SBTE DAE Result 2024 1st 2nd 3rd Check Online

The Sindh Board of Technical Education Karachi (SBTE) has recently published their Results gazettes of 2024. This important document gives specific information on the outcomes of the different certificates and diplomas provided by SBTE. It is a must-have source for professionals and students seeking out the outcomes of their tests. The Gazettes can be downloaded in PDF format via the SBTE website. The Gazettes contain every detail needed like the marks earned from each pupil, their total marks, passing percentage and more. The Gazettes include the names of students who were successful as well as their grades and rank.

The Gazettes were created in accordance with the guidelines that are set out by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and provide an exhaustive review of the achievements of professionals and students in various programs. They can also be useful to employers seeking to hire professionals with the right qualifications and are an authoritative reference in the hiring process. Through SBTE Gazettes for 2024, SBTE Gazettes to 2024 students as well as professionals are able to easily monitor their progress and gauge the academic progress of their students. Additionally, employers can utilize the Gazettes to determine the most competent professionals for their jobs.


Sindh Board of Technical Education Karachi Results 2024

The Sindh Board of Technical Education Karachi has announced the results for 2024. The results are available through the website for the Board. The total percent of candidates who were successful exceeded 82%, with highest scorers across various disciplines receiving certificates and awards. The merit list of successful candidates was also published on the official website.

The Board also made public the details of exam locations, dates and other important information regarding the exams. The Board offered students to access their scores online. Additionally the Board created an online helpline to seek assistance for any questions related to the results. The Board also revealed the dates of the next round of examinations.

The Board also announced their results for the practicable exam along with the theory tests. The results from these exams can be found on their official site of the Board. The Board has also provided students with the option to access their scores online. The Board has taken all required steps in order to guarantee authenticity and reliability of the data. It has Board is also taking steps for ensuring that these results will be announced in time. This will allow students plan their future in a way that is appropriate.

The Board is dedicated to providing a quality education for students, and to ensure that they achieve the highest possible outcomes. It is the Board is also committed to helping students excel in their chosen fields. The Board strives to provide the highest level of assistance to students in their academic achievement.

Dae Result 2024

The Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE) is scheduled to announce the DAE Results 2024 by May/June 2024. Students taking DAE Examinations DAE Examination will be able to view the DAE Results 2024 on the official site of SBTE. This DAE Result 2024 is expected to contain information about the marks of students grade, the overall percentages. Alongside this DAE results, SBTE will also release the merit list for the DAE Results 2024.

In addition to using the internet platform for their education, they can obtain their DAE Results 2024 at the local offices that are part of SBTE. If they aren’t satisfied with their scores and want to seek an re-evaluation or check of their DAE 2024 Result. SBTE can also provide diverse alternatives for higher education to the students who are successful in the DAE Results 2024.

Therefore this DAE Result 2024 marks an important point for the students who took this DAE Examination. Students should review their results frequently and plan their future in accordance with the DAE 2024 Result.

Dae 2nd Year Result 2024 Karachi Board

The Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE) recently released its DAE Second Year Results 2024 for the Karachi Board on May 4th 2024. This report includes the results of students who have earned their engineering degree at SBTE-affiliated institutions. The results are available on the official SBTE website along with Sindh’s Education and Literacy Department’s site, students are able to access their scores through their names and the roll numbers in the field that is designated for them.

The board also sent an announcement to all schools associated with SBTE to inform that they have been awarded the results and the procedures to be followed for issuance of certificates. The percentage of students who passed this year’s DAE 2nd Year Results 2024 was stated to be 68.77 percent. The result will also be utilized to assess the students’ eligibility for the three years of their diploma program.

SBTE DAE Result 2024 1st 2nd 3rd Check Online

SBTE DAE Result 2024 1st 2nd 3rd Check Online

Students who have passed this second stage of the the DAE program are now able to move on through the final year of studies and receive their engineering diploma at SBTE-affiliated universities. Students who aren’t satisfied with the DAE Second Year Exam in 2024 may take this opportunity to analyze their weaknesses and get ready for the next year’s exam.

The SBTE is committed to providing high-quality education. its DAE Second Year Results 2024 are an obvious sign of the dedication to achieving excellence. The board should be acknowledged for its work in making sure that students receive the most effective educational opportunities.

Dae 3rd Year Result 2024 Karachi Board

The Sindh Board of Technical Education has announced recently the results from the DAE 3rd year exam. The results will be available through the website for the Board on June 2, 2024. Students can get their results through entering their roll number using the search bar provided. The average pass rate for the exams is 87.71 percent, which is an average of 7,913 students taking part in the tests and 6,945 students passing.

