PTS Provincial Sindh Assembly Jobs 2024 Apply Online Last Date

The Sindh Assembly has announced exciting job opportunities that offer the chance to participate in legislation. PTS Provincial Sindh Assembly Jobs 2024 Apply Online Last Date. This is because the Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) is in charge of the process of recruitment for Sindh Assembly. Sindh Assembly. This article will provide all the necessary information regarding how to apply for PTS Sindh Assembly Jobs, including how to apply online and the closing deadline for applications.

The Sindh Assembly has announced job open positions for 2024. The process for recruitment will be handled through the Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) which is a well-known test agency within Pakistan. Job openings are open across the various departments within the Sindh Assembly, and the hopeful candidates can apply online via PTS’s website.

PAS Jobs 2024 PTS Registration Form

The Sindh Assembly is the legislative body for the Sindh province in Pakistan. It is in charge of drafting law, making budgets and overseeing the functioning of the government within the province. The Assembly is comprised of 168 members who are elected by the process of a vote over a period which is 5 years. The vacancies that have been made public through Sindh Assembly Sindh Assembly are for various jobs, including the Assistant Secretary position, as well as Assistant Sergeant-at Arms Assistant Librarian, and numerous others. Candidates who meet requirements for eligibility are able to apply for these jobs through online applications prior to the deadline.

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The requirements for eligibility for the job positions mentioned are as the following:

  1. The candidate must be a resident of Pakistan.
  2. The candidate must hold the minimum requirement of an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution.
  3. The applicant must be able to demonstrate relevant expertise in the area of the job they are aspiring to get.
  4. The candidate must be 18-30 years old.

PTS Sindh Assembly Jobs 2024

The process of selection for these jobs will be handled via the PTS. The applicants will be selected according to their qualifications and work experience. The candidates who are shortlisted will be asked to take an examination that will be administered by PTS. Candidates who have passed the test will be invited to an interview.

The successful candidates will be provided with attractive salaries and other benefits according to the rules of Sindh Assembly. They will also be offered the chance to work in a an environment that is challenging and professional. Online PTS Registration Form

PTS Provincial Sindh Assembly Jobs 2024 Apply Online Last Date

PTS Provincial Sindh Assembly Jobs 2024 Apply Online Last Date

Available Positions

PTS Sindh Assembly Jobs 2024 PTS Sindh Assembly Jobs 2024 provide a variety of jobs, including:

  • lady security assistant
  • assistant security officer
  • assistant engineer electrical
  • public relations officer
  • audio system keyboard operator
  • sub engineer electrical
  • assistant director network
  • director information technology
  • traffic controller assistant
  • photographer
  • record clerk
  • caretaker
  • translator
  • assistant engineer electronics
  • clerk
  • editor of debates
  • supervisor legislation
  • assistant, reporter
  • assistant secretary
  • assistant director monitoring
  • air conditioner plant operator
  • traffic controller
  • technician
  • assistant librarian
  • security supervisor
  • data entry operator
  • law officer
  • sun editor for debates
  • assistant recording officer
  • cameraman
  • security assistant
  • assistant director it
  • consultant pac
  • stenographer
  • proofreader
  • sun engineer electronics
  • assistant protocol officer
  • qari
  • watch ward assistant

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be considered for these jobs the candidates must meet specific requirements for eligibility, which could be based on education and experience, as well as age limits and residency conditions. It is important to thoroughly study the criteria specific to each job before submitting an application.

How to Apply

The process of applying to apply for PTS Sindh Assembly Jobs 2024 is done on the internet. Candidates interested in applying should visit PTS’s website of the official PTS website and sign up for an account. After completing the registration process, applicants can look for appropriate job openings and then make their application online.

PTS Test Pattern

PTS offers a written test to determine the candidate’s capabilities and skills. The format of the test can differ in accordance with the job that you are applying for. It is vital for applicants to study thoroughly before the test in order to increase the chances of passing.

Last Date for Application Submission

Candidates should know the date for submitting applications. Failure to meet the deadline could cause the disqualification of candidates. The deadline of submission form is 8th August 2024. It is advised to complete applications before the deadline in order to avoid problems with the system that might arise at the last minute.

Short listing of Candidates

Following the exam, PTS will shortlist candidates according to their performances. The candidates who have been shortlisted will go on to the next phase of the selection procedure, which could include tests for skills, interviews, or other tests.

Interview Process

Candidates who pass the test in writing and reach the minimum cutoff requirements are invited for interviews. Interviews help interviewers to assess the candidates’ capabilities, ability, and qualifications for the specific job.

Final Selection and Appointment

Final selection for applicants will be determined by their overall performance during the process of recruitment. Candidates who have been selected will be issued an appointment letter by Sindh Assembly. Sindh Assembly, officially offering them the post.


The PTS Sindh Assembly Jobs 2024 provide the chance for applicants to participate in the legislative process and help serve in the state of Sindh. Candidates need to be aware of the process for applying along with the eligibility criteria and test format carefully. If they are diligent in their preparation and present their credentials effectively, applicants will have better chances of getting a job with Sindh Assembly. Sindh Assembly.


Q: What is the Sindh Assembly?

Sindh Assembly Sindh Assembly serves as the governing body in drafting and enacting laws for this province in Sindh, Pakistan.

Q: How do you apply to PTS Sindh Assembly Jobs 2024?

Apply online via PTS’s website of the official PTS website, registering an account, then applying for the position you want.

Q: What jobs are open for recruitment?

PTS Sindh Assembly Jobs 2024 include a variety of jobs such as Legislative Assistants Researchers, IT Staff, and many more.

Q: What is the final date to submit applications?

The deadline for submitting applications will be stated in the official advertisement for the job. Be sure to submit your application by the deadline in order to avoid being rejected.

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