How To Concentrate On Studies During Exams

Study is not merely the process of reading lines of a book. It involves understanding ideas and grasping learning contained in every sentence you read. Hence concentration is indispensable for meaningful study. How To Concentrate On Studies During Exams. There are iPods, TV, games consoles, magazines, and even siblings can be a distraction! But, the main distraction is myself. I find it very hard to block out everything else and focus on studying. I don’t know why, but having to focus leaves me no choice but to find myself a distraction. I have tried many different approaches, techniques, and tips to help me sit and concentrate.

Final Exam Study Tips

How To Concentrate On Studies During Exams Tips & Guide

How To Concentrate On Studies During Exams

3 Secret Study Tips

Make a timetable:

If you have a long night of studying ahead of you, make a plan for the day. Aim to work for 30-60 minute periods with 5-10 minute breaks in between. Your brain needs the break to recharge. It’s not laziness – it’s letting your brain synthesize the information. Try to switch subjects every hour or so, too, to prevent yourself from getting bored and saturating your mind. Too much of one subject and your brain will start going on autopilot. A new subject will wake up your mind and your motivation.

Avoid other activities while you study:

Students have habit of studying as well as engaging in other activities at the same time such as texting on their cell phones listening to music and chatting on face book. It is not a good habit. When you carry on other activities while you study you cannot focus on your study. Engaging in other activities steals your attention.

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Let’s say you just got done reading 20 pages of a textbook. The last thing you should do is jump into is 20 pages of the next textbook. Instead, do a quiz with some flashcards. Make a few charts to help you remember those economics stats. Listen to those French tapes. Do some studying that involves different skills and different sections of your brain. Point blank, you’ll be less bored. And it’ll be easier for your brain to process, too. Switching up what skills you’re using helps you brain process the information faster and hold onto it. The time will go faster and you’ll remember it better.

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Willingness for your study:

Being willing to study is indispensable for concentrating on your study. You should have interest in your studies in order to be able to focus on it. If you are not willing to study and view study as a forced activity you can never study with full concentration.

Prioritize your tasks:

Prioritizing and scheduling task is very much important. Make a list of your priorities and schedule them accordingly. You should have proper time for all your activities such as study hobbies games and so on. Scheduling your priorities accordingly helps you accept timings for each task you accept it psychologically.

Good Bed Rest:

Brain like the other parts of the body gets tired due to all the activities of whole day and it affects the capabilitities of brain. The brain requires full relaxation for its efficient performance. Never skip or reduce your bed sleep. You should sleep for at least seven hours in the night to relax and refresh your brain for the next day.

Physical and Mental Exercise:

Regular physical exercise is essential to brain health. It enhances blood flow to brain. During physical exercise certain hormones are released in body which beneficial for human performance. Having healthy life equates to having good concentration power.

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