ISSB Interview Questions and Answer Online

Every year, a significant number of candidates aspire to join the Armed Forces of Pakistan by clearing the rigorous ISSB Test. To ensure success, candidates often turn to the internet and other sources in search of helpful material, including ISSB interview questions and answers in PDF format. If you’re among those aspiring to become an officer in the Armed Forces of Pakistan, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we have compiled a comprehensive list of ISSB interview questions and answers for 2024, designed to assist you in your preparation. Whether you’re located in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, or any other city, our aim is to equip you with the necessary knowledge and confidence to excel in the ISSB interview.

Understanding the importance of staying updated, we have taken into account the ever-evolving selection criteria of the ISSB test. By referring to our expertly curated ISSB Test Preparation Book, written by experienced individuals, you can stay ahead and enhance your chances of success.

Categories of ISSB Interview Questions:

The ISSB interview is conducted to assess the behavioral and psychological aspects of candidates. While the questions may not be overly tricky, they play a crucial role in determining your selection. It’s essential to understand that the interviewing officer analyzes your responses based on three factors:

What you say (10%)

Tone of voice (20%)

Body language (70%)

To help you prepare effectively, we have categorized ISSB interview questions and provided sample questions from each category:

Personal Life Questions: These questions delve into your personal background, family, and upbringing. They help the interviewing officer gain insight into your character. Sample questions may include inquiries about your parents’ occupation, siblings, and family dynamics.

Academic Career Questions: Your educational journey holds valuable information for the interviewing officer. Expect questions about your favorite subjects, academic achievements, and educational institutions you attended.

Self-Analysis Questions: These questions may seem unconventional but are aimed at evaluating your self-awareness and decision-making abilities. Examples include inquiries about lying, handling a large sum of money, and your motivations for joining the armed forces.

Mathematical Questions: Mathematics plays a vital role in many fields, including the military. Expect questions that test your problem-solving skills, understanding of mathematical formulas, and ability to apply them in real-life scenarios.

Physics Questions: As a prospective officer, knowledge of basic physics concepts is essential. Be prepared to answer questions on topics such as Newton’s Laws, Boyle’s Law, and other principles taught during your academic studies.

Social Life Questions: Your social interactions and online presence can provide valuable insights into your personality. Be prepared for questions about your social media presence, friendships, and general social activities.

Pakistan Studies Questions: Demonstrating knowledge and awareness of your country is crucial for a potential officer. Expect questions about Pakistan’s borders, historical events, and important figures.

Religious Questions: Assessing your religious knowledge and beliefs is an integral part of the ISSB interview. Prepare for questions about Islamic history, Quranic knowledge, and religious practices.

Abbreviations: Stay well-versed in common abbreviations used in various fields, including military and technology, as they may be part of the interview.

Pak Armed Forces Questions: Display your dedication and understanding of the armed forces by answering questions related to military history, ranks, and key personalities.

By thoroughly preparing for these categories of questions, you will be better equipped to handle the ISSB interview with confidence and poise.

In our comprehensive ISSB Test Preparation Book, you will find detailed answers and guidance from experts, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the interview. Take charge of your future, put your best foot forward, and embark on a journey towards a fulfilling career in the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

ISSB Interview Questions and Answer Online

ISSB Interview Questions and Answer Online

The Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) interview is a crucial element in the selection process for those hoping to join the military. It provides an objective evaluation of a candidate’s mental, physical, and leadership capabilities – all evaluated against an extensive checklist. Here we explore essential elements of an ISSB interview as well as provide some helpful tips and sample questions to ensure you’re ready.

ISSB Test and Interviews Questions And Answers

ISSB Interview Questions And Answers

Understanding an ISSB Interview Process

The Inter Services Selection Board interview (ISSB) serves as a vehicle for evaluating an applicant’s suitability for military service. It aims to evaluate various qualities, such as leadership potential, communication skills, decision-making ability and problem-solving capacity. Proper preparation requires understanding its purpose and key elements; knowing these is vital to making the best impression at this interview process.

Purpose of the ISSB Interview

The primary goal of an ISSB interview is to assess a candidate’s overall personality and potential to serve in the military. Interviewers look for individuals who exhibit qualities such as integrity, determination, adaptability and a strong sense of responsibility as this allows them to determine whether the candidate aligns with core values and requirements set forth by military service.

