PTI Raabta App Download Registration Process

Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf (PTI) has launched an official How to Download PTI Raabta app to boost PTI Raabta App APK Download Registration 2024 their political movement for a truly independent and free Pakistan. The chairman of PTI and former Prime Minister Imran Khan have announced to launch PTI Rabta App to increase membership in this political party. PTI is striving to bring innovation in the political interaction system for youth and it has denied the conventional political system. In this regard, the PTI Rabta app is an admirable step by the chairman of PTI Imran khan. People from all over Pakistan can register on the PTI Raabta app for membership. The app also allows overseas Pakistanis to get a membership and participate in the movement of Independent Pakistan.


PTI Raabta App Registration

The chairman of PTI Imran Khan is encouraging the people of Pakistan to change the conventional system of Pakistan to an independent and democratic system. PTI needs allies from all over Pakistan because the party is mobilizing the campaign for early elections in the state. The PTI Rabta App is an encouraging and inspirational step during the current political situation. That app will establish a strong connection between the party and the nation. 

PTI Raabta App Features

Since it is clear from its terminology “Raabta” means “A Connection”. So, the “PTI Rabta App” is a social type of application. The main purpose of this application is to connect the people of Pakistan on the political platform of PTI. The people who want to support PTI on their mission of making a truly independent state can register themselves for membership. Propagating the movement isn’t the only feature of this application but there are many more features in this application. Do you wanna know about further features? Here are details of all features listed below.

PTI Membership Card Online Apply 2024

The former prime minister and PTI Chairperson Imran Khan have launched the official app of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf for membership and other reasons. It was initially limited to beta testers; however, now, the app will be accessible to all users from today. It is a PTI Rabta app that is not to be confused with other Rabta applications available on Google Play Store. Other government apps are referred to as Rabta; however, this one is purely PTI focused and is referred to as PTI Rabta on Google’s app store.

Meeting PTI Raabta App

The app has a feature that will every member in political meetings of PTI. The purpose of attending meetings is to get updates on every new step of this political party. The decision-making will become more effective by involving party members in the meeting. Thus every person registered in the PTI Rabta App can attend the meetings through this feature.

PTI Raabta App Download Registration Process

PTI Raabta App Download Registration Process

Events PTI Raabta App

The app provides a feature that the members can know about the upcoming event the Party. The app can attract a huge number of party members for a political event. Check here all details of events like event type, event venue, and event purpose.

Survey Raabta App

The Survey is an important feature of the PTI Raabta App to know what people think about a specific topic. The surveys are very essential for decision-making and the future policy of the party. Also, the party endures taking opinions of party members on the current political situation or plans. 

Apply for a PTI Membership Card

PTI will provide membership cards to their party members for a decent and permanent impression. The membership cards are the political identity of the party members. The party members can apply for the Membership Cards on the given feature in this application. 

Elections Ticket

PTI Raabta App is going to introduce a feature for the “Elections”. The Election feature will facilitate the party members to check the election date, election centers, and election live results. 


PTI Raabta App allows members to give their suggestions or put complaints about any political or systematical issue regarding PTI. The members can share their problems with PTI authorities through this complaints feature.

How to Download Raabta App?

  • The PTI Raabta App is available for both Android and IOS. You can download it from Android Playstore or AppStore. 



How to Register PTI Raabta App?

Anyone who wants to register for the membership of PTI can sign up on the PTI Rabta App by the following method:

  • Download the PTI Rabta App
  • Open the App and click on Sign Up/Register
  • Select your Registration type as “Local Pakistani” or “Overseas Pakistani”
  • Enter your CNIC for registration.
  • Type your Name and Date of Birth
  • Select the SIM Network Name
  • Enter Mobile phone Number
  • Mention the referral CNIC No. (If any)
  • Click on the Submit 
  • Confirm your information

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  1. Sir IAM trying from 1 month to login and I registered my self on the next day of it’s announcement but now IAM going to login due to forgot my password so when I click on forgot password it’s say that ( SOME THINGS WENTS WRONG ) SO please solve the issue

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