Letter To Principal For Fee Concession Due to Financial Problems

A Letter of Concession is a formal document which requests the reduction or elimination of fees associated with a specific programme or product. Letter To Principal For Fee Concession Due to Financial Problems. The letter is typically addressed to the company or institution which is charged the fees. It is written by a person or group that is seeking financial aid. The goal of a Letter of Concession for Fees is to describe the financial condition of the individual or group requesting the concession and to prove the inability of them to cover for the entire fee. This could include information on the income, expenses or other debts that stop them from paying the full price of the program or service. It should state the reason why the program or service is essential to the person or group that has made the request. It could also include information about how the program or service will help them or aligns with their professional or personal objectives.

Application for fee concessions from father

I hope that this letter finds you in good health. My letter was written on behalf my daughter [Name of the Child] who is an undergraduate student at [School/College Namethe school or college of your choice. Due to financial challenges that were not anticipated I am facing financial difficulties and find it difficult to pay for the tuition costs for my child’s schooling.

fee concessions from single mother

I hope that this letter will find you healthy and well. This letter is to request your help with my child, [Child’s namethat is an undergraduate student at [School/College Namethe school or college of my choice. As a single mom I’m confronting financial difficulties that make it increasingly difficult to pay the entire tuition cost to support my child’s education.

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[Principal’s Name]

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Subject: Request for Fee Concession

Dear Principal [Principal’s Last Name],

I hope that this letter is a good one and that you are well and in good spirits. I am writing today to inform you of a my humble request about fees for tuition for the coming academic year.

My experience has included being a devoted student at [College/School Name] for the last (number of years) I have been striving to achieve a high quality of education. But, I am confronting financial difficulties which have made it more difficult to pay for the entire costs for my education.

I hope that this letter will find you well and in good spirits. I am writing today to ask for a fee concession for the next school calendar at your school.[School Name]. As a committed and dedicated pupil of our prestigious institution I have always strived to be the best at my school and have been active in numerous extracurricular activities. But, due to unforeseeable circumstances my family is having financial issues which make it difficult to pay the financial obligations of school fees.

Letter To Principal For Fee Concession Due to Financial Problems

Letter To Principal For Fee Concession Due to Financial Problems

I’d like to draw your the attention of you how my schoolwork has consistently been exceptional during my experience at [School NameSchool Name]. I have always received excellent grades in all of my classes and have actively contributed to my school community by my involvement in numerous organizations and clubs. I believe that my commitment and dedication to my academic and extracurricular activities have proven my sincere determination to maximize the opportunities afforded by our school.

Given the current financial challenges facing my household, I would like to solicit your consideration of concessions on fees for the coming academic year. I know that the school has a limited amount of resources, and that there are many worthy students in need of financial aid. However, I would like that you consider my excellent academic record, active participation in school activities, as well as the actual financial difficulties facing my family.

I want I can assure you should I be granted an exemption from fees I will keep the standards and values of our school. I will continue to dedicate myself to my studies, and will actively help our school in every way I can. I recognize that being educated is a privilege and I am thankful for the opportunities afforded by [School NameI am grateful for the opportunities offered by [School Name]. A fee concession could not only reduce the financial burden for my family, but also allow me to receive an education of the highest quality which will help shape my future.

I have included all required financial documents to provide proof of our financial condition at the moment. I would ask that you read these documents and evaluate my request for an exemption from fees with the utmost sincerity and understanding. I’m more than happy to give the additional data or evidence needed in support of my request.

I would greatly appreciate to hear your decision on my fee concession request as soon as you are able. If approved I will make sure that the necessary arrangements are in place quickly to meet any remaining financial obligation. If my request isn’t accepted I’d like to get assistance on other options or resources available to help me meet the entire financial obligation.

I appreciate your taking time to look into my request. Your consideration and understanding regarding this issue is a blessing for my entire family and me. I am certain that thanks to your guidance and support I can pursue my education with [School Name] and not having to compromise on what I can expect from my educational experience.

I look forward to receiving a favorable response from you highly regarded office. Thank you again for your consideration to this issue.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

[Your Student ID]


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