Riphah International University Spring Admission 2024 Open Now

For Spring 2024, Riphah International University, located in Lahore and Islamabad, is now accepting applications for a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. These programs offer flexibility with options for morning, evening, and weekend classes. The university has specified the eligibility criteria for each program, which may vary based on the field of study. The minimum requirement for undergraduate programs is 45% marks from a recognized institution, while the MBBS program requires a minimum of 60% marks in (Pre-Medical). The last day to submit applications is January 15, 2024, and interested students can apply online through the official university website. The fee structure is dependent on the program and campus of choice. The deadline for submitting applications for BS programs in Islamabad is February 04, 2024.

Admission for Riphah International University in 2024

The admissions office of Riphah International University in Lahore is pleased to announce that applications for the 2024 session are now open. Interested students can apply for a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs at Riphah International University in Lahore. The institution has recently started its spring admissions for 2024, offering a wide selection of undergraduate and graduate courses. These courses have been designed with flexibility in mind, with options for morning, evening, and weekend sessions. Furthermore, Riphah International University in Islamabad is also accepting applications for BS, BS5th, MPhil, and PhD programs for the spring session of 2024. This presents an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their education and career prospects by studying at Riphah International University.

Last Date for Admission at Riphah International University Lahore in 2024

The Spring 2024 session admissions for RIPHAH International University Lahore have been officially announced. Prospective students can choose from a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs such as Pharm D, DPT, DVM, BS, BS5th, MPhil, and PhD. This esteemed private institution is renowned for its exceptional standard of education. Interested students should be aware that the deadline for application submissions is January 15, 2024. Don’t pass up on the chance to join the lively and progressive academic community at RIPHAH International University Lahore.

Admission Criteria for Riphah International University

Prospective candidates who meet the requirements are welcome to apply for admission through the website The eligibility criteria for each program are outlined below:

  • To be eligible for the Undergraduate Programs, candidates must have a minimum of 45% marks from a recognized institute.
  • For the MBBS Program, applicants should have a minimum of 60% marks in (Pre-Medical) from a recognized institution. In addition, they must obtain a score of at least 550 marks in the MBBS entry test.

Programs Offered at Riphah International University


  1. BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics (BS-HND)
  2. BS Medical Imaging Technology (8S-MIT)
  3. BS Medical Laboratory Technology (BS-MLT)
  4. BS Optometry and Orthoptics (BS-OO)
  5. BS Speech Language Pathology (BS-SLP)
  6. Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT 5 Years)
  7. MPhil Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy (CPPT)
  8. MPhil Human Nutrition and Dietetics (MPhil-HND)
  9. MPhil Medical Laboratory Sciences (MPhil-MLS)
  10. MPhil Neuromuscular Physical Therapy (NMPT)
  11. MPhil Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT)
  12. MPhil Pediatric Physical Therapy (PPT)
  13. MPhil Physical Therapy (MPhil- PT)
  14. MPhil Speech Language Pathology (MPhil-SLP)
  15. MPhil Sports Physical Therapy (SPT)
  16. MPhil Women Health Physical Therapy (WHPT)
  17. PhD Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  18. PhD Medical Laboratory Sciences
  19. PhD Rehabilitation Sciences


  1. Pharm D (5 Years)
  2. Phil Pharmaceutics
  3. Phil Pharmacology
  4. PhD Pharmacy


  1. BS Bio-Medical Engineering
  2. BS Computer Systems
  3. BS Electrical Engineering
  4. BS Robotics
  5. MPhil BioMedical Engineering
  6. MPhil Electrical Engineering


  1. Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology (ADCP) (1.5 Year)
  2. Advanced Diploma in Islamic Psychology and Psychotherapy (ADIPP) (1 Year)
  3. BS Applied Psychology
  4. BS Educational Psychology
  5. MPhil Clinical Psychology
  6. MPhil Psychology
  7. PhD Psychology


  1. BS English (Language and Literature)
  2. MPhil English (Literature)
  3. MPhil English (Linguistics)
  4. PhD English (Linguistics)


  1. BBA (4, 2 Years)
  2. BS Accounting and Finance
  3. BS Commerce B. Com
  4. BS Project and Supply Chain Management
  5. MBA
  6. MPhil Management Sciences (1.5 Years)
  7. MPhil Engineering Management (1.5 Years)
  8. MPhil Project Management (1.5 Years)
  9. PhD Project Management


