PESCO Bill Online Check by CNIC or Reference Number

Now you can view your PESCO Bill Online Check by CNIC or Reference Number invoice online each month on this. is a free website Pesco Bill Online – PITC, Pesco Online Bills, PESCO Duplicate Bill Online that makes it possible to access your PESCO bill on the internet easily. You will find your most recent bill as well as the entire bill, including any outstanding charges. You can download and print the bill or print it from the PESCO monthly bill for delivery at your closest post office.

PESCO Online Bill 2023

PESCO is the abbreviation for Peshawar Electric Supply Company. It offers electricity in various regions connected to Peshawar. Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has set up several electrical supply firms in Pakistan, such as PESCO, LESCO, HESCO, MEPCO, etc. It is now the responsibility of these companies to supply and manage electricity within their specific area.

Wapda Bill Online Check By Reference No

You can check your PESCO bill online on this page. This is a no-cost website that lets you check your PESCO bill quickly. You can view the latest amount due along with the due date and view the entire bill. You can download a copy of the bill or print your PESCO wapda invoice for payment. You can enter your 14-digit reference code below to verify your PESCO electricity bill.

PESCO Online Bill PITC

To view your PESCO online, it is necessary to know your 14-digit reference number. If you aren’t sure how to locate it, you can look at the red-colored area highlighted on the image below. Now, if you’re seeking out PESCO mis or are searching for PESCO gov for pk, to find your duplicate PESCO bill, simply enter your reference number into the input box above and view the amount of your bill. is a simple to use web-based application which makes it easy to access PESCO utility invoices.

PESCO Bill Online Check by CNIC or Reference Number

PESCO Bill Online Check by CNIC

Check Electric Bill Online

Online Bill Check PESCO

PESCO comprises eight (08) circles that cover around 1204,621 hectares of land. PESCO circles are listed as follows. If you are looking to know the Peshawar electric bills (bijli bill) or the wapda bill for any other city included below, then you are at the right place. Simply enter your bill reference number and view the most recent PESCO bill as soon as you can. If you’re in search of a mobile app for your phone, get the PESCO bill app here.

PESCO Bill Check By CNIC

If you didn’t receive an invoice for your Multan electricity bill and you have not received your bill, is the website to visit where you can get a duplicate bill and pay them to avoid the late payment charge. Enter the 14-digit reference code above to obtain your online bill from PESCO in November 2023 or December 2023 , or the month preceding it, October 2023. www pitc com pk Duplicate Bill

PESCO Bill Information

If you’ve yet to receive the Peshawar electricity bill, visit our website and generate another bill. You can then pay it to avoid the penalty for late payments. In order to get your online bill from PESCO to the date of September 2023 November 2023 or the month preceding September 2023, type in the 14-digit reference number you have above.

How can verify PESCO Bill

It is possible to immediately see the total amount of the bill and the due date below, and look over the entire bill to find the date of reading the meter the date of bill issue and the amount you have to be paid after the due date, along with an additional surcharges, in addition to other details.

If you’d like to know whether your bill has been completed or not, then you may only do this for the bills from the previous month. It is possible to check this by opening the bill in its entirety and then clicking on the bill payment history which will show the history of payments for the last 12 months , as well as the amount that was which were paid.

Steps for checking your PESCO’s bill Duplicate Online Check by CNIC or Reference Number

  • Input the reference 14-digit code in the box below.
  • Now you will have the most current bill amount , as well as when the bill is due.
  • To view the complete bill or obtain a copy visit “View Full Bill.’
  • Our Site has a software-based site that lets you view the amount of your bill on any device (desktop and mobile).
  • To look up you’re PESCO bills online, PESCO Online Bill 2023 Download Duplicate Bill you only require is the reference code which can be found PESCO Online Bill Check, download & print Duplicate Bill on any old copy of your bill. It’s not possible to determine it by using the CNIC or name.

New Transfer or Connection Method

Take a look at the latest instructions for connecting here. If you buy a new property that has the PESCO connection previously established by the previous owner, and wish to change the name in the statement, follow the same steps like in the case of setting up a brand new connection. You can request the name change or correction at the closest office.

