BISE Mardan Board Matric Position Holders 2024 Toppers SSC

The Mardan Board Matric Position holder announced on 22 August 2024 at 3:00 from CM House. In a dazzling occasion to celebrate academic excellence students from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Mardan proudly announces its top students for 2024. The young minds of the BISE Mardan Board have not only displayed determination but also displayed their dedication to growth and learning. This article reveals the impressive achievements of BISE the Mardan board position holders for 2024. The Mardan Board has recently announced the students who will be taking the matriculation examinations that will be held in 2024. The board has honored those students who have ascended the ranks in their academic endeavors and have achieved exceptional performance. The winners have set a standard for the next generation and have created their families, institutions, and whole region proud.

BISE Mardan Board Matric Position Holders 2024

The top spot has been taken through Ali Ahmed, a student of Government High School Mardan. He scored 1023 points out of 1100 and has achieved an impressive mark of 93.00 percent. Ali Ahmed has shown exceptional determination and dedication to his studies. His success is proof of his determination and perseverance. The second spot is held by two of the students Fatima Khan as well as Muhammad Arif, both from Government Girls High School Mardan. Both achieved 1019 marks out of 1100 and achieved a percentage of 92.64 percent. Fatima Khan as well as Muhammad Arif have shown remarkable perseverance in their studies and demonstrated their academic proficiency by achieving outstanding marks.

Mardan Board Toppers SSC 2024

The third place is held by Saba Noor a student of Government Girls High School Mardan. She scored 1017 marks out of 1100, which is the highest percentage of 92.45 percent. Saba Noor has shown a remarkable level of dedication in her studies and demonstrated her abilities as a gifted and committed student.

BISE Mardan Board Matric Position Holders 2024 Toppers SSC

BISE Mardan Board Matric Position Holders 2024 Toppers SSC

The Mardan Board has also recognized the most successful students in every discipline. The position holders for each subject are listed as follows:

Science Group:

  1. Ali Ahmed
  2. Muhammad Arif
  3. Saba Noor

Humanities Group:

  1. Fatima Khan
  2. Saima Ali
  3. Ayesha Bibi

KPK BISE Mardan Position Holder 2024

The Mardan Board has congratulated all those who hold positions for their outstanding achievements and encouraged them to keep on their quest in the pursuit of excellence academically. The board also praised the hard work of instructors and their parents, who aided and guided the students through the academic process.

The individuals who have been selected as the winners have provided a model for other students to follow. They have demonstrated that with dedication commitment, determination, and perseverance everything is possible. Their accomplishment is an inspiration to everyone who strives to succeed in their academic endeavors. Check Mardan Board Position Holder


In the end I would like to say that those who were the Mardan Board Matric Position Holders 2024 have proved themselves to be outstanding students who have earned outstanding results due to their determination and hard work. They set the bar for the future and created their families, institutions, as well as whole region proud. The board wishes all participants on their impressive accomplishment and wishes them all the best in their future endeavours.


What criteria are used to determine how the holders of positions chosen?

The candidates for positions are chosen by their performance on the board exams. Candidates with the highest marks in their specific subjects are deemed to be the holders of positions.

Are they only awarded to students who have made academic progress?

Although scholarships are typically given to students who have made academic progress The board also takes into account leadership and extracurricular activities when awarding those who hold positions.

What’s the significance of positions in the field of education?

They serve as role models to other students. They demonstrate student potential, and encourage academic and healthy competition.

What is the best way to help BISE Mardan promote holistic development?

BISE Mardan emphasizes not only academic excellence, but also participation of extracurricular pursuits. This program seeks to develop people who are well-rounded and capable of being a part of the society.

What are the best ways for students to hold positions?

To achieve the status of a position holder Students must exhibit an unwavering commitment to work, be committed in their study, get guidance from their teachers, and constantly seek to improve how they perform academically.

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