NADRA Shajra Nasab Check Online

The phrase “Shajra Nasab” consists of two words: “Shajra,” which means “tree,” and “Nasab,” which means “family” in the most basic sense. Thus, “Family Tree” can be said to describe a Shajra Nasab.  Shajra Nasab refers to the process of tracing one’s family tree back through the generations, from the person’s known father and grandfather to his known great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather, and so on. There are a lot of people looking for their Shajra Nasab. Some people are curious, while others have actual requirements to meet.  One’s curiosity in one’s heritage, the desire to learn about one’s ancestry, the need to establish one’s legal rights to an inheritance, the need to learn one’s medical history, the need to do cultural or historical study, and so on are all good reasons to seek for a Shajra Nasab.

NADRA Shajra Nasab Check Online

Both NADRA and the Patwaris have copies of the family tree records (Shajra Nasab).  In exchange for fees, NADRA will grant the applicant a Shajra Nasab. Patwaris may not have information on all of the people that live in their area, but they do have the Shajra Nasab of some of the citizens and landowners.

NADRA Shajra Nasab Check Online

NADRA Shajra Nasab Check Online

Family Registration Certificates (FRCs) are NADRA’s form for keeping track of applicants’ requests to register their Shajra NASABs, and they cost money to obtain. On the NADRA website, you can submit an application for a Shajra Nasab, or Family Registration Certificate. The Shajra Nasab document is also available at the NADRA office.

NADRA Shajra Nasab Check

You can apply for “FRC with parents and siblings” if you want information on both your parents and your brothers and sisters. You cannot request information about your great-great-grandparents, grandparents, etc., through NADRA’s Shajra Nasab/family detail service. Your dad can submit an application for information on his own family (his mom, dad, and siblings) under the same heading (i.e. “FRC with parents and siblings, pending availability”).

Check Online Shajra Nasab Online


Therefore, in this case, two FRCs would be needed to learn about the Shajra Nasab in NADRA’s database. The chances of obtaining Shajra Nasab through NADRA are low; if you’re unsuccessful in doing so, you can try looking for it with the Patwari in the area where your forefathers lived and owned property.

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