarding nursing career ahead.

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