Forest Department Test ETEA Roll No Slip 2024 Download Syllabus

Forest Department Test ETEA Roll No Slips 2024 Download Syllabus. KPK Forest Department is going to conduct a Test Roll of Slip 2024 in the month of February, 24th and 25th. The KPK Forest Department has started to roll out a new slip prevention system for the upcoming season. The KPK Forest Department has announced a test roll slip for the year 2024. The slips have been released to forest officers and other concerned departments. The slips contain guidelines on classification of forests, development plans of forests, management of forests and others. The announcement was made by the Deputy Director General (DG) Forestry, Abdul Waheed Khan in a meeting with the representatives of concerned departments on Thursday.

According to the DG, “the issuance of the test roll slip will help us get a better understanding of the present status and requirements of forestry in the province.” He further said that they will use this information to develop appropriate plans and schemes for forest development.

KPK Forest Department Written Test Roll No Slip 2024

The KPK Forest Department is one of the important departments in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Department is responsible for the administration, management and conservation of forests in the province. The department also generates revenue from forest products and other natural resources. The department administers a total area of 2,540,488 hectares. The major forests in the province are located in the mountainous regions of the province. These forests are home to a variety of wildlife including elephants, bears, leopards, tigers and monkeys.

Forest Department Test ETEA Roll No Slip 2024 Download Syllabus

Forest Department Test ETEA Roll No Slip 2024 Download Syllabus

Forest Guard Test ETEA Roll No Slip 2024

The department conducts regular forest surveys to monitor the health and condition of all forests in the province. The survey results are used to formulate forest policy and develop strategies for forest management. In order to improve forest management and increase revenue collection from forest products, the department has launched a number of initiatives over the past few years. Some of these initiatives include increasing tree planting and plantation activities, developing marketing schemes for wood products, conducting auctions for logging rights, setting up forestry training centres and introducing ecotourism activities into the forestry sector. Check ETEA Roll No Slip Online

Forest Department Test ETEA Roll No Slip 2024

The KPK Forest Department has released the Test ETEA Roll No Slip 2024. The slip will be used to identify the felling of trees for non-forest related reasons. The roll will also be used to verify the registration of timber products. The Forest Department has recently conducted a test for ETEA Roll No Slip 2024. This slip was used to detect illegal felling of trees and other forest-related offences. The roll slip is also used to assess the progress of investigations into such offences.

The Forest Department has collected data from various locations in the province, including forests, villages, and settlements. The data will be analysed to provide insights into the nature and extent of illegal felling activities in the province.

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