NTC Registration Online Apply @ ntc.hec.org.pk

To ensure the continued success of the American technology industry, it is essential that businesses register with the National Technology Council. The council’s mission is to promote innovation and research while also regulating and streamlining the usage of technology across different sectors. Businesses and people who join the council are eligible for a variety of services and resources, such as access to funding and technical assistance.

NTC Registration Form

The National Technology Council is happy to declare that its signup form is now available. If you are interested in joining our prestigious organization and making a positive impact on the state of technology in our country, please fill out the following form. Joining the National Technology Council will put you in touch with influential people in the tech world, open doors to cutting-edge research opportunities, and allow you to help define America’s technological future. The form is short and to the point, requesting only your basic contact information and a brief explanation of why you’re interested in technology.

Registration Categories

The Registration against nominal fee will be open to the following categories:-

Registration as ‘Graduate Engineering Technologists’ on payment of Rs. 6,000/- for life time registration. The Graduates holding BSc Engineering Technology / B. Tech (Hons) / B. Tech / BS Technology / BE Technology / BSc Technology Degrees will be registered on production of photocopy of HEC attested Degree and Transcript. However, the cut out date for their registration would be 31st December 2022, after which only the Graduates permeating through NTC’s accredited programs would be eligible for registration by NTC.

Registration as ‘Professional Engineering Technologist’ after acquiring 5 years post qualification experience in the relevant Technology Discipline and on production of photocopy of HEC attested Degree and Transcript along with experience certificates issued by the competent authority of the concerned organizations/departments. The Registration fee would be Rs. 12,000/- for life time registration.

NTS Registration Fee

The National Technology Council is a group that advocates for the use of cutting-edge technology across a variety of sectors. You can keep up with the latest advances in your profession by taking advantage of the many resources and networking events available to you as a member. However, in order to join, a little registration fee must be paid. This contribution goes toward keeping the lights on and providing members with helpful resources and services. The cost to join varies with the type of membership and the services you need, but is generally low and competitive.

  • Graduate Engineering Technologist: Rs. 6000/- Lifetime
  • Professional Engineering Technologist: Rs. 12,000/- Lifetime

NTC Registration Online Apply @ ntc.hec.org.pk

NTC Registration Online Apply @ ntc.hec.org.pk

National Technology Council Login

Members of the National Technology Council have access to a private portal where they can share knowledge and work together with other experts in their field. The Members can get up-to-date information on technology developments, take part in informative debates, and learn from industry experts by signing up for this service. So Members’ data is protected during the login procedure, and only approved users are granted access to the site. Members of the National Technology Council have access to exclusive resources and benefits designed to help them develop professionally and make meaningful contributions to the growth of the technology sector at the national level.

NTS Registration Card

Every telecommunications subscriber in Ghana needs to have their NTC registration card. Subscribers can use this card as identification to get entry to the many NTC telecommunications services. Subscribing is easy; all we need from you is some basic information like name, address, and ID number. After signing up, subscribers will be issued an NTC registration number and a membership card. Subscribers who want to activate new SIM cards or transfer existing numbers to different networks must have the NTC registration card.

NTC Registration Online

How to National Technology Council Registration Online

To register for the National Technology Council (NTC), you can follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of NTC at https://www.ntc-hec.org.pk/instructonlineapps.php.
  • Look for the “Engineering Technologists Online Registration” section on the website.
  • Click on the “Register” button.
  • Fill out the registration form with accurate and complete information.
  • Attach the required documents, such as your BSc Engineering Technology degree, CNIC, and a recent photograph.
  • Submit the registration form along with the required documents.
  • Pay the registration fee of Rs. 12,000/- for lifetime registration.
  • Wait for the confirmation of your registration.

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