Key Elements of an ISSB Interview

ISSB interviews feature various elements which contribute to its overall assessment. These may include:

Interviewer Obligations: Interviewers will begin the interview by asking about a candidate’s background, education and interests – this enables them to understand his or her motivations and aspirations more thoroughly.

Situation Handling: Candidates may be given hypothetical or real-life scenarios to test their problem-solving, decision-making abilities and ability to remain calm under pressure.

Leadership Evaluation: Interviewers assess leadership potential by asking a variety of questions related to teamwork, decision-making and handling challenging situations.

Goal Orientation: Candidates will be judged based on their clarity of goals, commitment to military service and understanding of its responsibilities.

Verbal Communication Skills: When interviewing candidates, interviewers assess their ability to express themselves clearly and confidently during verbal exchanges.

Non-Verbal Communication: Body language, eye contact and overall demeanor will be observed to evaluate a candidate’s level of confidence, poise, and professionalism.

Preparing for an ISSB Interview

Preparation is key to excelling at an ISSB interview. Here are some essential steps for effective preparation:

Researching an Organization

Before appearing for an ISSB interview, it is vital that you conduct extensive research on the military organization in question. Study their history, values, missions and recent achievements so as to demonstrate your genuine interest in joining. Taking time and care in researching it will also demonstrate your genuine dedication.

Understanding the Interview Process

Familiarize yourself with the ISSB interview process before heading in for your interview. Gain knowledge about its different stages, the length of the interview, and specific areas being evaluated so you can mentally prepare and structure your responses appropriately.

Top Interview Questions and Answers for the International School for Specialized Banks (ISSB).

1: Tell us more about yourself.

Sample Answer: My name is John and I hail from XYZ. I earned my bachelor’s degree at ABC University and am very passionate about serving in the military…

2: Explain why you would like to join the military?

Sample Answer: Joining the military has always been my goal in life and I strongly adhere to its values and principles…

3: How can you manage stress and pressure?

Sample Answer: Over time I have developed strong stress management abilities by facing and overcoming various experiences and obstacles…

4: Explain a time when you demonstrated leadership abilities.

Sample Response: While in college, I was honored to serve as team captain of my university’s basketball team…

5: Please describe your strengths and weaknesses.

Sample Answer: My greatest strength lies in remaining composed and calm in stressful situations…

6: How should one react in response to failure?

Sample Answer: Failure should be seen as an opportunity for growth and learning…

7: What motivates you?

Sample Answer: My motivation comes from wanting to make a positive contribution and serve my nation…

8: How can a teamwork?

Sample Answer: I firmly believe in the power of collaboration…

9: Describe an instance when you had to make an difficult decision.

Sample Answer: During my previous job, we had to meet an extremely tight deadline…

10: How can you prioritize tasks?

Prioritizing tasks is key to effective time management…

11: Do you possess an understanding of the military’s values and ethics?

Sample Answer: The military places great emphasis on values like integrity, honor and loyalty….

12: How should one address criticism?

Sample Answer: I consider constructive criticism an opportunity for growth…

13: Please share an experience when you overcame a challenging situation and succeeded.

Sample Answer: One particular challenge I faced during my hiking expedition…

14: What are your career objectives within the military?

Sample Answer: My primary career objective in the military is to continuously develop my leadership abilities…

15: Have any queries for us?

Sample Answer: Hello, I do have some inquiries for you regarding the training programs…


How long typically lasts an ISSB interview?

The duration of an ISSB interview can depend on a variety of factors; typically lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour on average.

What should I bring with me for an ISSB interview?

Your documents, such as identification and education certificates are essential when joining any military organization. Therefore it is advisable to inquire beforehand as to the specific documents needed by them.

Is it possible to prepare in advance for my interview at ISSB?

Yes, preparation is key to succeeding at an ISSB interview. Research the organization, study common interview questions and practice answering them to build confidence and perform well on interview day.

How important is body language during an interview?

Body language plays an integral part of communication. By adopting good posture, making eye contact, and employing appropriate gestures to express confidence and attentiveness, body language can convey powerful messages about oneself.

What happens after the ISSB interview?

After your interview, the interviewers will assess your performance along with other assessments before communicating their decision via designated channels.


Mastering the ISSB interview is crucial for achieving your dream of joining the Armed Forces of Pakistan. By familiarizing yourself with the categories of ISSB interview questions and diligently preparing the answers, you can significantly improve your chances of success. Remember, staying updated with the latest news and developments related to the ISSB selection criteria is essential.

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