PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Online 2023 Pay Slip Form

PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Online 2023 Pay Slip. First of all, let us discuss the full form of PIFRA, which is Project for the Improvement of Financial Reporting & Auditing. Let me tell you that the government of Pakistan established this project. The government of Pakistan spent approximately 5533 million Pakistani rupees for the establishment of PIFRA. You can say that In Pakistan this financial and auditing improvement project is new and this is the first project. PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Online 2023 Pay Slip January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December Salary Slip.

The pay slips or salary slips are given to the employees of the government through this program. This system is very helpful for government employees. They did an amazing job to facilitate their employees through this new and amazing system. PIFRA is only for government employees who want to get their salary online without wasting time in banks etc.

PIFRA salary slip registration

Now let me tell you what is DDO? And also I am going to tell you DDO budget. Before anything else I want to let you know the full form of DDO. DDO stands for DRAWING and DISBURSING OFFICER. PIFRA DDO has to maintain various pieces of equipment that are installed in the office or the station. On behalf of the head of office, the DDO keeps accounts of the office. They also maintain the service book.

PIFRA salary slip April 2023

To submit the net grant statement of an old fin is also the responsibility of DDO. They also have to submit the revised estimate for the financial year. DDO is the head of the office or head of the department who is responsible to draw bills and also make payments on behalf of govt. let me tell you that some codes are given to every DDO and they have codes that are especially given to their department.

PIFRA Salary Slip Balochistan

This code consists of 6 characters in which the first two characters are in an alphabetical form which is your department code and the last four characters will be your employee number code which is in digits. DDO code helps the Officers to make a budget on the PIFRA website according to their needs.

PIFRA Pay Slip Create Account

If you want to register online for the PIFRA Salary slip then let me tell you that the pay slip for all govt. employees are available online for this month 2023. You are in the right place for registration, after registration you can also get the monthly expenditures of the DDO budget and also the bill status.

PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Online 2023 Pay Slip

PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Online 2023 Pay Slip

PIFRA Salary Slip App

If you are a government employee and waiting for your slip then first of all you need to make your PIFRA Pay slip account online. PIFRA payslip is very useful for the govt. employees and government employees can also get this salary slip online. This payslip is given to every govt. employee every month. It is also known as an E-pay slip. This system is 100% genuine and works without any error.

Let me tell you some components that you will see on your salary slip:

  • Gross salary payment
  • Payroll number
  • Allowances
  • Salary statement
  • PIFRA Employee number

Total pay amount and pension payment

If you do not get registered then firstly you must have to get registered and then visit the official website. After registration, you will get your slips in your email every month.

You have to follow my instructions to get your payslip every month. First of all, you must have to check your email at the start of every month regularly. Let me tell you that if you don’t get your slip then it’s ok. You don’t need to take tension because sometimes it gets late. You must have to check your spam folder. After a month if your slip still does not arrive then you must have to contact the PIFRA.

Some steps you have to follow to create your account:

  • First of all, you need to open the following link to create your account http://fabs.gov.pk/
  • After opening this link you can see the PIFRA salary slip registration on your screen
  • Now fill out all the details which are given in the form
  • Then you just need to write the govt. code which is given at top of the form
  • After this, you need to write your employee’s number
  • After doing this you need to enter your CNIC number in the form
  • Now you have to enter your date of birth and your mobile number
  • Then click on the button given at the end of the form
  • Now enter your e-mail address two times and after that, your account will be created

Check PIFRA salary slip online

Over time, technology is stepping faster day by day and everything is upgraded into digital format. Now we can do anything on the internet like online booking, shopping, paying bills, sending money online and paying tax. In today’s world, we can do anything from home. Technology has made our lives easier. If you are looking for a PIFRA salary slip online then you are in the right place and you can easily check your Salary slip online in Pakistan. Let me tell you some steps to check your salary slip online:

  • First of all, you just need to open your Gmail account.
  • When you open your account you will check your salary slip in your inbox if it is already delivered
  • Mostly, the payslips will be delivered until the 10th of each month to the employees
  • You can also type “PIFRA salary slip” in your Gmail account search bar. And then click on the “search” button
  • Then your all old and new wage slips would appear on your screen
  • Now you can open the slip and also check your salary statement

Key points for PIFRA registration

The PIFRA registration is not very difficult, it is a very easy and simple process to register PIFRA. There is some information and key points that you need to do registration are:

  • Full name
  • CNIC number
  • Cell phone number
  • Must be the Pakistani govt. employee
  • Your province like Punjab, KPK, etc
  • Date of birth
  • Private Email address
  • Govt. level scale
  • Govt. code

PIFRA Registration Online Pay Slip

Let us discuss PIFRA registration online. As I mentioned before that it is not a very difficult process, I am going to tell you simple and easy steps which are given below:

  • First of all Pifra Salary Slip Online, Free Salary Slip Registration, Download PIFRA Registration Form Online
  • Now you need to go to “services” and then click on the button “online salary slip”
  • After clicking on this button you can see options on the header of the website
  • Now you can see the payslip form for online registration on your screen. After this, you need to enter your personal information in the registration form
  • You need to provide some things like govt. code, you need to select your regional government code like for Punjab P, for Sindh S. PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Online 2023 Pay Slip
  • After this you have to enter the employee’s number. Now enter your CNIC number and then your date of birth. Then the last thing you must have to provide is your cell phone number and then click on the verification of your given information.
  • Now you have to enter your email address if your previous information is ok. And then click “enter”. After this just click on submit button and you will get the message in your inbox that you have successfully registered.


How can I get my Pifra salary slip online?

All employees of Pakistan can download their salary slips via www.pifra.gov.pk. Salary slip is free of cost for all PIFRA registered employees. Every month PIFRA emails salary slips to registered employees.

How can I get Pifra registration form?

PIFRA is functional across Pakistan. Government employees of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, KPK, and Islamabad can register their accounts to achieve your salary slip.

www.pifra.gov.pk for pay slip registration

  • Government.
  • Employee’s Personnel No.
  • Enter Your CNIC.
  • Date of Birth.

How can I get my payslip?

Payslip is an official document generated by your employer. Your HR Manager is responsible to give you a copy of the payslip when releasing salary.

How can I request salary slip in mail?

Dear Sir, I am _____, with employee ID _____. I am writing this letter to request you for the past ____ month’s salary slips for ______(reasons). I request you to kindly provide the same and I shall be highly obliged.

How do I open my payslip password?

The password is case sensitive in case your employee ID/No. is alpha numeric. If your employee ID/No. is 1 and your date of birth is 05-Nov-1980, then your password will be 10511. If your employee ID/No. is A-1002 and your date of birth is 08-Sep-1976, then your password will be A-10020809.

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