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The Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) offers a plethora of job opportunities for individuals seeking employment abroad in 2024. With thousands of job openings available, the OEC serves as a gateway for job seekers to explore diverse roles such as plumbing helpers, customer service representatives, logistic coordinators, and more. The corporation’s platform provides a seamless interface for applicants to apply for positions in various countries like Saudi Arabia, the United States, and beyond. Through platforms like and the OEC website, individuals can access a wide array of job listings, facilitating the process of securing overseas employment and opening doors to new career prospects in different industries and locations. They need to make sure the individual they refer to foreign agencies is safe and that the process doesn’t fall between the Online Registration check here.


candidates can submit their applications online; between April 7th and 21st, 2024, elected candidates will have to do it again. Please find below detailed information on how to be considered for a position with OEC in South Korea in the year 2024.

OEC Job portal Registration

Online Employment Center Registration online are available here .You need to be ambitious, focused, talented, and eager if you want to find work in another country. They are just interested in that information from you. On top of that, they help hopefuls organize everything from interviews and tests to travel arrangements and housing safe and that the process doesn’t fall between the cracks. Online Registration

oec jobs .govt online registation Online Registration Overseas Employment Administration Online Application There are now vacant positions available in Pakistan for the year 2024. Job applications can be submitted through the OEC Portal. People who are looking for methods to move to a new country may want to consider applying for OEC positions.

OEC Jobs Registration Online

OEC Job Eligibility Requirements 2024

  • The minimum age to obtain a CNIC is eighteen and the maximum age to obtain a CNIC is forty-nine.
  • A severe criminal conviction disqualifies a candidate.
  • Candidates cannot have any criminal convictions and cannot have entered South Korea illegally.
  • The applicant’s name should not appear on any (ECL).
  • Applicants must be physically fit; those who are not are not considered.
  • Candidates who have overstayed their 9-E or 10E visas in Korea by more than 5 years will not be considered.

 OEC Jobs Required Document 2024

Submission of a completed application and a challan detailing payment of the required testing fee of 28 US dollars .the equivalent in Pakistani Rupees. A coloured photocopy of your passport; a recent (6 month or less) passport-sized photo taken against a blue backdrop; and a copy of your passport.

 OEC jobs 2024 Callan form

Please include a completed challan form with your online application . make your payment of Rs.500 to OEC Account No. 112-79010447-03.Challan form for South Korea’s OEC fee, due in 2024, is available for download .

Download OEC fee Challan form for South Korea 2024

How to Register for OEC South Korea Jobs 2024

  • visit the OEC website at and complete the Pre-Registration Form for Employment in South Korea  2024.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 39; the maximum age is 39.
  • Send Rs.500/-  the OEC HBL account number as the registration fee.
  • The OEC website is where you may get a bank challan form.
  • On April 3, 2024, we will hold a random drawing to determine who among the applicants was successful.
  • From April 7-21, 2024, the lucky winners will be required to re-register at designated sites.
  • Ten, by law, your company must give you with a place to live, food to eat, medical care, and other basic requirements.
  • Non-specialized employees, such as those in the manufacturing industry, are the target audience for the E-9 visa. A wide variety of manufacturers, including those that make plastic, textiles, metal, food, wood, car components, rubber, and more, will be interested in your skills and certifications.

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