www mismo pk result 2024 Check Online By Name Grade Wise

The Maarif Inter School Maths Olympiad (MISMO) 2024 results are now available online. This annual competition evaluates students’ mathematical abilities, with the 2024 event taking place from May 17th to 20th. The results, along with position holders and answer keys, can be accessed at www.ismo.pk. The guidelines for grades 5-8 are available, and updates to the winners’ list will be shared. Top achievers, excluding grade 9, received medals and scholarships, while the Best Overall Student Award went to a grade 9 student. Hana Mostafa from Heliopolis International English Medium school took fifth place with a score of 680, and Karim Hazem Abdel Khalek from Mohamed Farid National Secondary Technical Schools for Girls secured sixth place with 666 points. Successful students above the merit list will receive scholarships and other benefits.

Maarif Inter School Math Olympiad Result 2024

The Maarif Inter School Math Olympiad, held from April 18-23, announced its results on April 28. A total of 588 students from 22 schools, including Al-Quds International School, Britsh School, Cairo American International School, and others, participated in the competition. Emna Abdel Ghaffar from Britsh School secured the top position with a score of 709 out of 1000. Ahmed Fathy from Dar al-Salam School came in second with a score of 689, followed by Ahmed Hassan from Cairo American International School with 687 points. Noha Abd Elrahman from Al-Quds International School took the fourth spot with a score of 685 points.

Maarif Inter School Math Olympiad Answer Keys 2024

The Maarif Inter School Math Olympiad (MISMO), held in May 2024 at Bahrain’s National Library, was a competitive event featuring 160 students from various Bahraini schools. The competition comprised six rounds, each testing different mathematical disciplines, including equations, word problems, geometry, algebra, and quadratic equations. Each round’s winners were decided based on their respective scores. Malak Al-Khawaja from Ahliyyah School clinched the overall victory in the Olympiad.

How do I check the Mismo Result

To check the Mismo Result, you need first to navigate to the application or portal where the result is published. Usually, it requires you to login using your credentials. After logging in, look for an option or tab that says ‘Results’ or ‘Mismo Result’. Click on that, and you should be able to see your results. If your result isn’t there, it may not have been published yet, or there might be some delay due to server issues. Always check back after some time if you can’t find your result immediately.

Mismo result 2024 grade 4

The Maarif Inter School Maths Olympiad (MISO) was held on March 8th and 9th, at the Singapore International Conference Centre.

A total of 409 students from 17 schools participated in the event.

The results are as follows:

Grade 4:

  • 1st – STJ Hwa Chong Junior College
  • 2nd – Yan Yean Primary School
  • 3rd – Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Mismo result 2024 grade 5

MISMO, or the Mathematics International Standardized Mental Olympiad, is an annual competition that aims to foster mathematical skills among students globally. In the 2024 event, grade 5 students displayed exceptional talent, with numerous students achieving high scores. The overall performance was commendable, displaying a promising future for these young mathematicians.

www Mismo pk result 2024 Check Online By Name Grade Wise

www mismo pk result 2024 Check Online By Name Grade Wise

Mismo result 2024 grade 6

The Maarif Inter School Maths Olympiad was an event that took place on February 5th, 2024. The math competition was open to students from all across the country and saw 474 students from 39 schools compete. The top three schools in the country were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.

Maarif Inter School Maths Olympiad Result:

  • Gold – Maarif Inter School
  • Silver – Mahidol University
  • Bronze – Thammasat University

Mismo result 2024 grade 7

The Mathematics Inventory for Secondary School (MISMO) results for 2024 indicated an overall improvement in performance for Grade 7 students. The average score witnessed a significant rise compared to the previous year, reflecting the effective implementation of new teaching methodologies and the students’ hard work and dedication. The detailed data and breakdown of scores will be available in the following sections.

Mismo Grade 8 Result 2024

The date of taking the exam is nearing which is when official websites will release the test results for all who took the test. That means that if you took the examination , the deadline for the test results is getting nearing the end of the test. This means that you’ll be able view the results as well as the names of winners that are taking part in the contest. If you want to know the exact date when the official authority will publish the results now to find the result of the test number, and an informational bio.

Result Link
1. 4 Grade Check Result
2. 5 Grade Check Result
3. 6 Grade Check Result
4. 7 Grade Check Result
5. 8 Grade Check Result

Mismo result 2024 position holders

The Maarif Inter School Maths Olympiad was held on Sept. 12-13, 2024 at the Expo Centre in Kuala Lumpur. There were 119 participating schools from Malaysia and Singapore. The top five schools in each category (senior level, junior level, elementary level) are as follows:

The Maarif Inter School Maths Olympiad Result was released on Tuesday and the students of AIMS who participated in the Olympiad are no longer eligible to compete in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). Here is a list of all the students who have secured a place in the IMO.

MISMO Contact Information

  • Head Office: Plot # 87 & 88,
  • Faiz Ahmad Faiz Road, Sector H-8/1,
  • Islamabad-Pakistan
  • [email protected]

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