Army Public School Karachi Admission 2023 Last Date

Army Public School Karachi admission is announcement for class Play I, II, III 5th, IV 6th, 7th, 8th 9th, 10th as well as the 1st year for the academic year 2023-24. The process of registration has been started. You can get the prospectus and application form in PDF format on this site. The advertisement outlines the deadline for the submission of the application. Army Public School Karachi Admission 2023 Last Date  check online here. Open merit-based admissions are utilized to select students. Army Public School APS Karachi admission are start to apply online . Registration is now open .Candidates who intend to obtain admission to APS Karachi should apply for admission before the last date to apply. Admission to any class can be denied in the event that there is no payment of the admission fee by the deadline. This includes admission criteria, fees structure, and the best way to apply.

Admission Requirements

In order to be eligible to be admitted to Army Public School Karachi, students must satisfy certain criteria. In order to be eligible for admission to the pre-primary stage students must be between 3 and 5 years. To be admitted into the elementary level (grades 1-5) students must be aged between 5-10 years old. To be admitted to the secondary grade (grades 6-10) students must be between 10-15 years old. To be eligible for admission to the upper secondary level (grades 11-12) students must be able to complete the secondary level of their education (grades 9, 10 and 11) at a recognized school.

Army Public School Karachi Admission 2023

Army Public School APS Karachi admission registration is now open. The application form and the admission application in PDF format through this website. The advertisement outlines the deadline to submit the application. Admissions made based on merit are used to choose students. Admission to any class will be removed in the case of not paying admission fees within the deadline. All applications must be submitted within the deadline that is stated on the advertisement. The process of placing an order for the application form as well as the prospectus is a viable option for students who wish to enroll in the APSC program.

Eligibility Criteria for Army Public School Karachi Admission 2023

In order to be considered to be admitted into APS Karachi, your child must meet the following requirements:

  • Age: To be eligible for admission to Pre-Nursery, Nursery or Kindergarten classes, the kid should be at least 6 months old 3, and four years old in March 2023. To be admitted to Grade 1 or above the child must be a graduate of the previous grade at an institution that is recognized.
  • Academic Records: Children should be able to demonstrate a good academic record.
  • Health Fitness: A child should be medically fit enough to attend school.
  • Compliance with the The Code of Conduct The parent and child must comply with the school’s code for conduct.

Fee Structure for Army Public School Karachi Admission 2023

The fee structure of APS Karachi varies based on the grade for the child. The below are the fees for academic year 2023-2024

  • Nursery Preschool: PKR 60,000 per year
  • Nursery PKR 85,000 per year
  • Elementary school: PKR 100,000 per year
  • Classes 1-5: 120,000 PKR / annum
  • Classes 6-8: 140,000 PKR / annum
  • For grades 9 and 10: 160,000 PKR annum
  • Grades 11-12 Grades 11-12: PKR 180,000 for an annual fee
  • Note Aside from the annual cost, there is an entrance fee of PKR30,000 for new students.

Army Public School Karachi Admission 2023 Last Date

The admissions application process to Army Public School Karachi for 2023 is scheduled to begin the first week of March 2023. The exact date for the opening of admission hasn’t been confirmed yet, but students and parents can expect the applications to be made available in the near future. The last day to submit applications is the final week in March 2023. Students and parents are encouraged to check the website for Army Public School Karachi for the most recent updates.

Name of Class Online Admission
CLASS I Apply Now
CLASS II Apply Now
CLASS IV Apply Now
CLASS V Apply Now
CLASS VI Apply Now
IX Apply Now
X Apply Now

APS Karachi Admission 2023 Application Form

The admission procedure is straightforward. Parents must attend the school according to the schedule in order to sign-up. To be able to sign up, they’ll require the following documents, which include the original copy and photocopies of the Form “B” by Nadra, CNIC of Parents as well as the original ID card of the service of Armed force & Defence Paid employees.

