Police A1 B1 Complete Course Syllabus Paper Papers

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Police is among the most prominent police organizations in Pakistan. It is in charge of keeping law and order within the region of KPK. To be a part of this prestigious organisation, you must be through a thorough selection process that includes physical tests, written exams and interviews. It is the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Police Department is responsible for the maintenance of peace and order in the Province of KPK. The department runs various recruiting drives to find qualified applicants for various jobs. One of these recruitment drives is to fill the positions of B1 and A1 and the department has released the full syllabus for the course.

Police A1 B1 Exam Syllabus

Exam syllabus KPK Police A1 B1 recruitment exam covers a variety of aspects that are vital to an officer in the police force. The test is split into two parts: Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 is composed of objective type questions whereas Part 2 consists of questions that are descriptive in nature. The outline for both parts is as the following:

The A1 B1 test is a test written by a professional consisting of two sections: A1 and B1. The A1 part is an overall test, and B1 is a subject-specific test. B1 is a test that is specific to a particular subject. Let’s look in depth at both.

Part A1: General Knowledge

The test for general knowledge is designed to test the candidates’ knowledge of different subjects, including current events, Pakistan affairs, Islamic studies, and fundamental math. The test is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions and the test taker has to finish it in 90 minutes. Download Complete Police A1 B1 Course

The following subjects are covered in the general test of knowledge:

  1. Current Topics: This section includes the most recent news and events across the globe. Candidates should know of sports, politics entertainment, and other current events.
  2. Pakistan Affairs The section covers the history, geography and political aspects of Pakistan. Candidates must know about the Pakistani independence movement and its political system as well as its relations with the outside world.
  3. Islamic Studies: This section examines the fundamental principles of Islam that include the beliefs, practices and ethical principles. Candidates must have an understanding of Islamic texts, such as the Quran, Hadith, and Islamic history.
  4. Fundamental Mathematics focuses on the fundamental mathematical concepts that include algebra, arithmetic, geometry and trigonometry. Candidates should know about fractions decimals, decimals, percentages proportions, and ratios.

Police A1 B1 Complete Course Syllabus Paper Papers

Police A1 B1 Complete Course Syllabus Paper Papers

Part B1: Subject-Specific Test

The exam is intended to gauge the candidate’s comprehension of the subject. The test takes place in the form of one of the following choices:

  1. English
  2. Urdu
  3. Islamiyat
  4. General Science
  5. Mathematics

The test is subject-specific and consists of 100 multiple choice questions and the test-taker has to complete the test within 90 minutes.

The following topics are covered during the test specific to each subject:

English The section covered here is vocabulary, grammar comprehension, comprehension, and composition. Candidates must be aware of sentence structure, the parts of speech and idioms and phrasal verbs.

Urdu The section covers the grammar and vocabulary, comprehension and composition. Candidates should know about Urdu poetry and literature.

Islamiyat: This chapter outlines the fundamentals of Islam in depth. Candidates should know regarding Quranic scriptures, Hadiths, Islamic history and Islamic law.

General Science is about the basic concepts of science in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology. Candidates must know motion laws as well as chemical reactions and the human anatomy.

Mathematics The section on mathematics covers advanced mathematical concepts of geometry, algebra and trigonometry. Candidates must be knowledgeable of equations, functions calculus and vectors.


In the end in conclusion, the A1 B1 past papers exam syllabus of KPK Police is a comprehensive test that tests the candidate’s understanding of diverse topics. Candidates who want to take the test must prepare for the test by studying the topics relevant to them and working on past papers. Through hard work and commitment it is possible to increase the chance of a successful test and be a part of the KPK Police.

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