Evolution of Life Test Preparation Online Mcqs

Evolution of Life Test Preparation Online Mcqs With Answer Start Below

Basic Science

1. The first organism on earth were:

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2. The age of reptile was:

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3. Who proposed the mutation theory of evolution?

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4. Evolution of human species occurred in:

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5. Life appeared about:

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6. Life is absent on moon due to lack of:

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7. The evolution of human species took place mainly in:

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8. The oldest evolutionary history was discovered in:

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9. Which of the following theories as regards the origin of life on earth is accepted today?

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10. Which of the following animal resembles most to human beings in terms of physical and mental capabilities?

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11. The species to which we belong is:

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12. The nearest relatives of man are:

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13. The chief agent of evolution is:

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14. Which of the following is a living fossil?

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15. Who gave the first general theory of evolution on earth?

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