EPS Topik Exam Result 2024 Check Online

The EPS TOPIK Exam Results for 2024 were released on February 12, 2024, and are accessible online. Results for the 86th through 91st TOPIK tests from 2023 are now available as well. The EPS TOPIK is administered six times annually, with specific tests for Korea in January, May, and November, and others for Korea and nations like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka in April, July, and October.

The EPS TOPIK Exam Results for 2024 will be available online, including outcomes for the 27th Point System recruitment in Laos, expected on February 12, 2024. Participants can also check results for the 86th to 91st TOPIK tests of that year. The EPS TOPIK Test occurs six times annually and is crucial for foreign workers seeking employment in Korea through the Employment Permit System. Details on how to check the results are available in the comprehensive EPS TOPIK Exam 2024 Result guide.


EPS Result 2024

EPS Result Nepal Check online here. You can verify your eps.hrdkorea.or.kr test results 2024 using your Passport or the ID number on your card here. The 6th recruitment of the Point System in Cambodia test was held on April 11, 2024. The results will be made available on this site.

EPS TOPIK Test Result 2024

We highly recommend the complete guide to TOPIK Self-Study Program for those who are trying to pass the TOPIK Test for the first time, or need to get it passed at a higher standard. It’s a study guide that contains everything you need to pass this TOPIK test, which includes all the previous TOPIK tests with answers, Korean grammar and vocabulary study materials, videos detailing the structure of the test as well as strategies for tackling the questions, and much more. Further information on this study kit can be found on this website. First EPS TOPIK results 2024 in Korea held on the 29th of January, 2024. Check here. The EPS Topik exam results 2024 was announced on February 23 for Korea candidates. CHECK RESULT

EPS Topik Result 2024 Thailand

This post was last updated on the 27th of April 2024. The 12th recruiting of the Point System in Thailand [Manufac.1st Udon Thanitest took place from 20 February 2024 until 2024-02-24. Results will be announced on the their official site EPS Korea you can check here. You can find the EPS Sanitas officiant’s schedule online here. You can reach the office at UDON the THANI RPRVINCIAL OFFICE.

EPS Topik Exam Result 2024 Check Online

EPS Topik Exam Result 2024 Check Online

EPS TOPIK  Exam Result 2024 check by roll number

Exam results online with the help of a rolling number is a straightforward and effortless procedure. These are the steps you should follow:

  • Go to the official website of the HRDK (www.hrdkorea.or.kr).
  • Click on the ‘EPS TOPIK’ tab on the home page.
  • Choose the language you prefer and then click on the tab ‘Result Announcement’.
  • Enter your number for the EPS TOPIK exam roll in the provided field.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • Your EPS TOPIK test result 2024 is displayed on your screen.
  • Print a copy of the result to use for future reference.

EPS Topik Result 2024 Korea

These results are published at the top of the TOPIK site at 15:30 (Korean time) on the dates above (www.topik.go.kr). To check your result of EPS topik just go to epstopik.hrdkorea.or.kr login portal here. CBT(General) test result is available here.

eps.hrdkorea.or.kr exam date 2024 Result Schedule

Exams Dates Result Links Link
EPS TOPIC (February, 2024) 12 February 2024 Click here
87th EPS TOPIC (April 8 -9, 2024) 25 May 2024 Click here
88th EPS TOPIC (May 14, 2024) 22 June 2024 Click here
89th EPS TOPIC (July 8-9, 2024) 17 August 2024 Click here
90th EPS TOPIC (October 14-15, 2024) 30 November 2024 Click here
91st EPS TOPIC (November 12, 2024) 14 December 2024 Click here

eps.hrdkorea.or.kr exam results 2024

EPS TOPIK Result 2024, Download HRD Service of Korea, EPS Center Korean Language Test (EPS TOPIK, CBT-2023) Examination Result @eps.hrdkorea.or.kr. Following the test in Korean the EPS TOPIK results 2024 was released. If you’re searching for TOPIK results, then you will see them here. All applicants must pass the TOPIK Test that was conducted for all candidates. Since the TOPIK result is available at the official site. We have added an URL for the TOPIK Korea Result at the end of this post for the convenience of those who are aspiring. Then you can click the URL to get this EPS Merit List. Check EPS TOPIK Result Online

Step-by-step guide on how to check your EPS Topik Exam Result 2024

Step 1: Visit the EPS website

To access your result, you must visit the EPS website. The website’s URL is www.eps.go.kr. Upon reaching the website, locate and click on the EPS Topik Exam Result 2024 link to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Enter your information

On the EPS Topik Exam Result 2024 page, you will be prompted to input your personal information. This includes your registration number, date of birth, and nationality. To ensure accuracy and prevent any errors, please double-check the information you provide.

Step 3: Check your result

After submitting your information, click on the “Check Result” button. If your result is available, it will be displayed on the screen. However, if your result has not yet been released, you will receive a notification stating that it is still pending.

Step 4: Print your result

If your result is accessible, you have the option to print it for future reference. Simply click on the “Print” button to obtain a hard copy of your result.

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