PIFRA DDO Budget 2023 Check Online Monthly Expenditure

DDO Online Budget Execution uses monthly systems. This is where drawings and dissemination happen. Monthly spending and budget distribution reports on the issue are available to government staff. DDOs and government personnel must report monthly spending to maintain order. Are you interested in PIFRA DDO’s monthly expenses to boost your spending calendar and everyday productivity? This article is for you. This guide extensively explains context-specific technical jargon.

The revolutionary Pakistan Integrated Financial Management System (PIFRA) has transformed government finances in Pakistan. PIFRA simplifies budgeting, salary, pensions, and other financial procedures for government personnel with its cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly interface. The PIFRA DDO budget 2023 might significantly impact Pakistan’s finances. This blog post analyzes PIFRA DDO Budget 2023 and its effects on Pakistan.

What is PIFRA DDO Budget?

PIFRA Budget for DDO is a vital financial document that provides the budgetary allocations for coming fiscal year. It is drafted by the Departmental Development Officer (DDO) for each department. It is then sent to the appropriate authorities to be approved.

The PIFRA DDO Budget is full of details about the anticipated revenues and expenses for each department as well in the total budgetary allocations to the federal government. It also contains information about how revenue sources are sourced like grants, taxes and loans, as well as the expenditures planned like pensions, salaries, as well as development projects.

Budget DDo Code

The Drawing as well as Disbursing Officer (DDO) code is an unique code of identification that is assigned to employees of the government accountable to draw and disbursing funds for various expenses.

PIFRA Budget ddo Ber

The “Drawing and Disbursing Officer,” or DDO, handles financial transactions in a department or organization. DDOs use Budget DDO BER software to manage budgets efficiently. Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing (PIFRA) is an initiative launched by Pakistan’s Government of Pakistan to enhance transparency and financial management through the implementation of modern financial reporting and auditing processes. Pakistani government departments and organizations need the PIFRA Budget DDO BER system for financial administration. Learning how to use this technology helps improve financial operations and maintain budget transparency. This article discusses the PIFRA Budget DDO BER system and its importance.

PIFRA DDO budget expenditure

Budget Release Budget release is the appropriation and authorization of budgetary funds to specific departments or agencies for the purpose of their budgeted expenses. It is usually in accordance with approved budgets and financial plans. The term “budget” or spending is the actual expenditure of the funds allocated to them in the budget. It records how budgeted funds are used for different purposes, projects and other activities.

PIFRA DDO budget Sindh

Sindh is one of the four provinces in Pakistan located in the southeastern region in the nation. Sindh has its own provincial government that is responsible for managing different aspects, such as spending and budgeting.

PIFRA ddo budget 2023

The budget is an essential document that defines the policy of the Federal Government, and it defines plans, allocates funds and the agencies accountable for their execution. It is the primary task of the Finance Division. Finance Division Finance Division has accomplished this crucial task in accordance with the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Public Finance Management Act, 2019. Therefore, The Budget Call Circular for Financial Year 2023 has been developed in light of the Public Finance Management Act, 2019, and the Budget Manual.

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PIFRA ddo budget and expenditure

Budget Call Circular includes the budget calendar, processes, instructions and forms for preparing and submitting estimations of budgets, i.e. Actual. Revised Estimates (FY 21) and Budget Estimates (FY 2023) in relation to Federal Government Receipts and Current & Development Expenditures. Budget Wing published these Indicative Budget Ceilings (IBCs), Finance Division in April and May, for the Current and Development Budget for three years, i.e, 2023 and 2023-23. They can be considered a reference point for the submission of Budget Estimates.


Now, what exactly is PIFRA? “PIFRA” is “Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing” and aligns with the DDO Budget. “DDO” relates to “Drawing and Disbursing Officer.” But, the improvement in auditing is the consequence of the program. It also played a significant role in improving financial reporting since it’s a significant step forward in projects undertaken by “AGPR – Accountant General Pakistan Revenues.” It is a “FABS – Financial Accounting and Budgeting System project.”

PIFRA ddo ber budget check online

Now, you can get all the information regarding your salary, regular compensation, your Pifra Salary Payment Slips, Bills Monthly and Pifra Registration 2023. This includes training remittances and any other audits. Employees should be aware of financial details and perform their duties effectively.

PIFRA DDO Budget 2023 Check Online Monthly Expenditure

PIFRA DDO Budget 2023 Check Online Monthly Expenditure

DDO Budget Month Wise

DDO is the Drawing and Disbursing Officer. They provide you with a number to help you locate your budget information. Each DDO Ber has its unique code assigned to the department or sector of the employee. DDO Ber this code is composed of 6 characters. DDO comprises the first two Alphabets characters, and the four are the employee’s number. The DDO code is unavailable to the general public and is only available to DDO officers. By using this code, officers can access PIFRA’s official website. PIFRA’s official website and its budgets and expenses according to their specific needs.

M PIFRA ddo budget wed

Drawing and Disbursing Office, i.e. DDO, can help a person identify the budget’s details by releasing the code. The question is asked about how to use the DDO code and how it aids in the budget. It is important to understand that the DDO code is essential for every official. It’s not intended for the general public and is only available to DDO officials. Officials can use the PIFRA website and create budgets as required by their specific requirements using this code. Check Budget Online

PIFRA ddo budget sindh

Furthermore, DDO officials will be conscious of the number of individuals in their area and the normal instalments of fuel and the number of tenders that were approved earlier. This helps him propose an alternate spending plan for the coming budget announcement.

Details of PIFRA Code List

For more information regarding the PIFRA code list, to find out more information about the PIFRA Code list, go to the official site that FABS www.fabs.gov.pk operates.

  • Go to Service
  • open Budget Execution Report
  • it will open a website http://m.pifra.gov.pk/DDODB.
  • If the FABS website doesn’t work sometimes, you can open the PIFRA DDO link (http://m.pifra.gov.pk/DDODB) directly into your chrome browser.

Government Code

The code of the government is unique for each province. The code indicates the place where your DDO is situated. If, for instance, you’re an employee of the Sindh Govt, you should enter “S”, similar if you’re from Kashmir, You should use “K”. Here are the government codes.


The PIFRA DDO Budget 2023 is a crucial occasion that has significant consequences for Pakistan’s economy as well as society. While the specifics of the budget have yet to be announced however, the focus of the government on healthcare, education and infrastructure development as well as fiscal discipline, is good indicator for the future of Pakistan. As we progress toward more sustainable and prosperous future, it’s crucial to work with all stakeholders in order to make sure that the advantages that economic prosperity bring are shared with everyone in Pakistanis.

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