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The Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has officially launched the website, with Imran Khan making an official announcement through a video message. The aim of is to Namanzoor site is to seek donations from Pakistanis to support Imran Khan’s struggle against the changes in the regime outside of Imran Khan. It also aims to apply an influence on federal officials in the election. The purpose of the Namanzoor com website is to receive donations from Pakistanis to aid the fight of Imran Khan to fight the changes in the Imran Khan regime. Imranions. PTI website

The money raised through will be put towards PTI’s election campaign. How do I donate to the Imran Khan Manzoor’s website? Follow these steps: namanzoor—com PTI website, How to donate on the namanzoor website.

Imported government na manzoor website

The launch of The Imported Website Government Na Manzoor is an ex-Pakistani Premier. It’s like being Shahbaz Sharif today. The purpose of this site is to invite contributions from Pakistanis who live in other countries than Pakistan.

Namanzoor Com Pk Total Donation

The website’s launch was announced via an online video message delivered by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Asif Ali Zardari. “Let’s end the plot and guide our nation towards the next election,” he urged. Recent videos by Imran Khan suggest that an outside plot to take over the government was initiated. Khan claimed that 200 twenty million people had had their dignity damaged due to the imposing of corrupt officials from Pakistan.

How To Make A Donation On Namanzoor com Website

The people of Pakistan have chosen the name as the government’s name, “Imported Govt Namanzoor,” an extremely popular topic on Twitter since the day it was inaugurated. About 15 million tweets were posted about this trend on Twitter over the last six days. Imran Khan funds raising Namanzoor Website.

Imran khan donation website

The announcement was made through Twitter by PTI Chairperson Imran Khan. Imran Khan encouraged Pakistanis who live outside the country to join the fight for the country. Na, the website of PTI officials, is currently down due to the heavy traffic. The website will go live shortly, and Namanzoor PK donation to the com will begin.

Donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor Website PTI

Donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor Website PTI

namanzoor website’s web-based contribution system makes it simple to contribute to Pakistan’s Tehreek e-Insaf (PTI).’s donation program was launched by Imran Khan right today. Na manzoor com pk has been established as an official form of PTI donations. Foreign Pakistanis are being asked to donate to a group that accuses the United States of the fall of Khan’s government. PTI website

Khan offered contributions to the PTI group from Pakistanis who live in other countries on Friday, urging them to take over his “foreign-backed” regime headed by Shehbaz Sharif.

Na manzoor portal

International Pakistanis are being asked to contribute money to Khan. They are asking for them to join a political party blaming the United States for toppling its government in Pakistan.

Home News Website Crashes Due to High Traffic of Overseas Pakistanis

In his post, the Twitter user offered details regarding his website. It seeks money from Pakistanis living outside of the country to topple Shehbaz Sharif’s government and hold new elections to replace it.


For him, the country’s 22 million citizens are “forced” to join the corrupt government that he called “Haqiqi-Azadi.”.


Ex-PM Imran Khan stated that the citizens of Pakistan ought to be able to decide between PTI and the Sharif family. PTI and those of the “corrupt Sharif family,” an organization that has been jailed for three years for corruption charges.

Donations from overseas Pakistanis

Step 1: Visit

2. Click the “click here for donation “click here to donate” button.

Step 3: After you click to proceed, you’ll be taken to the second page, where you can complete a form.

Fourth step: fill in the form and then click submit.

Step 5: Next, you must choose a payment option.

Sixth step: two payment options are available.

Step 7: PayPal as well as Card Pay.

Step 8: Following the payment, You will be presented with a receipt.

PTI Donation

After his announcement, was inundated with Pakistani donations seeking to back PTI. The website was receiving such a large amount of traffic that users were forced to wait for a gift to be accepted.

Imran Khan’s Donation to PTI

If you’re a fan of Imran Khan and would like to know more about what you can do to help him financially, you can go to, The authentic PTI platform. When we learn that the latest information is made available, we’ll forward it to you. Remember that the URL for the website is Imran Khan’s donation to PTI is available through this website.

na manzoor website

Shehbaz Sharif’s government was forced on the population of Pakistan by way of a “foreign plot,” According to a former Pakistani PM.


Due to the backing of the US, an untrustworthy administration has been able to take control of Pakistan. According to Khan, He wants the country to hold new elections so that Pakistanis can decide their future within the country. website

The “threat letter” is said to have been sent by Pakistan’s Embassy in America. The United States was presented as evidence by former prime minister Imran Khan just before the vote on no-confidence against his government.

Imran Khan raises an Rs450 million donation via

More than 45 million rupees were taken in less than 24-hours by the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and former Prime Minister Imran Khan via This week Imran Khan, Pakistan’s former prime minister, revealed the intention to seek donations from Pakistanis living abroad through Imported Government Na Manzoor (

PTI Website for Funding

Imran Khan announced the website’s existence through a video greeting to Pakistanis who live overseas. He called for the end of the plot and brought people to vote.

The donations to support Pakistan’s leader by Pakistanis living abroad have increased to unprecedented levels. The website could not function due to the massive number of people visiting from Pakistanis who live outside Pakistan. In an email, an individual Pakistani citizen who lives outside of Pakistan claimed the number of his contribution page is 2356. He claimed that at least around 450 million rupees have been collected. Many believe that this is a historic decision taken by the president, and massive sums of money are being accumulated in anticipation.

namanzoor com pk website

Was the US Vice Secretary of State to South and Central Asia Affairs, Donald Lu, warned the Pakistani Ambassador, Asad Majeed, in a diplomatic letter that the continued presence of Imran Khan as a minister would have repercussions on bilateral ties. According to reports, Imran’s “independent foreign policy” and the visit to Moscow irritated Washington. The United States.


Imran Khan Wants Donation from overseas Pakistanis to overthrow the Government. Government

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