PEC Large Scale Assessment Schedule 2024 Download Online

The Punjab Examination Commission’s assessment schedule 2024 has been officially released. Examinations for grades 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 are set to commence as per the newly established timetable. This announcement, made on January 18, 2024, outlines the key dates and procedures that will be in place, providing ample time for schools, teachers, and students to prepare for these large-scale assessments.

PEC LSA Schedule 2024

The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) has officially announced the schedule for the 2024 Large Scale Assessment. Students in grades 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 should be prepared to commence their exams starting on the 19th of February, 2024. This advanced notice is intended to provide ample time for teachers to complete their syllabi and for students to revise and effectively prepare for their assessments.

Datesheet Large Scale Assessment LSA 2024

Sr.No Date Day Subject Start Time
1 19-02-2024 Monday English 9:00
2 20-02-2024 Tuesday Urdu 9:00
3 21-02-2024 Wednesday Math 9:00
4 22-02-2024 Thursday Science 9:00
5 23-02-2024 Friday Assesment of Urdu & English 9:00

LSA Date Sheet 2024

The Punjab Examination Commission has officially released the Large Scale Assessment date sheet for the year 2024. Candidates are advised to prepare accordingly and adhere to the given schedule to ensure timely participation in their respective examinations. The assessments are set to commence on April 15, 2024, with detailed timings and subject information to be disclosed closer to the examination period. Students are encouraged to regularly consult the PEC website for updates and study resources.

PEC Large Scale Assessment Schedule 2024 Download Online 2 3 5 6 and 7

PEC Large Scale Assessment Schedule 2024 Download Online 2 3 5 6 and 7

Large scale assessment schedule 2024 pdf download

The schedule for large scale assessments in 2024 is available for download in PDF format. The schedule provides important information about the planned assessments for educators, administrators, and stakeholders. The schedule includes assessment dates, subjects, and relevant details. The PDF is a valuable resource for aligning with assessment requirements and understanding the scope of the assessments that will be conducted on a large scale in 2024.

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