KPPSC PMS Previous Paper Download PDF

Planning the KPPSC PMS exam? If so, downloading the syllabus is crucial. The entire KPPSC PMS syllabus lists the themes and subtopics you must study to pass the test. In this blog post, we will help you get the KPPSC PMS curriculum and give you test preparation advice. Looking for KPPSC PMS exam practice papers? You’ve found it! This blog post will explain how to get KPPSC PMS past papers in PDF format. KPPSC PMS Previous Paper Download PDF.

Let’s define the KPPSC PMS exam before we get started. Provincial Management Service (PMS) exams are administered by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission (KPPSC) to fill administrative positions. The competitive test includes written and interview sections.

Start at the KPPSC website

Visit the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission website to get the PMS syllabus. Type “KPPSC” into your search engine and click the first result.

Visit the syllabus

Visit the KPPSC website’s “Syllabus” section. This area is frequently on the sidebar or main menu. Click “Syllabus” to continue.

Choose PMS exam

All KPPSC exams are listed in the “Syllabus” section. Click the “PMS” exam to continue.

KPPSC PMS Previous Paper Download PDF

KPPSC PMS Previous Paper Download PDF

Download the curriculum

After selecting the PMS exam, a page with exam information, including the syllabus, will appear. Click “Download Syllabus” to obtain the PDF.

How to Download Previous Paper PDF

Let’s return to this blog post’s primary topic—downloading KPPSC PMS past papers in PDF format. How to do it:

  1. Visit KPPSC’s website at
  2. Click the top menu bar “Downloads” tab.
  3. Choose “Past Papers” from the drop-down.
  4. A new page will appear where you may choose the year and subject of the previous exam to download.
  5. Click “Download” after choosing the year and subject.
  6. Download the preceding PDF document.

PMS Previous Papers

Accountancy and Auditing PI
Accountancy and Auditing PII
Applied Mathematics PI
Applied Mathematics PII
Arabic PI
Arabic PII
Botany PI
Botany PII
British History PI
British History PII
Business Administration
Chemistry PI
Chemistry PII
Computer Science
Constitutional Law
Economics PI
Economics PII
English Essay
English Literature PI
English Literature PII
English Precis and Composition
European History PI
European History PII
Geography PI
Geography PII
Geology PI
Geology PII
History of Pakistan and India PI
History of Pakistan and India PII
History of USA
International Law
International Relation
Islamic History and Culture PI
Islamic History and Culture PII
Law PI
Mercantile Law
Muslim Law and Jurispundace
Persian PI
Persian PII
Philosophy PI
Philosophy PII
Physics PI
Physics PII
Political Science PI
Political Science PII
Psychology PI
Psychology PII
Public Administration
Pure Mathematics PI
Pure Mathematics PII
Urdu PI
Urdu PII
Zoology PI
Zoology PII



The KPPSC PMS syllabus is essential for exam preparation. You may maximize this useful resource and improve your exam chances by following the procedures in this blog article and implementing the advice.

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