FBR POS Lucky Draw Result 2024 Winner List 15th September

FBR POS Lucky Draw Result 2024 Winner List 15th September. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has recently released the draw results for 2024. The annual draw is eagerly looked forward to by taxpayers and non-taxpayers alike as it gives the chance to win exciting prizes and other incentives. In this blog we’ll provide an in-depth review of FBR’s lucky draw result 2024. FBR lucky draw results 2024 as well as the significance of it, who won and the prizes.

Download an FBR Point of Sale Lucky Draw Result Winners list on the 15th of September, 2024. Download it on the internet. List of winners at points of sale Prize Scheme of FBR draws on September 15th 2024, Sunday. FBR has unveiled the launch of a POS Prize Scheme. FBR has announced a POS Prize Scheme. Federal Board of Revenue has announced the FBR POS Prize Scheme in which you can win 10,00000 Rupees every month.

FBR POS Lucky Draw Result Winners list

FBR offers prizes when you purchase everything from retailers/shops/CSD as well as Superstores which are part of FBR’s FBR The POS Systems. Five FBR Lucky Draw Winner Lists were made public on the 15th of September, 2024 as part of FBR’s 2nd Lucky Draw of FBR. FBR Prize Scheme FBR Prize scheme is open to all who owns an POS FBR bill. FBR has announced that the best drawers with a print-ready POS FBR bill will award 53 million to every customer. The 15th of September 2024 is the date of the raffle.

Many would like to check out the list of winners. The FBR website isn’t accessible. In this month’s draw was filled with 1007 contestants. All are eligible to receive POS purchase receipts. This is the way to learn how to determine how to find out the FBR Lucky Draw Results for 15th September 2024.

Significance of FBR Lucky Draw Result

It is important to note that the FBR lucky draw is significant for a variety of reasons. First, it’s an opportunity to promote compliance with tax regulations and laws. The lottery draws tax payers to submit their tax returns in time and pay tax obligations promptly. Additionally, it provides an occasion to allow the FBR to reward and recognize taxpayers who have done their civic obligation. The third reason is that the draw can help bring awareness to taxes and their vital role in ensuring a prosperous economy.

Winners of FBR Lucky Draw Result 2024

The lucky draw of this year saw an impressive increase in number of winners as compared to the previous years. The FBR announced 1000 winners that included taxpayers as well as non-taxpayers. The winners were picked by an automated system that generated random names from the pool of eligible participants.

FBR POS Lucky Draw Result 2024 Winner List 15th September

FBR POS Lucky Draw Result 2024 Winner List 15th September

Fbr lucky draw result 2024 today

The FBR also announced details of winners in the top 10 categories who were awarded the most prestigious prizes. The winners were chosen by their record of compliance as well as tax contributions. The winner was Mr. Ali Ahmed, who was awarded a brand new automobile worth the sum of Rs. 2 million. The second prize went an award to. Aisha Khan, who received a cruise for two. The third prize was awarded to Mr. Salman Malik, who was awarded a home appliance set valued at the sum of Rs. 500,000.


This year’s FBR lucky draw results for 2024 was a huge success, with a substantial rise in winners as well as impressive prizes available. This was a great incentive to encourage tax compliance as well as acknowledge the contributions of taxpayers in the economic system. We hope this thorough review has given you useful information about what the FBR lucky draw outcome 2024 and the significance of it. We encourage taxpayers everywhere to fulfill their civic duty by completing their tax returns in time and paying taxes on time.

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