AGPR Salary Slip 2023 Download PDF Online|

The Accountant General Pakistan Revenue Department AGPR has revealed the online salary slip for the month of March. Workers from the various departments will be receiving their salary slips via email. Pay slips that are online are an efficient method over past months. Many employees have already registered an account with AGPR. AGPR Salary Slip 2023 are avaiable here to Download PDF Online .They have also received their pay slips for the month. All new employees have to register for an account using the required credentials. Federal Government has decided to offer electronic salary slips. The primary purpose behind the salary slips online is to help employees/workers. They will receive AGPR salary slips on the internet towards the close of each month.

What is AGPR?

AGPR is an abbreviation for the Accounting General for Pakistan Revenues. The AGPR is a government agency which is accountable for the management of financial matters that concern the Federal Government of Pakistan. downloading the AGPR pay slips for 2023 is a straightforward procedure that can be completed online at It is essential to keep your pay slip to keep financial records as well as to prove of earnings. If you follow the step-by-step instructions . you will be able to save the AGPR pay slips in PDF format.

AGPR Salary Slip Download 2023 PDF Online

Accountant General Accountant General of Pakistan AGPR Pay Slip Download Online is accessible here. You must visit and then sign in to your AGPR account. Log in with your login credentials, which include the Email Address as well as your Password. AGPR Salary Slip Download by CNIC and by Name. You’ll have to sign-in to AGPR. Enter your login credentials such as the email account and your password. Search for employees by their personnel number.

AGPR Employee Salary Slip

Employees are always looking for paycheck slips at the close of each month. They are looking for the amount of their salary allowances, dedication increments, bounces and any special allowances. Often, employees are required to make corrections on their slips of pay in the office of the district accountant.

SR Description Action
1. Download Slip Click Here
2. Check Status Click Here
3. Web Portal Click Here
4. Email Process Click Here
5. Online Registration Click Here

Pay slips for Government Employees online via email

Government of Pakistan has an office of general accountants that oversees the accounting and bookkeeping. It has numerous local offices as well as employees. AGPR has finished its paperwork on digital pay slips. We advise all federal and interim public employees sign up for accounts on the AGPR official site. Each month AGPR members will receive pay slips sent to their email inboxes.

How to Download AGPR Pay Slip

It’s very easy to obtain this AGPR paycheck slip. Employers who have been registered must check their inboxes for emails. They will receive the AGPR Salary Slip link. The employees will need to visit the link provided and then take the pay slip. The salary slip is compulsory and useful for employees.

AGPR Salary Slip 2023 Download PDF Online|



Download AGPR Monthly Salary Slip

Pakistan Federal Finance Division is the oversight control of AGPR. It reviews and reports on every account manually. It is now AGPR has digitalized the pay slips of employees in the public sector. The Controller General of Pakistan held a meeting with the Monthly salary slips. The Controller General of the AGPR AGPR is announcing plans to launch the salary slip online service this month.

Accountant General Pakistan Revenues Salary Slip

Salary slips are a complete detail of an employee’s salary information. Federal government employees must sign up for accounts as soon as they can. AGPR has now opened an online registration system for employees that is at no cost. Many employees would like to get their salary on the internet. There is only one choice for them: AGPR on-line registration.

AGPR Salary Slip 2023 Online Download By Name

AGPR Salary Slip 2023 Download Online by Name here The entire information about AGPR are available in this web page. By visiting this site you’ll be capable of downloading the AGPR Pay Slip for the year 2023. AGPR Pay Slip Online Download 2023 at Download your digital AGPR pay Slip here. Pay slips using name and the clinic’s information here. You can also get the AGPR login.

Pay slips for AGPR Govt of Balochistan Employees

Candidates are advised to visit and sign up into your AGPR account to gain access to and download an AGPR payslip issued by the Pakistan government’s Accountant General Pakistan Revenue department online. If you’ve provided an email and username,, you will be able gain access to the details about your account via account details in the AGPR account.

AGPR Pay Slip Download Online 2023

Pension cases that have been finalized are available. Enter your Personnel number and then click”Search. “Search” “Search” button. AGPR will send all employees with a valid email address their pay slips at no cost. Accountant General Pakistan Revenue manages central accounts and manages federal transactions for business.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download AGPR Salary Slip 2023 PDF Online via

  • Check out the official web site for AGPR by visiting
  • Go to” e-Services” or the “e-Services” tab located at the top of the page.
  • Choose “Employee Corner” from the drop-down menu “Employee Corner” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Select” click here” to open the “Employee Information System” link.
  • You must enter in your “Username” and “Password” to log in to your account. If you’re not registered yet then click the “New User Registration” button and follow the steps.
  • After you have registered, click” Salary Slip” from the menu “
  • Select your month, year and date for which you would like to download the pay slip.
  • Select “Download” or click on the “Download” button.
  • Your AGPR pay slip for the month and the year can be downloaded as a the format PDF.

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