Habib Public School Admission 2024 Apply Online

Habib Public School, a renowned institution in Pakistan, has commenced its admissions for 2024, catering to students from kindergarten through matriculation. The application form is accessible online or could be obtained directly from the school’s admissions department. Applicants must fulfill eligibility requirements, and all necessary documentation should be in order for a hassle-free process. The school’s admissions portal provides comprehensive information, such as test dates and fee structures. It is committed to delivering quality education and fostering students’ academic and personal development. Prospective applicants are advised to collect all relevant details and adhere to the application process.


HPS Admission Portal

The Habib Public Schools has commenced its admission process for the 2024 academic year via their official website. Potential applicants must navigate to the ‘Admissions’ section, and follow the link to the admissions portal. Creating an account by providing some basic personal details is the first step. After account creation, applicants can begin the application process, ensuring all required forms are filled out and necessary documents, such as academic records and birth certificates, are uploaded.

Admission Habib Public School
Class I January 14, 2024
Class XI January 21, 2024

 HPS Entry Test Date 2024

The test to be taken of Habib Public Schools’ admissions for 2024 will take place on [insert day[insert date]. The test will evaluate the applicants’ knowledge of math, English, and general knowledge. It is crucial to be prepared for the test and make sure that you are at the test site at the right time. The school will inform the test time and location to all applicants using their email addresses registered.

Interview list for admissions in Class 1. (Session 2024-25)

Fee Structure for Habib Public School 2024 Admission

Habib Public School has a extensive cost structure which covers every aspect of the student’s education including tuition as well as uniforms, books as well as other costs .the fees of Habib’s Public School in 2024 admission could change at any time without notification. Parents are advised to review details of the cost structure available on the school’s official website prior to submitting an application. This fee plan for 2024 will be as the following. The cost arrangement for the Habib Public School in 2024 admission is according to the grade. Here is an overview of the fees for each grade level:

  • The Playgroup PKR 204,000 per annum
  • Nursery PKR 215,000 annually
  • Elementary school: PKR 228,000 per annum
  • Class 1 through Class 5: PKR 252,000 for the year
  • Class 6-8: PKR 277,000 per year
  • Class 9 and 10, PKR 306,000 per annum
  •  Admission Fee: PKR 25,000
  • Security Deposit (refundable): PKR 25,000
  • Annual Tuition Fee (Classes VIII-X): PKR 315,000
  • Annual Tuition Fee (Classes XI-XII): PKR 340,000
  • Books and Stationery (Approximate Cost): PKR 18,000
  • Uniform (Approximate Cost): PKR 15,000

The school has the merit-based scholarships program that will provide financial aid to eligible students. The scholarship program can cover up to 100% of tuition costs, contingent on the scholar’s academic achievements and financial needs.

Required Documents

These documents are needed to be submitted in order to finish the admission process for Habib Public School:

  • Birth Certificate
  • (CNIC of the student) B Form
  • Father/Guardian CNIC
  • Mother CNIC
  • Four Recent Passport Size Photographs
  • School Leaving Certificate (if applicable)
  • Migration Certificate (if applicable)
  • Character Certificate (if applicable)
  • National Test Result (for O-Level and A-Level Applicants)

It is essential to ensure that all the documents are complete and accurate before submitting them to the school. Incomplete or incorrect documents may result in the rejection of the application.

Habib Public School Admission 2024 Apply Online

Habib Public School Admission 2024 Apply Online

Eligibility Criteria for Habib Public School 2024 Admission

Habib Public School established specific criteria for eligibility to various classes. Prior to applying for admission, it is essential to read the eligibility requirements for Habib School. The following conditions are required by the prospective student:

Age Limit: The applicant must be aged between the ages of 3 and 14 on the 1st of April 2024.

Education Candidates: must have passed the previous grade with success.

A previous school record: applicant must be able to demonstrate a successful academic record at the last school they attended.

Nationality: The person applying for the job should be Pakistani citizen or of Pakistani origin.

Entrance Test: The applicant must pass the test to be eligible for the appropriate grade.

Admission Process for Habib Public School 2024

Habib Public School adheres to an exact admissions process to ensure only the top students are accepted. The admissions procedure for the year 2024 is anticipated to begin in the month of December 2022. This is a step-by-step guide to the admissions procedure:

Step 1: Online Registration

The first step in applying to be admitted for admission to Habib Public School is to sign up online. The registration form is accessible on the school’s official site. It is essential to fill the form in with exact and complete details, such as the name of the student, birth year of birth date, parents’ name, contact details as well as the academic records.

Step 2: Entrance Test

Following the registration process The school will then conduct an entrance exam to test the academic capabilities of the student. The test will evaluate the student’s understanding of math, English, and general knowledge. The test will take place in January 2024, at the school’s premises.

Step 3: Interview

Following the entrance test The students who pass the entrance test are invited to interviews with admissions committee. The interview will test the personality of the candidate, their communication abilities, and overall potential.

Step 4: Submission of Required Documents

If the student is successful in passing the test of entrance and interview The second step would be to provide all the necessary documents, which include the birth certificate of the student along with academic transcripts, as well as passport-sized images.

Step 5: Admission Decision

After having reviewed the application and conducting the exam and the interview, admissions committee will take the final decision regarding admission. The school will inform parents about the decision either via either email or by phone.

Habib Public School Application Form Download

Admission seekers are advised to adhere to the Habib Admissions to Public Schools 2024 deadline date for applying. The school mentioned above opens admission every year for elementary, primary middle, matriculation and the middle. Presently, Habib Public Schools have begun classes for intermediate. Habib Public Schools gives priority in its merit-based policy for new enrollment.

SR Description Action
1. Junior Section Registration Form Admission Closed
2. Middle Section Registration Form Download Form
3. Senior Section Registration Form Download Form
4 College Section Registration Form Download Form

Habib Public School Contact Numbers

Address: Habib Public School Near PIDC Bridge, Moulvi   Khan Road Karachi, Pakistan.

Phone: 92-21–35652434 – 37

Email: [email protected]


Is there a minimum requirement for age to be able to apply for Habib Public School 2024 admission?
Answer: The candidate should be aged between 3 to 14 years old on the 1st of April, 2024.

Do I have the option of applying to be admitted without taking the entrance test?
Yes, the entry test is required for all applicants.

What are the documents required to apply for Habib Public School 2024 admission?
The documents required include a copy birth certificate of the candidate, an academic record including NIC, immunization records and a character report from the school they attended previously.

What is the cost basis for admission to Habib Public school?
The fee structure is according to the grade. Check out the official website of the school to find the most recent fee structure.

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