ETEA Past Paper 2023 With Answers PDF Download Syllabus Pdf

Get this ETEA Past paper and Syllabus pdf 2023 online right here. ETEA will conduct a variety of tests for admission and selection. Many candidates are expected to participate in these tests conducted by ETEA. Candidates can download past papers of ETEA in in PDF format along with the answers. ETEA Teacher Past Papers for KPK are available on this website. Candidates who have applied for ETEA PST jobs in 2023 can download ETEA Secondary School Teachers’ Papers from the past.

If you’re preparing for the coming ETEA (Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency) examinations, you’re likely looking for helpful resources to assist you in your preparation. Do not look further! We’ve compiled a set of ETEA exams in 2023. They are including complete answers, to give you a head start in your exam preparation.

ETEA Past Paper 2023 With Answers

Our meticulously curated ETEA old papers of 2023 have been designed to assist you in excelling on your next exam. Each paper comes with specific answers that allow you to assess your knowledge, but also to learn by making mistakes. This interactive approach helps in enhancing your knowledge of the subject and concepts.

How to Make the Most of ETEA Past Papers

Regular Practice: Consistently practicing with previous papers can increase your confidence as well as improve your ability to think critically.

Practice Exam Conditions: Reserve an area of quiet and follow time limits, and approach every practice session as if it were the actual exam.

Examine thoroughly: After you have completed each paper in the past, you should review your answers with reference to the solutions. Examine areas where you’ve made mistakes or were unsure.

Find Trends: Look for frequent topics or pattern of questions. This can help you identify certain topics for the revision.

Time Management: Practice managing your time effectively. This is essential for getting through an exam within the allotted time.

ETEA Past Paper 2023 Pdf Download

To download the ETEA previous papers for 2023 and complete answers, download the PDF documents from the links below. These resources are available to help you on your exam preparation and we hope you have the best success in the upcoming tests.

Be aware that consistent effort and an organized approach to preparation are essential in achieving the desired results. Take advantage of these previous papers, gain from your mistakes, and take your ETEA exam confidently!

ETEA Past Papers free Download  Online

Below, we provide ETEA old papers which are available for download. Download these papers at no cost or download them to return and take them offline to read. These papers are used as examples and concepts to help students familiarize themselves with ETEA tests. Welcome to the best resource to find ETEA past papers to download for 2023.

Significance of ETEA Past Papers

Preparing for any examination requires a strategic approach, and ETEA is no exception. ETEA tests are renowned for their rigorous nature and thorough assessment of candidates’ knowledge and aptitude. By utilizing ETEA past papers, you gain access to a treasure trove of valuable information that can immensely benefit your preparation. Here are some key reasons why ETEA past papers are a must-have resource:

ETEA Past Papers in PDF Format

we strive to provide you with the most convenient and accessible resources to enhance your ETEA preparation. Our extensive collection of ETEA past papers is available for download in PDF format, ensuring that you can access them anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We have meticulously compiled past papers for various ETEA tests, including PST, CT, SST, DM, PET, CTIT, Qari, and Qaria, as well as past papers specifically tailored for engineering and teaching positions. Here’s how you can access and utilize these invaluable resources:

ETEA Past Papers MCQS Free Download 2023

A lot of candidates purchase ETEA MCQs books at markets. They are also able to download the MCQs books of ETEA past papers for free of cost. We have collected ETEA-updated past papers for instructors, engineers officers, MDCAT, constables and assistants. ETEA participants can also download past papers along with their answers here. Always prepared with the most recent edition of ETEA past papers to be successful. ETEA is a challenging test for students who want to gain admission to MBBS and BDS.

ETEA test Engineering MCQs PDF

It is possible to read this book on your mobile device because it’s in the format of PDF. Since the book isn’t available in hardcover format, nobody could get it this book. Therefore, we’ve put it up for download at no cost. download in PDF. You can use this book to get an understanding of the MCQs that are on the test. There’s no need to purchase an additional book for coaching. Questions for the ETEA test in this set of MCQs that include English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math. This book contains all the MCQs are answered clearly and accurately.

PST, CT, SST, DM, PET, CTIT, Qari, and Qaria Past Papers

For candidates aspiring to secure teaching positions in primary, elementary, and higher secondary schools, we have an extensive collection of past papers specifically designed for PST, CT, SST, DM, PET, CTIT, Qari, and Qaria tests. These past papers cover a wide range of subjects, including English, General Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Pedagogy, Arabic, and many more.

Engineering Past Papers

Candidates aiming for engineering positions can benefit from our specialized collection of past papers for engineering tests. These past papers encompass various engineering subjects and provide comprehensive coverage of the core concepts and topics relevant to the engineering tests conducted by ETEA.

Computer Science Past Papers

Our repository of computer science past papers is specifically tailored for candidates appearing for computer science-related tests conducted by ETEA. These past papers cover topics such as programming, algorithms, data structures, database management, and computer networks, among others.

Police Constable Past Papers

Candidates aspiring to join the law enforcement sector can access our past papers specifically designed for the ETEA Police Constable test. These past papers cover the necessary subjects and topics to ensure that you are well-prepared for the challenges of the police constable recruitment process.