Admission Process for Army Public School Karachi Admission 2023

The admission procedure of APS Karachi is as follows .Visit the school’s site The first step of applying for admission is to go to the school’s site located at then download their admissions form .

Step 1: Obtain the Application Form

Students and parents can collect the forms to apply for admission at the Army Public School Karachi from the admissions office at the school or download them directly from their official site. The forms for admission should be completed fully and precisely.

Step 2: Submit the Application Form

After filling in the application form the parents and students have to send it to the admissions office with the necessary documents. The documents required include an original copy of the birth certificate of the student as well as academic transcripts and two passport-sized photos.

Step 3: Entrance Test

After the forms for application have been processed and received Students must then take an entrance exam. The test is designed to cover areas like English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge.

Step 4: Interview

After passing the entrance test those who passed are invited to an interview. Interviews will be conducted by the admissions committee. Parents will be expected to be present at the interview.

Step 5: Admission

Following having conducted the interviews, admission committee will look over the applicant’s profile and then make a final decision on admission.  Parents will be informed on the outcome of admission either by email or by phone.

Required documents:

The documents to be submitted along with your application forms are:

  • Copies of the transcripts of academics for the student
  • Birth Certificate
  • Two passport-sized photos of the student
  • National Identity Card of the parent or guardian
  • Evidence of residence

APS Karachi Syllabus 2023

Be sure to keep to the above dates and complete your process of accommodating for the construction within the timeframe. When you’ve completed this phase you’ll be in desperate need of confirmation. APS Karachi Admission 2023 is an excellent illustration of this. It’s best to be sure about the application.

Playgroup and Nursery Syllabus

The nursery and playgroup syllabus in the Army Public School Karachi is designed to help children improve their social, cognitive emotional, and physical abilities. The curriculum is comprised of activities like singing, storytelling dancing arts and crafts as well as games, that aid children in learning whilst having fun. The school also concentrates on developing communication and language abilities by exposing children to different languages, such as English, Urdu, and Sindhi.

Primary School Syllabus

The primary school curriculum at the Army Public School Karachi is designed to give students a solid base in the fundamental subjects like English Mathematics, Science and social studies. The curriculum also incorporates Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies to help students better understand their heritage and culture. The school employs a variety of methods for teaching, such as classes, group discussions and project-based learning, in order to keep students interested and engaged in their learning.

Middle School Syllabus

The syllabus for middle school at the Army Public School Karachi builds upon the foundation laid by primary school . The syllabus prepares students for the high school. The curriculum covers subjects like English Math, Science, Math and Sociological Studies, Pakistan Studies, and Islamic Studies. It also provides additional subjects like Computer Science, Art, and Physical Education. The instructional methods employed in the middle school are lectures, group discussions and project-based learning.

High School Syllabus

The high school curriculum at the Army Public School Karachi is designed to prepare students for matriculation as well as beyond. The syllabus includes subjects that are compulsory like English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pakistan Studies, and Islamic Studies. There are also elective subjects like Computer Science, Economics, Accounting and art. The methods of teaching used in high school are lectures, group discussions and project-based learning.

Army Public School Karachi Fee Structure 2023

You can find the most current fees for each program by reading the prospectus. This fee structure may be viewed by calling the official phone number below or by visiting the website of officiality. For more information, visit more information about the Army Public School APS Faisal Saddar and APS Saddar admissions guide as well as the calendar of academics for every classes Admission.

Army Public School Karachi Admission 2023 Last Date



What is the minimum age for admission into APS Karachi?

To be admitted to Pre-Nursery or Nursery or Kindergarten classes, the child should be at least 2 years old.

When is the last day for the submission of your application?

The deadline to submit the application form usually in February. It is however recommended to visit the school’s website or admissions office for the exact date.

Is there a minimum age in order to be admitted into Army Public School Karachi?

There is an age restriction for entry into Army Public School Karachi. The age limit differs based on the course for students applying.

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