SPSC CCE Syllabus PDF Free Download

Want the SPSC CCE syllabus in PDF format? Look no further! This blog post will explain how to get the curriculum and provide exam details. Looking for the new SPSC Combined Competitive Exam syllabus? You’ll get the complete syllabus here, so no travel is required. You can download the CCE syllabus for free on the website. Additionally, the SPSC CEE syllabus is available here. To view the current SPSC CCE syllabus, scroll down.

SPSC CCE Syllabus PDF Free Download

The Sindh Public Service Commission Combined Competitive Examination (SPSC CCE) recruits civil servants and administrators. Cracking the competitive exam needs rigorous preparation. SPSC CCE has a broad syllabus. Before preparing, you must comprehend the syllabus. The syllabus includes Preliminary, Mains, and Interview. Check out each stage’s syllabus.

SPSC CCE Syllabus PDF Free Download

SPSC CCE Syllabus PDF Free Download

SST Test SPSC Roll No Slip

Marks distribution of SPSC CCE exam

For the SPSC CEE exams, the mark Distribution is following:

  • Compulsory subjects 600 Marks
  • Optional subjects 400 marks
  • Viva-voce 200 mark

CCE Syllabus

Here are the details of the SPSC CCE syllabus with marks of each mentioned subject. For the CCE, there are two kinds of subjects. Dowload SPSC CCE Syllabus

  • Compulsory subjects
  • Optional subjects

Candidates have to attempt the exams of all compulsory subjects. However, for the optional subjects, there are various groups. Thus, applicants have to select only one subject from every group. So, you can see all the details with complete information of the syllabus from below.

Compulsory Subjects

Here are the complete details of the subjects of the SPSC Combined Competitive exams (CCE). however, you can also find the marks of each subject under the compulsory subjects.

  • English Essay 100 marks
  • English (Precis & Composition) 100 Marks
  • General Paper in Sindhi / Urdu 100 Marks
  • Current affairs & Pakistan Affairs 100 Marks
  • General Science & Ability 100 Marks
  • Islamic Studies /Comparative studies of major regions (For non-Muslims) 100 Marks

Optional Subjects

Other than compulsory subjects, there are some optional subjects for the CEE exam. Thus, candidates have to select any one subject of their choice from each of the following groups.

Group 1

    • Accountancy and Auditing 200 Marks
  • Economics 200 Marks
    • Political science 200 Marks
  • Computer Science 200 marks
  • International Relations 200 Marks

Group 2

  • Physics 100 Marks
  • Chemistry 100 arks
  • Applied Mathematics 100 Marks
  • Statistics 100 Marks
  • Geology 100 Marks

Group 3

  • Business Administration 100 Marks
  • Public Administration 100 Marks
    • Governance and Public Policy 100 Marks
  • Town planning and urban management 100 Marks

Group 4

  • History of Pakistan & India 100 Marks
  • Islamic History & Culture 100 marks
  • European History 100 Marks
  • History of USA 100 Marks

Group 5

  • Gender sciences 100 Marks
    • Environmental sciences 100 Marks
  • Agriculture & forestry 100 Marks
  • Botany 100 Marks
  • Zoology 100 marks
  • English literature 100 Marks
  • Urdu literature 100 Marks
  • Sindhi literature 100 Marks

Group 6

  • Law 100 Marks
  • Constitutional Law 100 Marks
  • International Law 100 Marks
  • Mercantile law 100 Marks
  • Muslim law & Jurisprudence 100 Marks
  • Criminology 100 Marks
  • Philosophy 100 Marks

Group 7

  • Journalism and Mass Communication 100 Marks
  • Psychology 100 Marks
  • Geography 100 Marks
  • Sociology 100 Marks
  • Anthropology 100 Marks


Interviews evaluate candidates’ personality, knowledge, and job fit. The interview syllabus varies, but it usually covers current events, Sindh’s history, geography, and culture.

How to Download SPSC CCE Syllabus PDF

  • After studying the curriculum, let’s download it in PDF format.
  • First, visit spscskm.gov.in, Sindh Public Service Commission’s website.
  • Select “Examination” on the homepage.
  • Choose “Syllabus” from the drop-down.
  • Select the exam you wish to download the syllabus for on a new page.
  • Click the SPSC CCE syllabus download option.

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