Best 4 to 5 Minute Speech on Kashmir Day

Kashmir Day is an important occasion to raise awareness about the ongoing struggles in the region. In a 4 to 5-minute speech, it is crucial to highlight the historical background of the Kashmir conflict, the human rights violations, and the need for a peaceful resolution. Emphasizing the significance of international support and solidarity for the people of Kashmir is essential. It’s also important to address the impact of the conflict on the lives of ordinary Kashmiris and the urgent need for humanitarian aid. Ultimately, the speech should call for justice, peace, and stability in the region.

Best 4 to 5 Minute Speech on Kashmir Day

Best 4 to 5 Minute Speech on Kashmir Day

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, as we observe Kashmir Day, we stand united in our support for the people of Kashmir and their right to self-determination.

The people of Kashmir have been struggling for decades to achieve their freedom from Indian occupation and to determine their own future. They have suffered untold hardships and atrocities at the hands of the Indian security forces, who have used brutal force to suppress their legitimate aspirations for freedom and justice.

We must not forget the sacrifices made by the people of Kashmir in their struggle for freedom. They have paid a heavy price for their courage and determination, and it is our duty to stand with them and support their cause.

As Pakistanis, we have a special responsibility to raise our voices against the injustices being perpetrated against the people of Kashmir. We must continue to demand that the international community take note of the human rights abuses being committed by the Indian state and take action to hold them accountable.

We must also continue to support the people of Kashmir in their struggle for freedom, both morally and materially. They need our help now more than ever, and we must not let them down.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us use this Kashmir Day to reaffirm our commitment to the cause of Kashmiri freedom. Let us pledge to do everything in our power to support the people of Kashmir and to bring an end to their suffering.

Thank you.

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