It’s been a long time since where you had to wait for your electricity bill arrive at your door and discover the amount due by the electricity distributor. The distribution of the paper version of your bill can take several days which leaves us with about two to three weeks before that due date.

You can check for your PESCO online bill at It is a completely free website that lets you examine you PESCO bill. Here you can find other information such as the total amount of bill, payment due date due date, and other taxes too. Print a duplicate of the PESCO bills online for 2023 to make payment. To do this, you have to enter the 14-digit reference code found on every bill. Enter that reference number, to get your bills created.

With technology enhancing our lives and enhancing our lives, checking the electricity bills online is now possible. Like our previous guide on how you can check your MEPCO bill online We will provide you with all the details about the electric distribution companies in Peshawar and how you can check your PESCO invoice online.

We are here with exciting news item with PESCO customers. You can access the details of your month’s PESCO bills online here. Get rid of the routine of sitting in a long line, endlessly waiting to receive your PESCO bill, even if the they didn’t get it to your doorstep. Stepping into a digital Pakistan.

It is possible that you will not have your monthly bill from PESCO. If this is the case, you are able to create a PESCO invoice online. To do this, you must input your reference 14-digit number , and the duplicate PESCO bill will be generated, which could be downloaded.

How to pay PESCO Bill?

There is no obligation that you pay Pesco bill online. It is possible to pay it in a variety of establishments or banks allowed to accept pesco bills. For this, you’ll need to have your bill in your possession. If you don’t have your bill then you can request a Pesco duplicate bill copy by clicking here. If you are in need of a duplicate bill, then go to the listed areas to file your bill.

  • All Commercial Banks
  • One Link ATMs
  • Easy Paisa Shops
  • NADRA collection points
  • All Post Offices

Ways To Pay Pesco Bill Online

If you pay your bill via the mobile app that is linked to the bank’s account you must be aware of which payment method accepts pesco bills. To make it easier for you, listed are some banks that support the pesco method.

  • National Bank Pakistan (NBP)
  • Habib Bank Pvt Ltd (HBL)
  • Allied Bank Ltd (ABL)
  • United Bank Ltd (UBL)
  • Bank Al-Habib (BAH)
  • Meezan Bank Ltd (MBL)
  • Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)
  • Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB)

Taxes in Pesco Bill

There are many taxes that are component of every pesco bill since no business could function without taxation. This includes:


FPA stands for fuel price adjustment. FPA is part of rental power firms that generate electricity using fossil fuels like crude oil, coal, kerosene etc. It is possible to observe price fluctuations in response to variations in the price of fossil fuels.

TR surcharge

TR is the acronym as Tariff Rationalization surcharge. It is intended only for commercial customers. According to the rules set by NEPRA the subsidy is often credit to consumers, and often debited to NEPRA. TR is a form of subsidy, which is a NEPRA and GOP tariff differences.

When the distinction can be described as “positive” then PESCO pays the difference for the benefit of consumers in an incentive. However, if there is a negative difference then PESCO will pay it to the GOP. It is now known as IDTR SUR.

FC surcharge

FC is a short form for Financing Cost. This is done to earn revenue from the client. As an FC Surcharge officials have chosen to set a price of 0.43 paisa for each unit to ensure a safe payment of debt service from Power Holding Pvt Ltd.

Amount deferred

This is a questionable amount. If a court proceeding occurs between the authority and the customer, this amount will remain in a box that is disputed until a decision is reached. It is a sum that is due at any time. There is no deadline to pay this sum. You can pay it all at once or pay in installments. The decision is entirely the one you make.

QTR adjustment of tariffs

This is a quarterly tarrif adjustment amount. Each three months you can find this amount on your invoice. For homeowners, the tax was imposed at the time they surpassed 300 units. Commercial users, however, must pay for each of its unit tax.

PESCO Detection

If the number of units consumed is small, then PESCO can provide detection. Pesco bill detection may result from a variety of causes such as your meter being too slow. You may also be engaging in unlawful practices, such as electricity theft or directly hooking.


  1. Hi
    We don’t have references number
    We got new connections till now not yet received bill
    Meter Number KEK070154209146469

      1. We don’t have references number
        We got new connections till now not yet received bill
        Meter Number KEK070154209146469
        CNIC 13301-6748245-7
        Waneed Renman
        village Dorah Gali

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