PPSC PMS Test Roll No Slip 2024 Test Date Syllabus

The PPSC PMS Roll No Slip 2024 for the Combined Competitive Examination Provincial Management Services examination is now available, ensuring candidates are well-prepared as they step closer to the anticipated exam date of June 23, 2024. Aspiring civil servants across Punjab who have applied through Punjab Public Service Commission can now access their roll slips online, facilitating a smoother preparation process. The detailed schedule within each slip not only outlines the exam dates, times, and locations but also confirms the student’s roll number, serving as their entry ticket to the examination halls. The PMS exam, with an aggregate of 600 marks, is a pivotal step for candidates in their journey towards a prestigious career in public administration.

PPSC PMS Roll No Slip 2024 for the written exam was issued through the Punjab Public Service Commission Lahore for candidates who have were shortlisted in the application process for Provincial Management Services Jobs and will take part in the PPSC PMS Written Examination 2024 which will be conducted according to the schedule starting on June 23rd, 2024 and onwards. PPSC has set the date of the PMS exam to June 23rd 2024.

PMS Admission Letter

The PMS Admission Letter is a document that PPSC is sent to successful candidates who have applied for a position through Combined Competitive Examination. It PPSC PMS Admission Letter contains important information such as the Position name, Test date, Candidate Name, Test Venue and more. The letter serves as an official acceptance letter and confirms the candidate’s for jobs applying and eligible for written test. The candidate should carefully review the admission letter to ensure they have all the necessary information and requirements for the program.

PMS Exam PPSC Roll No Slip 2024

The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) holds an exam called the Provincial Management Service (PMS) to hire for administrative roles in Punjab’s government. Candidates will receive a roll no slip for the 2024 PMS exam, listing key information like the test date, time, and location. Having this slip on exam day is crucial for candidate identification. The PPSC will be conducting the exam competitively beginning on June 23rd, 2024. Candidates who have applied and are keen to sit for the tests are now able to download the Forms of the Roll Number slips in PMS.

CCE PMS PPSC Roll Number Slip 2024

The marks total in the PMS exam is 1200 marks. Candidates need to score 50% marks to make it to the shortlist for the PMS exam . They must also score maximal marks in the PMS. PPSC is a secure system for conducting the test. Monitoring staff and investigators will examine the roll number slip to verify confirmation. The PPSC roll number slip or admit card contains your photograph as well as your roll number, name, father’s name post title, time of reporting as well as the location of your test and general guidelines.

PPSC PMS Admission Letter 2024

So, applicants can print out their application roll slips with their name of choice and CNIC number. After registration, authorities will issue roll no slip for the PMS/PCS rolls 2024 to registered students to allow them to take the examinations. The main reason for providing the roll number slips to candidates is to alert them of the schedule for the examination and other details, including the exam date, time, and location of the examination center.

PPSC PMS Roll No Slip 2024

PPSC must conduct the test at the appropriate time and announce the results. 2024 slips to the students who have registered to take the exams. The main reason for giving the roll number slip to candidates is to notify them of the examination schedule and other information like the date, time, and the hall of the examination.

Roll number slip PMS / PCS 2024

Candidates seeking the PMS/PCS Examination Roll Number Slip 2024 have been advised that PPSC will send Roll Number Slips PPSC PMS Test Roll No Slip 2024 Test Date Syllabus to applicants within ten days of advance. Authorities ensure that the roll number slips are distributed according to the schedule to avoid the hassle. Additionally, they assist students with every aspect of the exam. Candidates are advised to adhere to the guidelines provided by the PPSC authorities to conduct the examinations competitively.

PPSC PMS Test Roll No Slip 2024 Test Date Syllabus

PPSC PMS Test Roll No Slip 2024 Test Date Syllabus

Roll Number Slip PMS/PCS 2024

When the registration process is complete, officials hand out PMS/PC Roll number 2024 slips for registered candidates to ensure they can sit for the test. The main reason to provide the slips with the roll number is to notify them of the test date and other information about the examination like the dates, times, and the locations of the exam center.

Download PPSC Roll Number Slip Online

PPSC PMS Syllabus Download PDF

All candidates are required to take all compulsory subjects and three optional subjects (nearly one from each category), each carrying 200 marks. While the total number of points on PMS competitive exams is 1,200,

Sr. No. Compulsory Subjects Maximum Marks
1 English (Précis and Composition) 100
2 English Essay 100
3 General Knowledge 300
(a) Current Affairs 100
(b) Everyday Science 100
(c) Pakistan Affairs 100
4 Islamiat 100
5 Viva Voce 300
Total 900

Group 1:

Code No. Subjects Marks
5 Accountancy & Auditing 200
6 Economics 200
7 Business Administration 100
8 Public Administration 100

Group 2:

Code No. Subjects Marks
9 Political Science 200
10 Agriculture 100
11 Forestry 100
12 Sociology 100
13 Journalism 100

Group 3:

Code No. Subjects Marks
14 Pure Mathematics 200
15 Applied Mathematics 200
16 Computer Science 100
17 Statistics 100

Group 4:

Code No. Subjects Marks
18 Physics 200
19 Geology 200
20 Geography 200
21 Chemistry 200
22 Botany 200
23 Zoology 200

Group 5:

Code No. Subjects Marks
24 Islamic History & Culture 200
25 History of Pakistan & India 200
26 British History 200
27 European History 200
28 History of the U.S.A. 100

Group 6:

Code No. Subjects Marks
29 Law 200
30 Constitutional Law 100
31 Mercantile Law 100
32 Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100
33 International Law 100
34 International Relations 100

Group 7:

Code No. Subjects Marks
35 Philosophy 200
36 Psychology including experimental Psychology 200

Group 8:

Code No. Subjects Marks
37 English Literature 200
38 Persian 200
39 Arabic 200
40 Pushto 100
41 Urdu 200

PMS Admission Letter 2024

Candidates looking for the PMS/PCS roll number slip 2024 are informed that the PPSC gives the roll number slip to candidates at least ten days before the examinations. The authorities will issue this slip per the specified schedule to avoid any inconvenience. For more details regarding provincial management service/provincial management, Roll number 2024 slip of the Service

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