PSCA Police Communication Officer Jobs 2024 NTS Application Form

If you’re seeking a job in law enforcement and law enforcement, then this Punjab Safe City Authority Police Communication Officer job could be the ideal fit for you. PSCA Police Communication Officer Jobs 2024 NTS Application Form. This is a fantastic chance for those who are dedicated to public safety and possess excellent communication abilities. This is the Punjab Safe City Authority can be described as an organization of the government that is responsible for the security and safety of the citizens of Punjab, Pakistan. The authority recently posted job openings Police Communication Officers, and the National Testing Service (NTS) will be conducting the hiring process. In recent times, the role for technology within law enforcement increased exponentially. Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) is aware of this fact and has announced jobs to Police Communication Officers in 2024.

If you’re a person with an interest in technology and public security it is a great chance for you. In this post, we’ll look at the PSCA and the job of a police communication officer and an overview of the NTS application process so that you can make the best informed choice when the possibility of applying for this exciting job.

NTS Police Communication Important Dates

Announcement Date: 26th July 2024

Last Date Submission: 10th August 2024

Written Test Date: 25th August 2024

What is Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA)?

The Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) is a program launched by the Government of Punjab, Pakistan in order to improve security and safety of the public through modern technology and communications systems. In 2015, the PSCA intends to develop the most advanced surveillance and monitoring system for major cities in Punjab to tackle criminality and enhance the response to emergencies.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the position in the Police Communication Office in the PSCA you must satisfy the following criteria for eligibility:

Educational Qualifications

Candidates must have an undergraduate qualification or higher in Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunication, or a related field from an accredited institution.

Age Limit

The applicant must be within the age limit set by PSCA generally from 21 to 35.

Physical Fitness

Candidates must be physically fit as per the standards established by the Punjab Safe City Authority.

Written Test

In order to be selected in the process of selection applicants must take a test on writing conducted through the National Testing Service (NTS).

PSCA Police Communication Officer Jobs 2024 NTS Application Form

PSCA Police Communication Officer Jobs 2024 NTS Application Form

NTS Application Process

If you are interested in applying for the post for the Police Communication Officer take these steps

Step 1: Registration

Go to this NTS web site ( and sign up as a brand new user. Fill in all the necessary information precisely. NTS Application Form Online

Step 2: Fee Payment

Once you have registered, you must to deposit the fee at any branch of the bank you choose.

Step 3: Filling the Application Form

Log into NTS’s portal. NTS Portal and fill in the application form, including all the information required.

Step 4: Print Application Form

Fill in the request form and attach all the necessary documents, and then send this form to NTS headquarters in accordance with the instructions given.

The position of Police Communication Officer is one that requires people to work in the fast-paced world and interact with the public as well as law enforcement agencies or emergency personnel. They will be accountable for keeping track of CCTV cameras as well as responding to calls for assistance and dispatching police officers to various areas.

To be eligible for the position you must satisfy the following criteria for eligibility:

  • The candidate must hold attained a Bachelor’s degree from an recognized university.
  • The minimum age for this job is 21 to 25 years old.
  • The candidate must possess excellent communication abilities in Urdu as well as English.
  • The candidate should have basic computer proficiency.

NTS Apply Online Police Communication Officer

In the event that you satisfy requirements for eligibility You can apply for the position by filling in the NTS application form. The form can be found via the NTS website. Applicants have to submit their application before the date of the deadline. The process of hiring is comprised of an essay, a physical exam, and interview. Candidates who have passed each of the three steps are selected to be considered for the job. The job of a Police Communication Officer can be a demanding but rewarding job. It gives you the chance to be a part of communities and create a difference to the lives of others. It also provides attractive salaries and benefits, such as retirement and health insurance.


What is the Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA)?

The Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) is a program of the government in Pakistan focused on utilizing the latest technology and communications systems to increase security and safety of the public.

What is the role of a police communication officer?

An officer of the Police Communication is accountable for monitoring communications systems as well as dispatching emergency services. working the law enforcement agency as well as handling public inquiries.

What are the criteria for eligibility for the post of the Police Communication Officer?

Candidates must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant fields, be in the defined age range and meet the physical fitness requirements and be able to successfully pass the NTS written test.

How can you apply to the post as a Police Communications Officer at PSCA?

To be eligible, you have to sign-up through the NTS website, pay the fee for the test complete the application form, then return your application to NTS headquarters.

What advantages can I count on as a police communication officer?

The work with PSCA provides stability in your job as well as exposure to cutting-edge technology, as well as the chance to play a role in the public’s safety.


In the end in conclusion, it is clear that the Punjab Safe City Authority is offering a fantastic opportunity to people who want to combine their love of technology with a sense of duty to public security. As an officer in the Police Communications Department, you’ll be a major contributor to keeping order and ensuring a safe community for the citizens of Punjab. Don’t miss your opportunity to join an innovative and progressive organization.

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