How to Apply for a Passport in Pakistan Application Form

How to Apply/renewal for a Passport in Pakistan Application Form Fee. Passports are crucial for citizens of any nation who want to travel internationally. Every country has specific guidelines for passports for its citizens. Therefore, there is a particular process to apply for an identity card in Pakistan for 2024. If you’re searching for the best way to apply for a passport to Pakistan by 2024, keep in touch with us for more specific instructions. In Pakistan, applicants can take advantage of the fast-track passport application process. It is efficient and speedy passports delivered to your doorstep within 24-48 hours. But the costs for fast track services are more expensive than the other options.

How to Apply/renewal for a Passport

The waiting has ended! The Prime Minister is launching the e-passport program today for residents of Pakistan. This marks another significant milestone in the modernization and digitalization of services provided by Pakistan. With the introduction of this digitally-digitized passport system, Pakistan is now among those nations with the electronic passports system. The primary purpose is to ensure that travel is secure and easy. Pakistan Passport Apply Online

How to Apply for a Passport

E-Services Portal is the front access to the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports for online service to Pakistani citizens across the globe. An embassy is not part of the electronic passport application. The direct link to your passport will be created with the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports (Headquarters). If you have any questions or information, it is possible to call the helpline of the e-services portal. The fees and other requirements can be checked at the link above for those wishing for an online application.

passport check online Pakistan

Based on the initially announced details, the digital passport will have the latest biometric chips that have been developed to protect all relevant data, in addition to a variety of other top-of-the-line features, providing the security of a tiger. In addition, the e-passport holder is entitled to access e-gate services in various international and domestic airports across the globe, as per an official announcement by Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed. Registration

Pakistani citizens can now apply online for a Pakistan Passport following the official launch of the online portal by the directorate general for Immigration and Passports. To ensure the operation causes no issue, you must use an alternative method, either manual or physical, to apply for a Pakistani passport.

Pakistan Passport Renewal

According to reports, the e-passport is expected to have the latest biometric chips that will include all the relevant information of the person using it. Passport holders with e-passports also benefit from having electronic gate facilities at various national and international airports worldwide.

How to Apply/renewal for a Passport in Pakistan Application Form Fee

How to Apply/renewal for a Passport in Pakistan Application Form Fee

Passport Tracking in Pakistan

Passport tracking via SMS in Pakistan is functioning. It is also called Rabta. Rabta service. The applicants are required to provide accurate information to track their passports in the course in the process of entering data.

Fee structure for Pakistani Passport

Validity of 5 Years

The fee structure for the Pakistani Passport for each category, such as urgent passport fee and normal passport fee having a validity of 5 years, is given below.

Category No. of Pages fee
Normal 36 PKR. 3,000/-
Urgent 36 PKR. 5,000/-
Normal 72 PKR. 5,500/-
Urgent 72 PKR. 9,000/-
Normal 100 PKR. 6,000/-
Urgent 100 PKR. 12,000/-

Validity of 10 Years

Pakistani passport fee structure offering validity of 10  years is given below.

Category No. of Pages Fee
Normal 36 PKR. 4,500/-
Urgent 36 PKR. 7,500/-
Normal 72 PKR. 9,900/-
Urgent 72 PKR. 16,200/-
Normal 100 PKR. 18,800/-
Urgent 100 PKR. 21,600/-

Types of Passport in Pakistan

The new digital system can also deter forgeries, as the e-passports can’t be forgery or copied, making them one of the crucial measures concerned authorities take to ensure that travel is safer. In addition, there will be specially-designed e-gates set up at the major airports across the nation through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). EPassport services will power them; the facilities will be geared towards those with e-passports.


This is the most commonly used kind issued by the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports in Pakistan. It is green on its cover that is used for Pakistani citizens to travel to other countries regularly, like business trips or vacations.


Diplomats (representatives from Pakistan to other nations) are issued diplomatic passports from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The passport is of the type with an outer cover of red.


Pakistani nationals holding virtual offices in the government are given Official Passports whenever they travel abroad for official work. These include Senators, Members of the National Assembly (MNAs), Provincial Ministers, and judges from the Supreme Court of Pakistan and High Courts. The passports of this type have an outer cover of navy blue.

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