Cardiac Perfusion Scope in Pakistan Salary Jobs Subject List

Over the past few years, cardiac perfusion scopes in Pakistan have undergone tremendous development. As the prevalence of cardiovascular disorders rises, so does the need for cutting-edge cardiac treatment. With the use of cutting-edge tools and trained experts, cardiac perfusion has become increasingly widespread in Pakistan. As cardiac perfusion services have advanced, they have helped patients and decreased mortality rates. Numerous cardiac perfusion centres provide a variety of operations, such as CABG, valve replacement and repair, and minimally invasive surgery, to patients across the country. Cardiac Perfusion Scope in Pakistan Salary Jobs Subject Universities list share on here.

The expansion of Pakistan’s healthcare sector has also contributed to a rise in the country’s pool of qualified perfusionists. The provision of cardiac care services has been improved as a result. Improvements in technology and healthcare infrastructure point to a bright future for cardiac perfusion in Pakistan.

Cardiac Perfusion Salary in Pakistan

During cardiac procedures, cardiac perfusionists are responsible for ensuring that the heart-lung machines are functioning properly. Their high pay reflect the strong demand for their services as professionals. A cardiac perfusionist in Pakistan can expect an above-average monthly pay. Experience, education, and the healthcare facility itself can all have a significant impact on income. A cardiac perfusionist in Pakistan can make anywhere from PKR 80,000 per month up to PKR 150,000 per month on average.

Jobs of Cardiac Perfusion in Pakistan

Some of the organizations that offer Cardiac Perfusion Jobs in Pakistan are Peshawar Institute of Cardiology, Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology, and Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment.

  • Cardiac Perfusionist
  • Perfusion Technician
  • Operating Room Technicain
  • Clinical Perfusionist
  • Assistant Cardiac Perfusionist
  • Senior Cardiac Perfusionist
  • Cardiac Perfusion Specialist

Cardiac Perfusion Scope in Pakistan Salary Jobs Subject Universities

Cardiac Perfusion Scope in Pakistan Salary Jobs Subject Universities

List of Universities Offers Cardiac Perfusion Program

These universities offer regular and online programs in BS Cardiac Perfusion. The program is designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and skills to efficiently operate extracorporeal circulation equipment during cardiac surgery.

  • Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, Pims
  • King Edward Medical University / Mio Hospital, Lahore
  • The University of Lahore, Lahore
  • Faisalabad Institute Of Cardiology, Faisalabad
  • Pakistan Institute Of Medical Sciences, Islamabad
  • National University of Medical Sciences, Rawalpindi
  • Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi
  • Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU), Karachi
  • Superior University, Lahore

Subject of BS Cardiac Perfusion

The BS Cardiac Perfusion program in Pakistan covers a range of subjects related to the anatomy and physiology of the heart, the principles of extracorporeal circulation, and the use of various equipment and techniques in cardiac surgery. Here are some of the subjects covered in the BS Cardiac Perfusion program:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart
  2. Cardiac Surgery
  3. Extracorporeal Circulation
  4. Perfusion Techniques
  5. Blood Management
  6. Pharmacology
  7. Medical Ethics
  8. Patient Care
  9. Medical Terminology
  10. Research Methodology


Opportunities for cardiac perfusionists in Pakistan look excellent. Cardiac Perfusion Scope in Pakistan Salary Jobs Subject Universities. The demand for trained perfusionists is on the rise due to the growing incidence of cardiovascular disorders across the country. By running the heart-lung machine and giving key support to the surgical team, these specialists play a crucial role in assuring good outcomes of cardiac procedures. Perfusionists in Pakistan face a number of obstacles, including a dearth of standardised training and education opportunities.

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