Usman Public School System Admission 2024 Apply Online

Usman Public School for the year 2024 Admission session is start  to apply online here. We hope to give you all the essential information about the admission process, which includes the deadline for applying online, the fee structure, the final admission list, and the syllabus. Our aim is to help you make an educated decision about the education of your child and help you navigate the admissions process .Usman Public School system Admissions 2024 Apply online, download the application form here .Usman Public School System Admission 2024 Apply Online here. Usman Public School is a well-known educational institution offering high-quality education starting from the age of three through high school. It is situated in the middle of the city and has a an established track record of producing the best students. The admissions process for 2024 is open, and we’re here to give you all the required information needed to apply.

Usman Public School Admission 2024 Last Date

The last date to apply for admission to the Usman Public School for the academic year 2024 is 31st May 2024. The admissions procedure for Usman Public School for 2024 scheduled to begin in the final week in the month of January and the deadline to apply is the second week of March 2024. Students who want to apply for admission to the school must submit their application prior to the deadline in order to be evaluated for admission. Late submissions won’t be accepted and applicants will be required wait until the following academic session to submit their applications. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the deadline date and complete your application by expiry date to ensure no hassle.

Admission Requirements for the Usman Public School

The admissions process at the Usman Public School extremely competitive. The school is flooded with a lot of applications every year. In order to be accepted for admission students must meet the following criteria:

Age: The student should be at the right age for the grade they’re applying for.

Academic record: A student has to have a solid academic record and have good marks in the high school.

Admission Exams: Candidates have to pass the entrance test that is designed to test their knowledge and abilities in a variety of areas.

Interview: Candidates who have been shortlisted will be invited to an interview before the admissions committee.

Additional-curricular activities: Our school is looking for students with many hobbies and participate in extra-curricular activities.

How to Apply for Admission to the Usman Public School

  • To be eligible for admission to Usman Public School, Usman Public School, parents or guardians must adhere to the steps listed in the following paragraphs:
  • Visit the school’s official site and download the admissions application form.
  • Fill in the admission form with all of the necessary details and attach all required documents, such as documents from the school, passport-sized photos as well as the application fee.
  • Send the admissions form along with the required documents to the admission office.
  • When the application is accepted after which the school will go through the application and select candidates to take the entrance test.
  • Candidates who have been shortlisted will be invited to an interview by the admissions committee at the school.

Usman Public School System Fee Structure

The Fee structure of Usman Public School varies depending on the grade level and nature of the program. The school provides both evening and morning shifts, however, the structure of fees differs for both. For example the annual fee of the early morning shift for grades 1-8 is about PKR 150,000 when for grades 9 up to grade 12, it’s about 180,000 PKR. Similar to that, the annual cost of the evening shift for grades 1 through grade 8 is approximately 120,000 PKR, and for grade 9 through grade 12 the cost is approximately 150,000 PKR. The school also provides scholarships to students who are deserving in accordance with their academic achievement as well as financial need.

The cost structure for Usman Public School varies depending on the grade and kind of program. The school offers a variety of programs including pre-school elementary, primary, middle as well as high schools. The fees structure for the academic year 2024 follows:

Pre-school: PKR 95,000
Primary: PKR 120,000
Middle: PKR 130,000
High School: PKR 140,000
It is important to know that the fees do not cover additional expenses such as uniforms, transportation and textbooks.

Usman Public School System Syllabus

Usman Public School offers a broad curriculum that covers all major disciplines, including science, math, English, social studies and Islamic studies. The school adheres to the national curriculum established by the federal government of Pakistan and utilizes the most up-to-date methods of teaching to enhance students’ learning. The curriculum is designed to give students an excellent foundation in the essential subjects, and also to develop their critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical abilities. In addition, the school provides a wide range of courses.

It is a public school. Usman Public School follows the curriculum set by the Sindh Textbook Board. The academic curriculum of the school is designed to give students an education that is well-rounded, covering many subjects and subjects. The school also provides various extra-curricular activities, such as music, sports and drama, which aid students in developing their talents and interests.
Students can now submit applications for enrollment at Usman Public School 2024, prior to the closing date of March 20th 20, 2024. The school’s administration won’t accept your application after the deadline has been met. View the Admission List for of Pre-Primary Admissions 2024-24. Registration for the second phase of admissions (primary and secondary) in the Usman Public Schools System was announced according to the schedule.

Usman Public School System Admission 2024 Apply Online

usman public school admission 2024

Usman Public School worksheets

Inspiring students to be leaders capable of leading the Muslim Ummah throughout the complexities of life , and governing the world in accordance with the principles in Islam is the purpose of this approach. Children in this system are taught to become their best selves. Students Week is when the school’s staff hosted Sciences Fairs Excursions Trips and Book Fairs. Spelling Bee competitions, Writing Competitions, Language Fairs and debates.

 Entry test Final Admission List 2024

The list of admissions for the final year at Usman Public School 2024 will be released during the last week of March 2024. The school will release this list online on their official site and students can verify whether they are admitted by using their applicant number. Students who are selected to be admitted will receive an acceptance mailer, which includes additional information regarding how to proceed with the admission procedure. Students who aren’t chosen for admission will be placed on a wait list and if a space becomes available and they are notified of the availability by school.

Usman Public School Admission 2024 Result

The admission process for Usman Public School is available to students from the first through 12th grades and all campuses are accessible to students from grades one through twelve. Furthermore they will offer the list of students successful in passing the admission test as soon as they can, and only those applicants will be admitted to the school. In the end that all students must pass an exam before they are able to enroll in classes.

Usman Public School Contact Number and Address

Address: St. 3/B Block-F. North Nazimabad, Karachi, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan-74600
Phone: (021) 34187444
Email [email protected]
Official Website:

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