HRCA Registration Form Maga Event 2024 Last Date

The HRCA Registration Form for the Mega Event 2024 is now open. All participants must complete this form to attend. It includes personal and contact details, essential for a smooth event. Please fill it out accurately to avoid issues during the event. Your cooperation is appreciated.There will be something for everyone at this event, from seasoned pros to newcomers.

HRCA Registration Form Maga Event 2024 Last Date

Over the course of three days, participants will face off in a wide range of competitions and challenges at the HRCA Maga Event Registration Form 2024. Sparring, forms, and weapon demonstrations will all be available as individual and team events for competitors. There will be a number of workshops and seminars taught by some of the world’s most renowned martial artists, in addition to the competitions itself. Training sessions will focus on both mental and physical conditioning in addition to skill and strategy.

How to Fill Out the HRCA Registration Form in 2024

Do you want to sign up for the HRCA 2024 conference? Stop right there! This tutorial will serve as your step-by-step registration guidance.

First, go to the HRCA website.

Go to to get started with registration. To sign up, visit the homepage and look for the “Register” link in the upper right hand corner.

Choose a Registration Type (Step 2)

Select your preferred registration method once you reach the page accessible via the “Register” button. General Admission, VIP Admission, and Student Admission are the three available tiers. Choose the most appropriate answer and proceed by clicking “Next.” Download HRCA Registration Form

HRCA Registration Form Maga Event 2024 Last Date

HRCA Registration Form Maga Event 2024 Last Date

Third, provide your own details.

Your personal details are required on the following page. Your full contact details, including name, email, phone, and postal address, are required. Before moving on, double-check that your details are correct.

Choose a payment method (Step 4)

You can select your preferred payment option on the checkout page. Payments can be made to HRCA by PayPal or a credit card. To make a payment, just stick to the on-screen instructions.

Annexture-2 Form

Registration Form

Winner’s Form

Phase 5: Verification

After your registration and payment have been processed, you will receive a confirmation email. To avoid losing this email, please save it for future reference.

Please note: that registration prices change based on the kind of registration and the date of registration. The deadline for the discounted early bird rate is September 30, 2024. Registration Confirmation: 15th Oct, 2024 · Result Announcement: 15th Nov, 2024.


Grade Pre-Level
Grade 1 & 2
Grade 3 & 4
Grade 5 & 6
Grade 7 & 8
Grade 9 & 10
Grade 11 & 12


There is more to the HRCA Maga Event Registration Form 2024 than just a tournament or a seminar. It’s a chance to meet other martial artists from all over the world, learn from and teach each other, and form lasting bonds with those who have similar interests. Don’t miss the HRCA Maga Event Registration Form 2024 if you’re serious about taking your martial arts training to the next level. Sign up now to be a part of this amazing weekend filled with competition, education, and friendship. You can count on us to be there to greet you.

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