  1. BS Computer Graphics and Visualization
  2. BS Computer Science
  3. BS Cyber Security
  4. BS Data Science
  5. BS Information Technology
  6. BS Software Engineering
  7. MPhil Computer Science
  8. MPhil Data Science
  9. MPhil Information Technology
  10. PhD Computing


  1. BS Mathematics
  2. BS Physics
  3. BS5th Mathematics (after 14 years of education)
  4. BS5th Physics (after 14 years of education)
  5. MPhil Mathematics
  6. MPhil Physics
  7. PhD Mathematics
  8. PhD Physics


  1. Artificial Insemination Technician Diploma (6months)
  2. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (5 Years)
  3. Livestock Assistant Diploma
  4. MPhil Animal Breeding and Genetics
  5. MPhil Animal Nutrition
  6. MPhil Clinical Medicine and Surgery
  7. MPhil Microbiology
  8. MPhil Parasitology
  9. MPhil Pathology
  10. MPhil Poultry Science
  11. MPhil Theriogenology
  12. PhD Animal Nutrition
  13. PhD Clinical Medicine and surgery
  14. PhD Microbiology
  15. PhD Parasitology


  1. LLB (5 Years)

Admissions for the year 2024 are now open on

Detailed information on how to apply for admission to our Alma Mater can be found on the official website, This includes a thorough explanation of the eligibility requirements and the necessary steps for completing the online application. Additionally, the advertisement for admissions, which can be acquired from the website, contains important details. Prospective students can access information on program eligibility, the admission process, and the entry test. It is important to note that all applications must be submitted before the deadline and students must take and pass the entry test as it is a mandatory component of the admission process. For any inquiries or further assistance, contact details are readily available on the website.

Admission Advertisement for Riphah International University

Riphah International University is now accepting applications for the Spring Admission of 2024

Admission Form for Riphah International University

Prospective students can easily access the online admission form through the university’s official website or by directly downloading it from the site. The 2024 admission form is currently available and can be found at, providing a convenient and efficient way for interested individuals to apply to the university.

Fee structure for admission to Riphah International University in 2024

The fee structure at Riphah International University is determined by factors such as the selected program, the location of the campus, and the student’s nationality. For example, the fee structure for the MBBS program may differ from that of the Business Administration or Computer Science programs. Additionally, there may be variations in fees for the Lahore, Islamabad, and Faisalabad campuses.

For the most precise and up-to-date information, kindly share the specifics of your desired program, preferred campus location, and your status as a local or international student. With this information, we will be able to direct you to the appropriate page on our website that outlines the corresponding fee structure.

During this period, these resources could be beneficial for you:

In the meantime, you may find these resources helpful:

Last date for BS admission at Riphah International University in 2024

Spring admissions for the year 2024 at RIPHAH International University Islamabad have been officially announced. We are delighted to inform that the admissions for the spring term are now open. Our university offers a variety of programs that cater to a diverse range of academic interests.

Application Deadline: Kindly be aware that the final day for submitting your applications is February 04, 2024.

Don’t wait any longer, reserve your place now! Keep in mind, your journey towards a bright future starts at RIPHAH International University.

What is the process for applying to RIU for Spring 2024 admissions in Lahore?

For admission to RIPHAH International University Lahore for Spring 2024, please follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Navigate to the official site of RIPHAH International University.
  2. Select the “Admissions” section.
  3. Detailed information regarding the admission process, eligibility criteria, and required documents for various programs will be available.
  4. Choose “Apply Now” to initiate the application procedure.
  5. Provide your personal and academic details in the online application form.
  6. Follow the instructions to upload the necessary documents.
  7. Double check and submit your application form with accurate information.
  8. An application fee will be applicable (the website will mention the amount).

Contact information

  • Address: 13 km Riawind Road Lahore
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Phone: 042-111-747-424
  • Admissions Portal:

Admission Portal for Riphah International University

The admission process at Riphah International University is made convenient and effective through their user-friendly online portal. This allows interested students to easily submit their applications, monitor their admission status, and obtain relevant details about the different courses and programs offered. The university highly encourages all potential applicants to take advantage of this platform for a smoother application experience. To access the admission portal, please visit the official website of Riphah International University.

Riphah International University is currently accepting applications for the year 2024.

Admissions for the academic year 2024 are now open at Riphah International University. We welcome driven and aspiring students to join our esteemed institution, known for its high-quality education and progressive learning. Our range of programs aims to prepare students with the essential abilities and knowledge to excel in their chosen fields. Do not let this chance slip away to carve a path towards a prosperous future. Submit your application today and embark on an exhilarating voyage of education and self-development at Riphah International University.

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