Computer Operators Past Papers

For individuals seeking computer operator positions, we have a dedicated collection of past papers that focus on the required knowledge and skills in computer operations. These past papers cover topics such as computer hardware, software, operating systems, programming languages, and data management.

Online Test Preparation Mcqs

ETEA, MDCAT Past papers

Each year, a large number of students fail to be able to sit for the ETEA MDCAT or engineering tests because of the lack of instruction. The test paper for MDCAT comprises 200 questions. Past papers can aid students in understanding the purpose of the tests and papers. Educational Testing & Evolutional Agency is a private organization located that is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

ETEA Past Paper 2023 Syllabus Download Pdf

ETEA-Past-Papers 2023

ETEA Past Papers for Computer Operators

You can download the free ETEA exam papers by using the hyperlinks below. The test papers are available for free reading online or downloading for later reading. Students can gain knowledge about ETEA examinations by using older documents as examples and suggestions. The ETEA past papers that have been solved with PDF formats are uploaded in higher quality. ETEA Solved Papers Past regarding Physical Education and Fitness for teachers that are certified Teacher, Arabic Teachers are uploaded along with The KPK teacher jobs syllabus 2023

ETEA Past Papers SST General

Candidates can download ETEA PST Past Papers that have been solved with PDF formats. Exam Past Papers from ETEA for Teaching Jobs in KPK are on this page. Get this ETEA Test Book. Here’s how you obtain your copy of the ETEA MCQS Book in pdf format for free. Click the link below to download. Download SST General Solved Past Papers.

ETEA Test Syllabus 2023

Education Testing and Evaluation Agency is the agency that is responsible to conduct medical and engineering tests in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. If you’re looking to learn about an ETEA course for the year 2023 then you’re at the right page. ETEA has published its ETEA course for the year 2023 in order to ensure that students prepare for their tests correctly.

AT (BPS-15) Syllabus

Arabic 30%
English 15%
Mathematics 15%
Pak Studies 15%
Pedagogy 10%
Urdu1 5%

CT (BPS-15) Syllabus

English 25%
General Science 25%
Mathematics 25%
Pedagogy 10%
Social Studies 15%

PST (BPS-12) Syllabus

English 25%
General Science 25%
Mathematics 25%
Pedagogy 10%
Social Studies 15%

C.T (IT) (BPS-12) Syllabus

English 25%
I.T/C.S 25%
Mathematics 25%
Pedagogy 10%
Social Studies 15%

Qari/Qariya (BPS-12) Syllabus

English 15%
Mathematics 15%
Pak Studies 15%
Pedagogy 10%
Tajveed/ Hifz, Islamiyat 30%
Urdu 15%

TT (BPS-15) Syllabus

English 15%
Islamiyat 60%
Pak Studies/C.A 10%
Urdu 15%

ETEA General Knowledge MCQs pdf

The ETEA educational testing and assessment agency was established through the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) provincial government in the month of November 1998. ETEA’s primary responsibility is to oversee entrance exams for KPK’s province’s medical and engineering schools. You can download ETEA Past Papers here for no cost.

ETEA Past Papers PDF Download 2023 PST CT SST DM

Additionally, numerous publishers sell their ETEA guides, past papers as well as model papers as well as sample papers.  Download PST CT SST PET, CTIT, past paper .Make use of all the preparation materials mentioned to earn high scores. Dear applicants, we have provided all of the details and included a link for downloading ETEA previous papers in PDF format. We are happy to answer your questions in the comments section.

SR Title Action
1. Past Papers with Answers Download Download
2. PST Past Papers Solved Download PDF Download
3. Engineering Past Papers Download
4. Teachers Past Papers Download
5. SST General Past Papers Download
6. Past Papers Police Constable Download
7. Computer Science Past Papers Download
8. Past Papers for Computer Operators Download

ETEA Past Papers Police Constable

CT Jobs 2023 within KPK, TT Jobs in KPK 2023, DM Jobs in KPK 2023 Qari as well Qaria Jobs within KPK are being announced to fill vacant teacher positions in the primary and secondary schools in KPK. Elementary and Secondary Education Department KPK has announced the availability of positions for teachers in 2023. The Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA), KPK. A high-resolution Version of ETEA Past Papers Solved PDF Format is now available.

ETEA Contact Numbers

Address :Phase 7, Sector E-8. Street 13 Plot No 22 close to Hajj Complex Hayatabad, Peshawar.

Phone #: (+92 91) 921 9078):
Email: [email protected]


Which book is most suitable to use for ETEA preparation?

This book Solved for the ETEA Test includes all the solutions to exam questions from the past Engineering as well as Medical college entrance tests. Candidates also have access to  Online ETEA MCAT Book by Dogar Brother to help them prepare for their ETEA Test.

How many questions are there on ETEA?

Questions are all Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and negative marking can also be used in the ETEA test. There are a total of 200 question to be answered in the ETEA Engineering test.
Minimum 60% marks are compulsory to appear in ETEA test.

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