Punjab Govt Solar Tube Well Scheme Form 2024 Download

Pakistan’s economy heavily depends on agriculture, which employs a large number of people and contributes to the GDP. However, the agricultural sector faces challenges such as water scarcity, energy issues, and climate change. To address these issues and promote sustainable agriculture practices in Punjab, the government has introduced the Solar Tube Well Scheme. This scheme aims to enhance agriculture while conserving natural resources. Under the scheme, farmers with less than 12 acres of land can receive free solar systems for sprinklers and drip irrigation. These systems will help farmers efficiently utilize water resources and reduce dependency on traditional energy sources.

To apply for the Punjab Govt Tube Well Scheme, you can obtain the application form from the official website of the Agency for Barani Areas Development (https://abad.punjab.gov.pk). The website provides detailed information and instructions on how to access the application form. By following the provided guidelines, eligible farmers can take advantage of this scheme to improve their agricultural practices and contribute to sustainable farming in Punjab.

Punjab Govt Solar Tube Well Scheme 2024

Under the Solar Tube Well Scheme, solar tube wells will replace diesel-powered ones. The project is a joint effort of the Punjab Energy Department and the Punjab Agriculture Department. Farmers will receive subsidies to install solar panels on their tube wells, which will provide reliable and cost-effective energy for irrigation.

Approximately 30,000 farmers in the province will benefit from this initiative. Solar energy offers advantages such as reduced irrigation costs, decreased groundwater usage, and lower carbon emissions. Diesel tube wells are environmentally harmful, emitting greenhouse gases and polluting the air. They are also expensive to operate. By switching to solar-powered tube wells, these negative effects can be minimized, promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

Punjab Govt Solar Tube Well Scheme Form 2024 Download

Punjab Govt Solar Tube Well Scheme Form 2024 Download

Punjab Govt Solar Tube Well Scheme Form 2024

Punjab has a plan to develop 20,000 solar-powered tube wells by 2024. The project focuses on areas with severe water scarcity in different phases. The government provides technical assistance and training to farmers to construct and maintain the solar panels. Farmers are happy with the cost savings and reliability of solar energy and fully support the Solar Tube Well Scheme. Moreover, the project has created job opportunities for local technicians and solar panel manufacturers. It also has the potential to attract investments in renewable energy and promote sustainable development in the province. Download Form Online

Acreage Slab Govt. Share/ Subsidy Farmers’ Contribution
0 – 7.5 acres 75%  25%
 7.6 to 12.5 acres 60% 40%


In conclusion, the Punjab Solar Tube Well Scheme is a noteworthy government endeavor to address farm issues. Solar-powered tube wells will save farmers money, conserve resources, and reduce carbon emissions. The idea could revolutionize Punjabi agriculture and encourage sustainable development.

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