MUST Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd Check Online

Mirpur University of Science and Technology Second List of Merit List will be announced on Tuesday, August 22, 2024 at 4:00 pm. 3. Merit List will be released on the 28th of August 2024 at 4:00 pm and the list goes on. The merit list will include names of those who were accepted to the university to study their chosen studies. MUST University will unveil their 2nd merit list in 2024 on August 22nd and 3rd merit list on August 28, 2024. It was compiled according to the academic performance of students who had successfully completed their previous tests. Candidates with the highest marks were put first on the listing of the merits. Beginning a new journey is exciting and being on the list of merits at Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) is an amazing feat.

The merit lists for 2024 are expected to be significant milestones that decide the fate of students to come. This article will provide readers with an in-depth knowledge of merit lists for the Mirpur University of Science and Technology merit lists for the first, second and the 3rd round. These lists represent the best levels of academic excellence, tenacity, and attainment of targets.

MUST Merit List 2024

These MUST merit lists have been carefully created documents that show the culmination of hard work and academic excellence. These lists list the most qualified applicants for various courses based on their scores in entrance tests, their previous academic records, as well as other criteria that are relevant. 1st 2nd and 3rd merit lists are made public to reflect the wide range of candidates who have been successful. The merit list is split into 3 categories: the 1st 2nd and 3rd. The candidates who have scored the best marks have been placed on the first merit list. being followed by those who scored the second highest marks on the second merit list and so on.

Schedule for Merit List 2024

The merit lists for the admission applications received till 15-08-23 should be displayed as per following schedule

  • 1st Merit List will be displayed on 17-08-2023 at 4:00pm
  • 2nd Merit List will be displayed on 22-08-2023 at 4:00pm
  • 3rd Merit List will be displayed on 28-08-2023 at 4:00pm and so on.

MUST Merit list 2024 Undergraduate

The merit list for the first time includes the names of those who have gained admission to their preferred programs. Candidates will be required to finish the admission process by the deadlines specified. The second and third merit lists contain names of those who are waiting list. If there are any vacant seats following the admissions process of the first merit list, candidates who are on waiting lists will have a chance to be admitted.

MUST University BS 5th Semester Merit List

This BS fifth semester merits list serves as a testimony to the progress you’ve made in your academic career. This list is the culmination of your hard-earned effort persistence, determination, and perseverance during the previous semesters. The inclusion on this list indicates your ongoing dedication to your chosen field of study, as well as recognition of your accomplishments by the institution.

MUST Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd Check Online

MUST Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd Check Online

1st Merit List MUST 2024

The merit list for the 1st time is an acknowledgement of achievement and excellence. The students who appear listed on the list performed well in their academic pursuits and are able to meet the rigorous standards established by the MUST. It sets the scene for an unforgettable experience in higher education. Candidates who have been selected on the top tier of applicants are encouraged to check out the university’s website to learn more about the admissions process. The site provides comprehensive details about the required documents for admission, fees structure, and other crucial information. 2nd Merit List 2024

The second merit list provides the opportunity to those who might not have made the first list, but have excellent academic credentials. This second merit list offers a opportunity to be part of with the MUST community and to contribute to the rich intellectual landscape that is the University. Candidates who have been admitted in MUST should make sure they are taking their studies seriously and put in the effort to meet the academic objectives they have set for themselves. The university offers a comfortable atmosphere for research and learning and it’s the responsibility of the students to take advantage of this chance.

3rd Merit List 2024 MUST University Download PDF

The merit list for the 3rd time marks the conclusion of admission for the calendar year. The list offers opportunities to those who meet the criteria and are still able to get seats in the programs they want to attend. For those who didn’t make the previous lists or rethought their options this list provides an excellent chance to grab the opportunity.

Provisional Merit Lists PDF Link
Faculty of Engineering and Technology Download
Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences Download
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Download
Mirpur Institute of Technology Download
MUST Business School Download
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Download
Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Download

FAQs About MUST Merit List

How are merit lists made at MUST?

The merit lists of MUST are created by combining factors that include admission exam scores, academic achievements, as well as program-specific selection criteria.

Are there waiting lists for those who don’t appear on those lists?

Some institutions, including MUST which may have a waiting list of applicants who meet certain criteria, but didn’t make it onto the merit lists initially.

Are there several merit list if i have been accepted for a variety of programs?

Candidates can look through multiple merit lists if they’ve been accepted for various programs. Each list is the specific program.

What can I do to secure my admission if I am listed on the merit list?

If your name appears in the list of merits, you must follow the directions provided by the institution to complete the admission process within the prescribed time.


The Mirpur University of Science and Technology merit lists for 2024 are significant landmarks that encapsulate the aspirations, hard work, and accomplishments of aspiring students. Whether your name graces the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd list, each one represents an opportunity to embark on a transformative academic journey. As you eagerly anticipate the release of these lists, remember that they mark the beginning of a new chapter filled with learning, growth, and the pursuit of knowledge.

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