The board also published the toppers’ list and the top three spots were taken through Muhammad Aqib, Muhammad Fahad and Muhammad Usman. The board will shortly be distributing the original marking sheets to all students over the next couple of weeks. The board added that students who failed DAE 3rd year examinations will be allowed to take the exam again. DAE 3rd year exams are allowed to sit for the supplementary exams. Check Karachi Board DAE Result Online

Karachi Board DAE Result 2024 Online

The board has also arranged for students to obtain their results via SMS. Students can receive information about their grades by sending number of rolls to the official phone number for the Board. The board has asked students to review their results thoroughly and get in touch with the board in the event of any discrepancies. The board also urged learners to store their marking sheets safe to be used in the future. The board announced that all students who successfully passed DAE’s DAE 3rd year exams can now apply for further studies or work. We wish all students the best luck in their future endeavours. 2024

The Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE) has published the results for 2024. Students can view their results on the official site Results are available as PDF files and are available for download to further study. The board also has provided the result searchable via the name or roll code, so students can easily find their score. Students can also view their scores along with their marks total as well as their pass/fail score on the site.

The board also provides an option to download an electronic version of the marking sheet for ease of use. This lets students keep the result on their device for later review. The board also announced dates for the additional exams and results of these examinations.

dae 1st year result 2024 karachi board

In addition to the usual result, this board also published the top performers list and those who are proficient in the English (US) languages. The list contains information on the top students in their specific fields of study. It could be a source of motivation for fellow students. SBTE SBTE have made the entire procedure of checking the results via the website easy and simple. The board also provides the necessary links to any questions pertaining to the results or the board as a whole. Overall all, Overall, the SBTE has made the process of determining the results for 2024 effortless and painless. We want to congratulate the students who passed the exam and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Dae Result Karachi Board by Sms

The Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE) has released the results of the exam for 2024. Students who took the exam can verify their score through the SMS service offered by the body. Sending the message SBTE 8583, both private and regular students can view their exam results. The board also offers an online portal to students to access their results. The SBTE result contains marks scored in every subject, percentage marks and an overall score on the exam.

It is the SBTE exam is given each year to test the technical skills and knowledge of students. Successfully passing the exam is crucial for students who are looking to pursue advanced studies in technical areas. The SBTE result can also be crucial for determining job opportunities as well as other technical credentials. Thus, the results on the exam is crucial for students of all ages.

The SBTE results are accessible on the board’s website in English (US) the language. Students can check the results available via the web site of the Board to verify their score and make necessary arrangements to continue their studies or for job opportunities. The board would like to wish all students the best of luck as they pursue their pursuit of professional certifications.

Sbte Contact Number and Address

If you have any questions regarding SBTE Results 2024, please contact SBTE by calling their toll-free number 021-99214058. You could also go to their address which is in Plot No. ST-4/B, Block-14, Opposite Federal Urdu University, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan. You can also visit their official website,, for more information and queries regarding SBTE Result 2024. If you require assistance, contact them via at their email addresses 02******190@9*** or leave an email through on the Contact Us page on their official website.


The SBTE also has an assistance line to students who require assistance in relation to the SBTE 2024 Result in the English (US) Language. The helpline is accessible to answer all your questions and concerns concerning the SBTE Results 2024. If you’re looking for updates and information regarding SBTE Results 2024, make sure you contact the SBTE by calling their toll-free number or go to their official website and keep up-to-date.


Are you seeking details on how to verify the results of your SBTE 2024?

If you answered yes then you’ve found the right website. This is because the Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE) offers a broad variety of services for students that include the capability to verify their SBTE Results 2024. In this article, we will provide an outline of how you can verify your SBTE Results 2024 and what to do in the event that you don’t receive your results.

To see your SBTE 2024 Result To check your SBTE Result 2024, go to the SBTE website.

After that, you’ll have to enter the details of your personal profile, including your name or roll number, dates of birth as well as other details. After entering the required information, you’ll be able then to see your SBTE Results 2024. If you don’t receive your SBTE 2024 Result, then you can call the SBTE to get assistance.

If you require an exact duplicate of the SBTE Results 2024

If you are interested, then you could apply for one on to the SBTE website. It is necessary to provide your personal information and pay the fee. After your request has been processed you will be provided with a duplicate copy of the SBTE Results 2024.

If you wish to submit a request for a re-evaluation of your SBTE Results 2024

You can make this happen by you can contact the SBTE. You must provide the details of your personal information as well as the reason you are applying to re-evaluate. The SBTE will then look over your application and make the decision.

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