Lahore General Election NA PP Result [Final Result]

Lahore General Election Result 2024 will announce on 08 February, 2024 at 7:00Pm. Lahore Election result 2024 for National Assembly NA 117, NA 118, NA 119, NA 120, NA 121, NA122, NA 123, NA 124, NA 124, NA 125, NA 126, NA 127, NA 128, NA 129, NA 130 Lahore is share for our visitor online here. The Result of all the polling stations has been announced. Following the recent conclusion of the 2024 Lahore General Election, results are expected to be officially announced on February 8th, 2024 at 7:00 PM. Detailed results from each constituency in Lahore, including National Assembly seats NA 117 to NA 130, will be shared online for our visitors. The General Election 2024 in Pakistan will be held on 08 February 2024. The NA 117, NA 118, NA 119, NA 120, NA 121, NA122, NA 123, NA 124, NA 124, NA 125, NA 126, NA 127, NA 128, NA 129, NA 130, Election Result 2024 will be announced officially on the official website of Election Commission of Pakistan.

Lahore NA Election Result Date and Time

Title Lahore General Election Result
Ditrict Lahore
Election Date 08 February 2024
Result Click Here
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Lahore General Election NA PP Result 2024 [Final Result] Announced

Lahore General Election NA PP Result 2024 [Final Result] Announced

Lahore PP Election Result 2024

There are 30 halqas of the Punjab assembly in the Lahore.

  • PP-145 Lahore-I
  • PP-146 Lahore-II
  • PP-147 Lahore-III
  • PP-148 Lahore-IV
  • PP-149 Lahore-V
  • PP-150 Lahore-VI
  • PP-151 Lahore-VII
  • PP-152 Lahore-VIII
  • PP-153 Lahore-IX
  • PP-154 Lahore-X
  • PP-155 Lahore-XI
  • PP-156 Lahore-XII
  • PP-157 Lahore-XIII
  • PP-158 Lahore-XIV
  • PP-159 Lahore-XV
  • PP-160 Lahore-XVI
  • PP-161 Lahore-XVII
  • PP-162 Lahore-XVIII
  • PP-163 Lahore-XIX
  • PP-164 Lahore-XX
  • PP-165 Lahore-XXI
  • PP-166 Lahore-XXII
  • PP-167 Lahore-XXIII
  • PP-168 Lahore-XXIV
  • PP-169 Lahore-XXV
  • PP-170 Lahore-XXVI
  • PP-171 Lahore-XXVII
  • PP-172 Lahore-XXVIII
  • PP-173 Lahore-XXIX
  • PP-174 Lahore-XXX
Position Candidate Name Party Name Party Symbol Name Votes
2 Shezra Mansab Ali Khan Kharal PML N  Tiger 61413
3 Syed Afzaal Hussain Rizvi TLP  Crane 49345
5 Saeed Ahmad Zafar Independent  Bucket 5945
6 Hussain Shahjahan Bhatti Independent  Excavator 5208
7 MUHAMMAD SHAFI Independent  Bottle 3226
8 Tauseef Ahmad Rai Independent  Ox 571
9 Muneer Ahmad Sabir Independent  Tooth Brush 306
10 SADAM HUSSAIN JPP  Fountain 144

Lahore NA Election Result 2024

In an unprecedented turn of events, the Lahore NA Election Results of 2024 reflect the shifting political landscape of Pakistan. With an impressive turnout, the citizens of Lahore have cast their votes in favor of progressive change, leading to a tight race among candidates. While the final tally is still underway, early results indicate a potential power shift within the National Assembly, a testament to the vibrant and dynamic nature of Pakistan’s democracy. Stay tuned for a comprehensive analysis and the official declaration of the winner.

  • NA-117 Lahore-l Election Result
  • NA-118 Lahore-ll Election Result
  • NA-119 Lahore-lll Election Result
  • NA-120 Lahore-lV Election Result
  • NA-121 Lahore-V Election Result
  • NA-122 Lahore-Vl Election Result
  • NA-123 Lahore-Vll Election Result
  • NA-124 Lahore-Vlll Election Result
  • NA-125 Lahore-IX Election Result
  • NA-126 Lahore-X Election Result
  • NA-127 Lahore-Xl Election Result
  • NA-128 Lahore-Xll Election Result
  • NA-129 Lahore-Xlll Election Result
  • NA-130 Lahore-XlV Election Result

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