Cadet College Karampur CCK Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date

Cadet College Karampur is now accepting applications for its three 4th academic sessions starting in May 2024. This college aims to provide students from remote regions with a high-quality education, particularly to prepare them for a future military career. Applications are invited for admission to classes VII and VIII for the year 2024, with the new session commencing in May. The deadline for submitting applications is January 16th, 2024. Written tests will be conducted on January 30th, 2024. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to apply for Cadet College Karampur’s new admission for 2024, as applications have been open for two days now.


Cadet College Karampur CCK Admission 2024 Apply Online

Cadet College has opened these admissions for the three 3rd session, which is due to begin the month of May in 2024. The Cadet College has announced the access to students who will apply for the 7th and 8th grades based on the criteria established by the college’s management to be a practical application. We have all the information about admission 2024 and how to apply right now.

Cadet College Karampur CCK Admission 2024 Last Date

Students who wish to join Cadet College in the seventh and eighth classes are the kind of students who choose this college to further their education. Some students scored poor marks in their sixth-grade class and want to gain admission to this college. These sorts of students may be granted admission through the seats of self. Sure, students are too wealthy and try to apply on their own, and if they find any institute that has offers admissions to any college for cadets, that type of student pay for private tuition and is admitted.

Cadet College Karampur CCK Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date

Cadet College Karampur CCK Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date

CCK Entry Test Date 2024

The institute has announced that only the students who are admitted through self-basis. Most students attempt to be admitted regularly. The cadet school holds an annual celebration in honor of the new students every year. If any student wants to see photos of their yearly events and sports galas these kinds of students, click this link and download photos of every event. Former majors who have retired and other certified teachers instruct all students. Students who are not in their cities want admission to this institution for these two classes. Type of students is eligible for entry into their hostels.

Cadet College Karampur Admission Test Result 2024

Some students have issues trying to get into any cadet school and have read all kinds of books, but they do not meet the criteria for this kind of student. They must pass a huge admission test to gain admission to this cadet school. If a student can pass the admission test and score 60 percent in their previous exam, they are eligible for admission.

How can I get admission in cadet college

Before applying for admission, you have to ensure that they meet the criteria of age and qualifications to be considered for admission.

Age: To be eligible for 7th grade, the student needs to be between 11 and 13 years old. To qualify for class 8 students, they must be between 12-14 years.

To be eligible to apply for class 7, students have to pass their 6th-grade examination, or they are not eligible to apply. If a student wants to apply for class 8th and hasn’t completed their 7th-grade exam, They do not qualify for admission. A passing score in every previous class and subject is required to succeed.

Written Test/Examination

After submitting applications is completed, students will then be transferred to the next step, a written test or entrance examination. Written tests for entry will be held on specific subjects: English and Mathematics, as well as Sindhi/Urdu and General Knowledge.

Additionally, interviews and medical tests are also conducted by the cadet colleges of students selected through the test for the entry written. Anyone who hasn’t taken part in the entry test will not pass the test.

Cadet College Admission Fees

Students can also get the admission form and prospectus at Cadet College Karampur at Rs 1000 in cash. The records can also be obtained at the cost of 1500 dollars through The Pakistan Post service. Self-finance seats can also be arranged for students on only a limited basis.

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