Create PayPal Account in Pakistan Step by Step

Creating a PayPal account in Pakistan can help facilitate secure and convenient online transactions. Although PayPal is not restricted in Pakistan, it remains non-operational as the company has yet to respond to the Pakistani Government’s request to introduce its services in the country. Despite this, the Government of Pakistan has initiated the process of opening PayPal accounts, acknowledging the platform’s importance in online payments and e-commerce. Thus, the presence of PayPal in Pakistan, a leading American company, is anticipated to bolster secure and easy online payments and purchases.

To create a PayPal account in Pakistan, you will need to follow several steps meticulously due to the restrictions imposed by PayPal in this region.

  • Begin with a VPN: Since PayPal is not officially available in Pakistan, you’ll need to use a VPN to set your location as a country where PayPal is available, such as the United States.
  • Visit the PayPal Website: Go to the official PayPal website ( and click on “Sign Up for Free”.
  • Provide Your Information: Fill in the required details with accurate information. It’s crucial to use a real email address since you’ll need to verify it later.
  • Verify Your Account: After creating your account, you’ll receive an email from PayPal. Click the link within this email to confirm your account.
  • Link Your Card: You’ll need to link a credit or debit card that accepts USD. If you don’t have one, you will need to acquire one from a bank in Pakistan that offers this feature.

Create PayPal account in Pakistan 2024

You could be a freelancer or a small-sized company owner who deals with international customers. If that’s the case, you’ll need an account with a PayPal account to get payments from international clients. PayPal is an American business that provides an internationally accepted online payment method for various groups of people across the globe. In 2024, follow these steps to create a PayPal account in Pakistan:

  • Visit the PayPal website or download the PayPal app.
  • Click on ‘Sign Up for Free’.
  • Choose the account type you want (Personal/Business).
  • Fill in your details including your full name, email address, and set a strong password.
  • Enter your address correctly. PayPal may not be officially available in Pakistan, but you can use the address of any region where PayPal is available.
  • Provide your phone number, and make sure it’s reachable because PayPal will send a verification code.
  • Complete the setup by confirming your email address and linking your bank account or credit card.

Create PayPal account to receive money in Pakistan

Follow these steps to create a PayPal account to receive money in Pakistan:

  • Visit the PayPal website or download the PayPal app.
  • Click on “Sign Up” for a new account.
  • Select the account type: Personal or Business.
  • Provide your legal first and last name, email address, and set a secure password.
  • Fill in the requested details such as address, phone number, and nationality.
  • Agree to the PayPal User Agreement and Privacy Policy, then click on “Agree and Create Account”.
  • Verify your email address by clicking the link sent to your provided email.
  • Link and confirm your credit or debit card or bank account.

PayPal Pakistan login

Unfortunately, as of the time of writing, PayPal does not offer services in Pakistan. Despite numerous petitions and requests from Pakistani freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers, the global online payment system has yet to expand its services to the country. This greatly limits the options for digital transactions for many individuals and businesses in Pakistan.

What are the cons and Pros and PayPal?

PayPal also offers credit cards to small businesses, debit cards for payments, and credit lines. It provides payment solutions for individuals and companies. It is the most reliable American company to make online payments. Users can easily transfer their funds. PayPal account users can share their money easily. PayPal account holders can access the company’s official website or mobile application to transfer funds to purchase or sell.


The company allows sellers to receive payments fast from buyers. It is, therefore, the fastest-growing business. It is now operating in Pakistan to sell and purchase. Users can create their accounts with PayPal as well as save payments. Customers can easily pay their bills.

PayPal Pakistan sign up

The PayPal lets its users pay quickly and easily online and make instant cash transfers to their businesses. PayPal members PayPal can make their payments within just a few hours. The amount needed to establish a PayPal account is also lower than people could afford to create an account with PayPal. The minimum amount required to open a PayPal account is a percent per transaction and 3% of the total transaction amount.

PayPal login

In this post, we’ll walk you through step-by-step how to establish an effortless PayPal account in Pakistan. We’ll also explain why you require the Payoneer account and how to create an account with a Payoneer account, and how it could assist you with the PayPal account setting up the process? Before we dive into the subject, we must first know what PayPal is? Create Paypal Account Online

Create PayPal Account in Pakistan Step by Step @

Create PayPal Account in Pakistan Step by Step @

The benefits of using PAYPAL in PAKISTAN

PayPal provides a wide range of benefits for its customers

Flexible Payments

It allows you to transfer and receive payments from anywhere and allows its users to transfer funds directly from their own PayPal accounts to bank accounts within 24-hour time. This doesn’t end there.

Secure Shopping

PayPal offers a refund policy that provides the user security to be safe from fraud on the internet. There’s a 180-day time frame in which you can get the item replaced if defective or damaged and receive your entire refund.

Transaction Management

It also offers an option to monitor all completed transactions, and you can send the receipt generated by the software to the person you wish to contact.

Fee Structure

It is possible to make a Standard transfer to an account linked to a bank is free of charge; however, if you wish to switch to performing instant transfers using an eligible credit card or bank account, PayPal will charge one percent of the money transferred at a maximum cost of $10.00. PayPal charges 2.9 percent plus 0.30 percent on each transaction made by online store proprietors, and there’s no hidden cost beyond the cost of the transaction.

How do I create an account with PayPal?

To open a PayPal account that is successful, you must follow these steps step-by-step:

  • Go to and open the PayPal website.
  • Click on the “Sign up for free” button.
  • In accordance with your needs, If you have a specific requirement, click your Business account or the Personal one, then select “Next.”
  • Enter an email address that is valid to easily verify your account.
  • Create a strong password to protect that your accounts are secure.
  • Complete all the information required for account creation.
  • Please supply a valid residential address in a country where PayPal is operational, as it isn’t operating in Pakistan.
  • After filling in the complete form, make sure you check your inbox for the confirmation of your email address.
  • Open the email you received from PayPal and click the “Yes, This is my email .”Once you’ve completed this step, your PayPal account will be created automatically and verified.

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