Verify CNIC Holder Name Online NADRA Portal

In Pakistan, it’s important to confirm the name of a CNIC holder for various reasons. You can do this by going to the NADRA website or visiting their offices. Just provide the CNIC number, and the system will verify the person’s identity and show their registered name. This verification is crucial for legal, financial, and administrative matters. It helps prevent fraud and ensures transparency in transactions. The process is trustworthy and widely used by government agencies, banks, employers, and other organizations to confirm people’s identities in Pakistan.

Verify CNIC Holder’s Name

Confirming the name of a CNIC holder is an important step to verify their identity. This process involves checking the information on the CNIC with official records to ensure it’s genuine. It’s crucial to do this verification to prevent identity theft and fraud, which can cause serious problems for individuals and organizations. By verifying the CNIC holder’s name, you can be certain that they are who they say they are and that their personal details are correct.

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How to Check Check Name by CNIC number Online

Verifying someone’s identity by their CNIC number online is a quick and easy method. By accessing a database, you can find the information you need in no time. This process guarantees accuracy and helps prevent fraud. It’s especially handy for organizations and institutions that require fast and secure identity verification.

Verify CNIC Holder Name Online NADRA Portal

Verify CNIC Holder Name Online NADRA Portal

how to check father name by cnic online

To find out the father’s name using the CNIC number online, you can visit the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) website. Once you enter the CNIC number, the website will show you the person’s information, including their name and father’s name. Another option is to use the Citizen Portal app to check the father’s name using the CNIC number. Just enter the CNIC number in the app, and it will display the person’s details, including their name and father’s name.

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Verify CNIC Holder Name

To verify a CNIC holder’s name in Pakistan, you can use the SMS service provided by NADRA. Here are the steps to verify the CNIC holder’s name and father’s name:

  • Type the CNIC number without any dashes or spaces in your mobile phone.
  • Send the CNIC number to the short code 7000.
  • Shortly after sending the message, you will receive a response from NADRA. The message will include the name of the CNIC holder and the father’s name associated with that ID card.

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