Bank Alfalah Offer Honda 125 & CD 70 Bikes Installment Plan 0% Markup

Bank Alfalah Offer Honda 125 & CD 70 Bikes Installment Plan 0% Markup. Bank Alfalah is offering a fantastic deal on a new motorcycle to anyone who is in the market for one. They have introduced interest-free financing on Honda 125 and CD 70 motorcycles through the year 2024. You may now buy your ideal bicycle without incurring any extra costs in the form of interest. The payment plan is set up to facilitate your acquisition of a motorcycle. The duration of the plan is flexible and might go anywhere from one month to 36 months. You can also tailor the down payment to your own financial situation. The monthly payment will be equal to the remaining balance on the bike less the initial payment divided by the number of months in the payment schedule.

Bank Alfalah Honda 125 Installment Plan

The option are available such as 3 & 6 months instalment plan at 0% markup with a range of flexible tenures of up to 36 months. The fact that there are no catch clauses in this deal is a major plus. The only money you’ll have to spend is on the bike itself and the monthly payment plan. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about going over your motorcycle buying budget.

Bank Alfalah Offer Honda 125 & CD 70 Bikes

You must go into a branch of Bank Alfalah to take advantage of this promotion. Your name, address, and proof of income are just some of the basics we’ll require from you. After submitting your application, the bank will determine if you meet the requirements and contact you.

Bank Alfalah Offer Honda 125 & CD 70 Bikes Installment Plan 0% Markup

Bank Alfalah Offer Honda 125 & CD 70 Bikes Installment Plan 0% Markup

0% Markup on Honda CG 125 From BAFL

You can choose out your ideal motorcycle from any official Honda dealer in Pakistan if you get the deal. When you’ve decided on a bicycle, the bank will foot the bill. Once you’ve decided on a monthly payment plan, you can begin making payments on the motorcycle.

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Bike Delivery process & guidelines

  • Delivery TAT is 28 Working Days.
  • Bike will be delivered at the designated dealer in customer’s city.
  • Customer will be notified for collection of bike through SMS (Sent from 8287)
  • In this SMS all required information will be available such as, Dealer Name, Address, Contact Person with Contact
  • Letter will be sent to Atlas Honda Team & they will also call the customer for collection.
  • After the Lapse of TAT, if customer does not get SMS/Call, than generate Re Issuance of Honda Bike Letter instead of lodging
  • After receiving SMS, customer need to visit the dealer with Original CNIC
  • Bike will only be delivered to the Cardholder.
  • Invoice and authority letter required for registration, will be delivered by Atlas Honda at their designated dealer within 7 days after the delivery of bike.
  • Complaints or request of re-issuance of documents regarding non-delivery of document (required for registration) will only be entertained within 45 days, after the delivery of bike.


Anyone interested in purchasing a motorcycle without incurring exorbitant loan rates should take advantage of this deal. You can easily fit your purchase into your budget thanks to our convenient payment plans and the absence of any hidden fees. Stop by any participating Bank Alfalah location today to take advantage of this incredible deal.

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