FBR NTN Verification Online System e.fbr.gov.pk

In the administration of a state, there are many pillars to consider, which includes taxation as one of the pillars. The collection of taxes can help to balance the economics of a nation. Furthermore, the more taxes collected, the higher the state’s financial capacity can afford to offer services to its citizens. FBR NTN Verification Online 2022 How to verify NTN Online. Check or verify your NTN as well as STRN via the FBR website. The FBR provides an excellent online NTN along with STRN enquiry service. Online FBR NTN Verification and Online NTN STRN Inquiry: Three Simple Methods to Get NTN STRN Information and NTN Verification. Online verification and verification for your NTN & STRN are possible via the FBR website. Go to e.fbr.gov.pk to check or inquire about your NTN and STRN.

FBR NTN Verification Through CNIC

When we talk about taxes for Pakistan, FBR regulates this whole tax system in Pakistan, and it requires every citizen to sign up for the tax. Before learning about the online NTN verification, take a look at the steps to register a business in Pakistan and access the NTN registration process. E FBR Online Registration

FBR NTN Verification SMS

FBR Online NTN verification through CNIC 2022 at https://e.fbr.gov.pk was sent to you via review of the NTN variety of verification applications and the registration type of SRB FBR. The NTN numbers are required to verify each individual’s AOP and the company’s registration in West Pakistan.

FBR NTN Verification By Name

It has become much easier to get things done with the advent of online services that allow you to get online NTN verification within a few minutes. All you have to do is go to the official site of FBR and enter your details. We will also review some methods to complete an online NTN STRN inquiry (Sales Tax Registration Number). If you’ve lost or misplaced your 13-digit STRNnumber, you can use your CNIC number to get details extracted. Let’s take a look at these simple methods to verify.

IRIS FBR NTN Verification

NTN means National Tax Number. FBR offers exclusive NTN numbers to taxpayers in active status. Active taxpayers can access login online to get NTN verification 2022 with a CNIC number. Track your NTN through your CNIC to receive benefits.

FBR NTN Verification Online System e.fbr.gov.pk

FBR NTN Verification Online System e.fbr.gov.pk

E FBR NTN Verification

Go to https://e.fbr.gov.pk to get NTN online verification. Parameter Type Enter, Enter, Registration Number Enter Code, then hit the verify button to find the NTN. There isn’t any cost to use the online NTN Verification 2022. Sometimes, your current taxpayer status isn’t found. You need to click the help button and contact the Information desk if that happens.

Online NTN Verification 2022 FBR Portal

Taxpayers are also known as Fillers within Pakistan. Countless numbers of individuals and organizations have been registered with FBR as fillers. You can go to the official site of FBR and click on the Active Tax Payer search tab.

Documents For NTS Registration

  • Original CNIC;
  • Cell phone No
  • Personal Email address belonging to him;
  • Original certificate of maintenance of personal bank account in his own name, if having a Business.
  • Original evidence of tenancy with CNIC of owner and witness / ownership of business premises, if having a business;
  • Original paid utility bill of business premises not older than 3 months, if having a business.
  • Letter head of Business, if having a Business.
  • Principle Business Activity

Contact Us NTN Cells


Incharge NTN Cell

Old CBR Building

CDA Block -II , Opp. Lal Masjid

Islamabad. Ph # 051-9204911


Incharge NTN Cell,

1st Floor, Billaur Palace,

Mcleod Road, Lahore.

Ph #  042-7312732


Incharge NTN Cell, 3rd Floor,

Income Tax Building,

Shahrah-e-Kamal Attaturk, Karachi.

Phone: 021-9211330, 021-9211068

Fax: 021-9212534


Incharge NTN Cell,

Ground Floor, Income Tax House,

Queens Road, Sukkur.

Ph # 071-9310149 Fax # 071-9310148


Incharge NTN Cell,

56, Tariq Road, Income Tax House, Multan.

Ph #  061-9201101

Fax # 061-9201102


Incharge NTN Cell, Second Floor,

Income Tax Building, Opp: Allied Hospital,

Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.

Ph # 041-9210310

Fax # 041-9210126


Incharge NTN Cell, Ground Floor,

Income Tax Building, G. T. Road, Gujranwala.

Ph # 055-9200797


Incharge NTN Cell, Ground Floor, Income Tax Building,

Katchery Road, Sialkot.

Ph #  052-9250430

Fax # 052-9250429


Incharge NTN Cell,

Ground Floor, Regional Taxpayer’s Office ( RTO’s),

Income Tax Building, Jamroud Road, Peshawar.

Ph #  091-9206091

Fax # 091-9206092


Incharge NTN Cell,

Ground Floor, Income Tax Office,

Spinny Road, Quetta.

Ph #  081-9202185

Fax # 081-9201376


Incharge NTN Cell,

Ground Floor, Income Tax Building, Civil Lines, Hyderabad.

Ph # 022-2782961, 022-2782962

Fax # 022-9200205


Incharge NTN Cell,

Computer Center, 32-C, Near H.B.L, Model Town-A, Shabbir Shaheed Road, Bahawalpur.

Ph # 062-9255280

Fax # 062-9255281-83


Incharge NTN Cell,

Income Tax Complex, Canal Colony, Sahiwal.

Ph # 040-9200089

Fax # 040-9200180


NTN Cell,

Regional Tax Office, 80-Jail Road, Sargodha.

Ph # 048-9239082


Incharge NTN Cell,

Ground Floor, Regional Taxpayer Office (RTO’s), Income Tax Building, 12-Meyo Road, Rawalpindi.

Ph # 051-9270456, (051-9270411- Ext. 242, 243)

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