Trademark Registration Process in UAE Step by Step

Brand protection is more important than ever in today’s cutthroat business environment. Registering a trademark is one of the best ways to protect your company’s name and reputation. This all-inclusive manual will lead you through the steps of registering a trademark in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), making sure your brand is safe from infringement. Trademark Registration Process in UAE Step by Step.

Understand the Importance of Trademark Registration

Understanding the significance of trademark registration is crucial before beginning the registration procedure. When a trademark is registered, the owner gains the legal right to prevent others from using confusingly similar trademarks. This helps to protect your brand’s identity and distinguishability from imitation.

Trademark Registration Cost

Filing to registration:    
Filing fees AED 750.00
Publication in the trademark journal AED 750.00
Registration fees AED 5,000.00
Our Professional fees AED 750.00
Cost of Registration in one class AED 7,250.00

Conduct a Trademark Search

Conducting a comprehensive trademark search is essential to ensuring that the mark you’ve chosen is both original and recognizable in the marketplace. The official website of the UAE Ministry of Economy features a searchable database of registered trademarks. Taking this precaution will raise the likelihood of a smooth registration process and decrease the likelihood of any conflicts arising.

Determine the Appropriate Trademark Class

Classes of trademarks range from 1 to 45 and are used to classify various goods and services. It is crucial to file your trademark application in the correct class. This system of categorization guarantees that items with comparable functions are grouped together, making it simpler for buyers and sellers to understand product differences.

Trademark Registration Process in UAE Step by Step

Trademark Registration Process in UAE Step by Step

Prepare the Required Documents

Gather the following items before beginning the trademark registration process:

The Ministry of Economy in the United Arab Emirates provides an application form online. Make sure everything is filled out properly and that relevant details about your brand and its intended application are included.

a) Identification Documentation: Please upload a copy of your passport or Emirates ID.

Include a clear illustration of your trademark, whether it is a logo, wordmark, or combination mark, under “c) Specimen of the Trademark.” It’s important that the sample you send in represents your brand well and is of good quality.

d) Power of Attorney: A power of attorney paperwork is needed if an agent or attorney is going to be handling the registration process on your behalf.

Submitting the Application

After compiling the required materials, you can file your trademark application with the UAE Ministry of Economy electronically. Avoid unnecessary issues by making sure any information provided is correct and comprehensive.

Register Trademark in UAE

Trademark Examination and Publication

The UAE Ministry of Economy will review your application upon submission to ensure it abides by all applicable legislation. Your trademark’s uniqueness and legal viability will be evaluated as part of this process. Your trademark will be published in the Official Gazette if there are no objections or conflicts.

Opposition Period

Any person with cause may file an opposition to your trademark registration within 30 days of its publication. Your trademark registration will proceed if no objections are received within this time frame.

Issuance of Trademark Certificate

Your trademark registration certificate will be issued by the UAE Ministry of Economy once the opposition period has ended and all requirements have been completed. Proof of ownership and permission to use the registered mark exclusively in the United Arab Emirates are both included in this document.


Protecting your brand’s identity and making sure it has a long life requires registering your trademark in the United Arab Emirates. You can complete the registration procedure with simplicity and confidence if you follow the instructions above. Remember that registering your trademark serves to both protect and enhance the value of your brand.

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